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There are many legends and myths doing rounds on home Ayurvedic remedies. Here are some facts and truths to ponder before establishing any views on Ayurveda.

Many of us are swayed with the modern wave of allopathy, not believing in traditional alternative medicine such as home ayurvedic remedies. Be it the natural healing, spiritual tai chi or the alternative medicine therapy from Indian’s precious treasure of Ayurvedic Panchakarma, these therapies are present and used with success by people who have knowledge and expertise. However, all these branches of alternative therapies like allopathy or homeopathy require attention, research and study.

We understand that “Allopathy” is based on the foundations of science of biology and there are concrete laboratory results and experiments conducted on functioning of body. However alternative medicine derives its medicinal power from nature, its potent herbs, naturopathy and spiritual healing.

This might not seem important and serious medicine stream for a segment of new generation, but they are effective and in practice for centuries. With the use of traditional herbs, their healing powers is causing interest and attracting a lot more people especially when it is explained from a scientific angle.

Ayurveda Treats Body and Mind as Whole


Believe it or not; mind and matter are very closely related. The body cannot exist without mind and the rhythm of the mind is disturbed when the body is ill. Now, do not confuse the mind with brain. Contrary to the established belief, though brain is vital for functioning, brain is not mind. The spiritual mind is not physical and it does not occupy space, mind does not need nourishments like food but it cannot exist without the body. When the body ceases to function, the mind ceases to exist and dies too.

With such close association of body with mind, can you treat the body without considering the state of mind? The occidental thinking of west relies on medicine that views the body as a conglomeration of physical organs housed in a system that is governed by brain signals; whereas the eastern medicine science views the entity as a spirit a combination of body with mind and treats it as such.

Prevailing Myths about Home Ayurvedic Remedies


While alternative traditional medicine and home ayurvedic remedies cannot substitute modern allopathy in the domain of emergencies, diagnosis and research; it can certainly provide overall improvement in health which is remarkable, cannot be overlooked or neglected and has long-term health benefits.  Panchakarma Ayurveda is known to treat and show rapid results with chronic ailments like diabetes, blood pressure, allergy and leukodermia.

In fact, it has re-established the faith in alternative therapy by healing hard to cure diseases like arthritis, asthma and possibly AIDS. Ayurvedic pitta, Ayurvedic kapha and Ayurvedic dosha are the terms dealing with respiratory disorders, cold and cough.

Alternative remedies harbour the darker side of the occult sciences

Home Ayurvedic Remedy Myth -1


People generally think that Alternative Medicine are steeped in malpractices and harbor the darker side of the supernatural sciences and wizardry.

 Nothing can be further from truth, the confusion exists due to the fear in native cultures and therapies that have originated, misinterpreted and doctrine by con people or become obsolete due to discontinuation. Due to prevalent delusions, the science of body and mind is undervalued and the concept of creating balance of the mind and body is overlooked.

It would be prudent to mention that Ayurvedic medicine courses are scientific and available to students who want to pursue a career in Ayurveda. However; it is strictly not to be experimented and used without gaining the expertise. You are advised to consult a physician with a professional degree when it comes to illness of severe nature.

There is no basis and foundation in Alternative Medicine and home Ayurvedic remedies

Home Ayurvedic Remedy Myth -2


There is a strong evidence of the studies and research done in Ayurveda from the texts of Charak Ayurveda and the writings mention the most modern and latest methods of that period used to perform surgeries and operation on fractures. 

A majority of the techniques though have become extinct due to not practicing and preserving, many of the healing practices are available through ancient scripts and old healing practices handed from generations. They have remained in the hearts of people and handed over generation by word of mouth and thus spread across the globe.

In addition, Ayurveda training courses can be undertaken if one wants to deep dive in the philosophy of Dhanvantari Ayurveda and natural curing remedies.

Career in Ayurveda or Alternative Medicine not possible

Home Ayurvedic Remedy Myth -3


Contrary to this thought, the ancient Ayurveda, Homeopathy and Unani medicine have established universities. Practitioners have patients that come back to them regularly and are very successful with the patients who vouch for the traditional magic of healing with no side-effects.

Professional degree in Ayurveda diploma courses and Ayurveda certificate are given to students who successfully complete the course.



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katiem2 on 11/15/2014

This is fascinating I am going to read more about this, going to read it again to absorb it better. Great article.

ologsinquito on 11/06/2014

I am very interested the herbal aspects of Ayurvedic medicine, and I drink tulsi tea everyday, sometimes it's a blend with ashwagandha. But the spiritual path is different than my Catholic faith. Very interesting article.

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