Linking To Specific Parts Of Content In Other Articles In A Wizzle

by Jerrico_Usher

Sometimes You Just Want To Link To One Piece Of Another Wizzle- Here's How You Accomplish that.

I was playing around with a wizzle in edit mode and found myself needing to link to another one of my articles (wizzles)- my wizzography, but this is one long wizzle so I didn't want to have to force the reader to load it then scroll down to the section I wanted to use so I tried to figure out a way to "page hoplink" down to a specific section.

What I found was that the feature is already in the TOC but this only helps if your on the same page. Taking from that I realized the way the link is built is actually what you need not the actual TOC box, but what's called a "Token". A token is simply a trigger. Sites use this in database programs (like good 'ol wizzley) as a way to shortcut something.

Usually a token is a # sign the trigger word i.e "module" an underscore_ then an ID number that is used to tell the program where on the page (in this example) to hop down to.

I first learned about Tokens on Super Apprentice a site builder tool, and then again on HP as they use the same concept. So in this article I'm going to show you the (easy) way to find these tokens and use them to create hoppable links. I've included a full video tutorial at the bottom of this page. I'd of just put that in the article but wizzley requires 400-450 words minimum to publish :). With that let's get into it.

You can scroll down to the bottom to get right into the video or read the page and watch it after you've primered your brain around the concept.



Adding A Focused Hoplink To A Wizzle

Getting The URL/Hyperlink To Hop Down The Page


There Is A Video Tutorial At The End If You'd Like To See How To Do It In Real Time


Let's say your writing a wizzle about something and you want to call attention to a specific section of another wizzle. In my case I'm writing about video editing and mention my god daughters Riann And Hailey. (If you click that it takes you right to the videos in my wizzography). Try it to see how it works.

I wanted to reference the videos in my Wizzography of the girls without telling them to  visit my wizzography then scroll down- Just go right to them/that section.

This is very easy thanks to Wizzley's TOC module. (for this particular trick you have to use the TOC on the wizzle in question, there is another way but for now I'm just going to go into the easy way).

When you create your TOC there are links created that reference specific modules by number i.e. /#module_127699. So the link looks like:

The first part tells the browser what article/wizzle to go to, the #module_0000 part tells the browser to "hop" down to a particular module/section of the page that's labeled by a number preceded by an underscore (in the above link it's 127699). So the basic trick is just use that url in your link and it will hop over to whatever article and what module you reference. This will work with ANY wizzles yours or others so long as they use a TOC. (if it's not referenced or there is no TOC, you will have to talk to the author, maybe point them to this page and see if you can work something out- people love getting free back-links so they just may accommodate you)



If you want to reference an already published Wizzle but didn't create a TOC or the part you want to showcase isn't in the TOC you have two options.


1. Add an image module to the section you want to link them directly to. Put it right above or right beside the text. You can also do this with YouTube videos, Monetization, and just about any other module that the TOC allows.

You can create an image right above or around where that section is. Pictures can be included in the TOC so what you need is the url that the TOC would point to a hoplink to that section.

If you already have images/other set up this way in the TOC (the box is checked that allows images to be included in the TOC) then all you have to do is right click the link to the image in question and copy link location (copy the url from the hyperlink).

If it's one of the pictures you've checked that you don't want showing in your TOC, uncheck it just for a moment, then save, when it appears in the TOC just right click the link to that image, grab the hyperlink url (copy link location) and save it somewhere. Then go back in to edit mode in the TOC and uncheck it. Weather or not it appears in the TOC doesn't matter- the link is the same it's just showing or not showing in the TOC.

If you don't have any modules where you want to hop them down the page to (or it's in the middle of a text module but the module is long with text option 2 is for you.


2. You can add a text module or image module right above where you want the hop to land. In the text module you can either create a title or add some text to it to merge it in (it needs to be showing so it has to be filled in at the minimum with a title and a line of text. What I do is create the text module then use it to create a page line break.

I just put in an underscore across the page, but in the text module I'll highlight this underscore and set it to heading 3 (H3) in the center most box (formatting box). This will make the line bold and in the color of your sub titles based on your articles color scheme choice.

You can also add an image or YouTube video (or hop them to a YouTube video in the first place). Once you add your video, text module, image, or whatever will show up in the TOC, go back up and follow previous steps (if it's not showing make it show save, right click link save link location, edit mode again, un-show it save it and move on).

That's how you get the url easily. There are ways, as I said, to go into the page source and find the module ID number and simply adding it to the url after the title/ (the #module_ seems to work for all modules. But that's another tutorial.


Once you have your link:

Once you have your link you can just go to the wizzle you're working on, create a hyperlink and simply insert the url you got above. When they click it it will take them to the page and hop down immediately to that module/section.

Updated: 06/21/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Sheri_Oz on 07/05/2012

Fantastic. I love little helpful tips like this.

redelf on 06/23/2012

Super article! Thanks for the great "how-to" - I have bookmarked this on for when I have enough wizzles to link bits of them. This should come in handy for my resume series. :D

Jerrico_Usher on 06/22/2012

Thank you Katie, twas my pleasure.... what's funny is this was supposed to be a 2 second pause in my day to leave a tip in the forum, and ended up taking all day but I'm one wizzle closer to 100 (42)!

katiem2 on 06/22/2012

Sweet bit of info on building such useful reader friendly links in our wizzes. Great video too. Thanks for the tutorial on hoplinks. :) K

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