How Can I Work From Home?

by supermom_in_ny

In 2004, I got paid to take surveys and review unreleased products. In 2005, my new blog opened the door to Google Adsense, affiliate marketing and more! I am a wahm. Join me!

In the past 8 years, I have gained a lot of skills that have helped me earn money online. If you are looking for a way to make money from home, you can find it. Unfortunately, there are many scams out there. Greedy people trying to make a quick buck by taking advantage of people in need. Sadly, they don't only exist on the internet. I have taught a few people in my personal life a little about the internet. They have turned around and done the same thing! (Money has a way of showing someone's true character.) Well, I'm here to encourage you: the struggling single mom, the broke college student , the retiree and the disabled. There are many legitimate ways you can make money online. What you need is a plan and perseverance. I will help you with a plan. However, you have to take action!

Image Credit: The picture included in this post was taken by me. I made a large purchase and used cash because I am teaching my children the importance of living debt free. Using a debit card minimizes the reality of spending a large amount of money. That was a lesson about personal finances and debt that I taught my children. Great picture I can use on my articles too! LOL!

Have you ever made money online?

Working from Home Ideas

Find Something You Enjoy Doing and It Won't Feel Like Work!

Before you can create a plan, you need to find a work at home home opportunity you enjoy.  

I started blogging to help other families with the diagnosis of their child's autism.  At the time, my son was diagnosed with autism.  I lost my job at the same time.  Sounds horrible, but it was a blessing in disguise.  It allowed me to take my son to all of his evaluations and to find the proper therapy for him.  Today my son is 11 years old.  He talks up a storm!  He reads, writes and draws.  He enjoys making animated movies on his DSi and wants to become a teacher.  His diagnosis and the fact that he is the youngest of 7 is the reason why I decided to make money from home.  My blog was the first major income earner.  I wrote to help others and earned money from Google Adsense and advertisers that paid me for ad space!  If you enjoy writing, consider starting a blog or writing for an established site like Wizzley.  Established web 2.0 sites such as Wizzley are advantageous because you already have a great community with members that enjoy encouraging each other.  

There are sites such as Cafepress and Zazzle that you can use to create beautiful products with your images.  

Don't like to write?  Are you a more artistic or creative type?  How about photography?  (Make sure they are your images!)  Whether you draw the images or photograph them, you can upload them to the site and have them put on mouse pads, throw pillows, hoodies, cell phone covers and more!  You earn a commission for every sale.  The commission amount you receive depends on what you decide to price your items.  (You can use your blog, Facebook, twitter, pinterest or instagram account to promote your products).  

You can make money selling your services.

Are you internet saavy?  Do you know how to create power point presentations or youtube videos in a snap?  There are many sites that exist on the internet that enable people to make quick money (Zeerk pays the same day by paypal).  Join the site for free and list your services.  (I have used sites like these to sell my SEO services). 

You can sell other people's products without ever touching them!

This is my favorite method and has become my sole focus in the past 6 months.  Here's why.  As I mentioned before, I have 7 kids.  My four oldest have left the nest: two of my sons are in the Navy, one daughter is in VA in college and my other daughter is in NJ working. My 17 yr old son graduates in June and he will be entering the Navy soon after.  College and everything it requires is expensive!  I want to pay for all of my daughter's expenses and save for my 14 yr old daughter's college too.  My 19 yr old daughter is studying environmental engineering.  My 14 yr old daughter wants to be a zoologist.  My 11 year old is autistic, but he wants to be a teacher.  I have to prepare for that.  Time is passing by and I want to enjoy every moment possible with my kids.  Tomorrow is promised to no one.  Affiliate marketing is the perfect way for anyone to make money online.  I use sites like Squidoo to sell products from Amazon, eBay, Walmart and other stores.  The beauty of affiliate marketing is passive income!  I make a page on a web 2.0 site or my own blog and it can earn money for me forever (or as long as Google likes the site.)  I love never having to list anything on ebay, but still making money with them.  I enjoy checking my Amazon account every morning to find that I made money while I did housework, went on vacation or slept.  Best of all, anyone can do it.  That's right, EVEN YOU!


Are those the only ways one can make money online?

These are just a few of the many legit ways one can make money online.  Be sure to add me as a friend here so that you will get my updates and learn more about how I earn an income online.  

Next, you need a plan!  Why?  Well, you know where you want to arrive.  You want to make money from home, right?  Then you need a map to get to your destination.  


You can make more than a few pennies with Google Adsense!

Google Adsense Earnings Nov. 2011
Adsense Payment Proof
Adsense Payment Proof
SuperMom in Ny's Adsense Payout Nov. 2011

Creating a Plan to Work from Home

Don't Quit Your Day Job!

Forget all the ads you have seen on the internet!  Get rich schemes only make the gurus rich!  There are countless free ways that you can make money online, but they won't tell you about them.  They may refer to them only to get you to buy their useless software.  Of all the tools I have tested, there is only one that works.  I am not going to mention that now because you have a lot of homework.  

Your Work at Home Plan

  1. Find an opportunity you like.  Whether it is this site or one you have tried in the past.  Stick to it!
  2. Learn the ins and out of the site.  Read the TOS.  Find out how the site works.  Read the top posts to see what the top money makers are.  This will always be the same whether you are using a site like Zazzle or Squidoo.  
  3. Find the top earners on each site and study their products, lenses or services.  They are obviously doing something right.  Want to excel, learn from the best!
  4. After you have taken notes on all of the above, take action!  Start posting your images on products or creating your lenses.  Don't just make one product or lens and expect to make thousands!  You have to be consistent.  You should make a lens or Zazzle product every week at first, then every day.  I have over 250 Squidoo lenses at the moment and I add to that portfolio regularly.  My Amazon earnings for November 2012 were $393. and change.  My Squidoo payment should be close to that amount.
  5. Promote your work using social networking sites like the ones I mentioned above.  You can also add your url to the signature of your email or message board / forum.  

So What About Not Quitting My Job?

Like I said before, this is not a get rich scheme.  This is for real.  You will need to work and create these pages or products so that you will make sales.  These web properties are working for you even while you sleep, but you have to make them.  Keep working and use your lunch hour to write content.  You can also use some of your income to outsource some of the tasks.  I started outsourcing last year and it has helped my income grow very rapidly.  (I will be sharing my strategy of outsourcing in a future Wizzley page.  Stay tuned!)  Setting goals is important if you want to succeed.  If you really want to leave your job and stay at home to care for your kids, aging parents or disabled loved one- you must take action.  You need to work hard now, to enjoy the results later.  The best way to put it is this way.  You reap what you sow!  Wishing on a star or a lottery ticket won't get you there.  Buying the latest MMO ebook will probably not work either.  Find something you enjoy and stick with it.  Once you have succeeded with that, you can diversify.  Don't worry, I will explain that in a future Wizzle page complete with what happened to me.  

I hope that you enjoyed this information.  Please, take the time to email it to your family and friends by email, Twitter, Facebook, pinterest or your favorite social media site.  I hope that you will be back to learn more about free ways to make money from home.  Feel free to leave any comments or questions in the comments area below!  

Now go take ACTION!

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supermom_in_ny on 01/28/2013

@sheilamarie Exactly! That's why I always laugh when people say that sites like Squidoo and HubPages are a scam. They don't bother learning the skills needed or taking action. They expect making money without doing any work?!?! At the moment I have 261 lenses which is why my earnings are growing so rapidly. I've been adding 50 a month since Oct. I am aiming for 1000 before the fall. I already did the keyword research for about another 250. Seems like a lot of work. However, these lenses will earn for me around the clock for a very long time. Passive income is the way to go! Thanks for participating in the conversation. ;)

sheilamarie on 01/27/2013

It really is a step by step process, not a get rich quick scheme. Hard work done with know how gets results.

supermom_in_ny on 01/09/2013

@ katiem2 I just published the post. Now I have to write the next one which is the key ingredient : keyword research. Have to make dinner. Will be back to write and publish the keyword tutorial later. Let me know what you think about the latest one. Thanks!

katiem2 on 01/09/2013

I look forward to reading the road map issue of making money. Thanks and let me know when you publish it.

supermom_in_ny on 01/09/2013

@katiem2 You are very welcome! I'm actually writing another one that explains how anyone can start earning through web 2.0 sites in no time. It's all about creating the road map! Thanks so much for leaving a comment. You are the first! ;)

katiem2 on 01/09/2013

It's great to run across you and this wonderful bit of diverse and helpful information. I too have been working online for over ten years and I can attest that what you're sharing here today is accurate and honest with a few added bonus points I myself did not know. Thanks for the helpful online money making guide. :)K

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