Work From Home Success

by supermom_in_ny

So, you want to work from home? You can make money using your computer. Don't know how to get started? Find out how you can use free sites to make money online.

Are you tired of your job? Looking for a way to supplement your income or increase your retirement fund? I'm sure you know that there are ways you can make money online. See, if there is gold in the hills, someone is going to be selling equipment to the gold miners. That's why you see all these ads all over the internet for survey companies, blogging software and more. Sorting through the scams can be difficult. No worries. I am going to give you a few free sites that I use. Not only that, I am going to explain how to succeed at these sites. Read on. If I can do it, so can you!

Image Credit: This is a picture of my 19 yr old daughter. It was taken in Utah. Beautiful, isn't it? ;)

Work Home No Fees

If they want a fee, it's a scam!

I'm sure you have seen the following ads when you've searched for work at home jobs:

  • mystery shopping
  • taking surveys
  • placing links for Google
  • getting paid for photos

These work at home opportunities do exist.  If you search for them using the right keywords, you will find the legit sites.  Do I recommend them?  Not really.  I've tried them and they don't bring in a steady income.  Do not ever pay for any of those work at home programs.  These companies are designed to take your money and that's it.  I read a long forum post on how the Google links company took people's credit card info and continued to charge them until the customer closed their credit card account! 

The truth is that you can make money with Google, but it takes a lot of content writing, keyword research and SEO.  It's not as easy as they make it seem.  Actually, it's not easy at all.  You can check out my Google Adsense payment proof here: How Can I Work From Home.  On that site I have shared several free sites that can help you earn money from home using your computer.  I'm going to use two of the sites as examples and explain how you can create an income from home, without quitting your current job or leaving your home!

Ready?  Let's go!

The first site I am going to share is Squidoo.  It is a site similar to Wizzley.  You join for free, create pages (which are called lenses) and earn money through advertising revenue, amazon sales, ebay sales or affiliate networks you choose to use.  They are easy to create.  Start out by making one, so you become familiar with the site.  After you get accustomed to the site, aim for one a day.  

Zazzle is another site that allows you to make products using images you draw, paint or photograph.  You can make tons of products from just one picture including mugs, keychains, t-shirts and bags!  Start out slow, so you can learn your way around the site.  Then increase your Zazzle production.


Success is the Best Revenge!

Get this poster and put it on your wall to motivate you to succeed!

Do you believe that anyone can make money online?

Guaranteed Work From Home Success

Plan + Implementation = Results

Once you learn your way around the site, it's time to get busy!  This is your work at home business.  Own it!  

Follow this Work at Home Plan

  1. Choose the site you are going to use.
  2. Establish a time you are going to work on your business.
  3. Make sure you have a work environment free of distractions.  (I used to blog after midnight!)
  4. Find and use the right keywords.  (Without keyword research, you're wasting your time.)
  5. Push yourself to really work! 

The last one is the most important.  If you want to succeed at making money online, you need to challenge yourself.  You want to make money?  You need to create a lot of products or pages.  

Challenge yourself to create a certain amount of products or pages.  Don't think this works?  I challenged myself to create a minimum of 50 Squidoo lenses a month to pay for my daughter's college expenses.  What were the results of my Squidoo Income Challenge?  My earnings went from under $200. a month to over $800. a month.  

Does this work all the time with any work from home opp?  Definitely!  I own a large network of blogs and created content for them daily.  My affiliate earnings and Google Adsense earnings skyrocketed!  

The best part is that after you learn how to do it once using one site, you rinse and repeat using other sites.   For those of you that don't understand #4 above, I am going to write an article which will help you.  The keyword research tool I use is the reason I am producing results very quickly.

I hope you enjoyed this info.  Please, take the time to share it with your friends by email, Twitter, Facebook, pinterest, instagram or your favorite social media site.  Have any questions or comments?  Feel free to leave them in the comments area below.  


The caption reads: "Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on after others have let go."- William Feather
Updated: 07/07/2014, supermom_in_ny
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supermom_in_ny on 01/28/2013

@sheilamarie Thanks for taking the time to comment! I look forward to earning online using zazzle. Right now I've written most of the articlesfor my wizzley 30dc, but haven't had time to type them up. Dealing with being sick and caring for my kids. The flu is really hitting hard this year. Uggh, now I am going to have to publish several pages a day to catch up. Hope everyone enjoys the work at home tips, resources and adventures I will be sharing! ;)

sheilamarie on 01/27/2013

I use both Squidoo and Zazzle and like both sites. You have a very focused approach, which sounds to me should be a recipe for success. This is not a business that works with a haphazard method. A smart use of time and effort is essential.

supermom_in_ny on 01/18/2013

@brendareeves Ooooh, you live in KY! Visited twice, mainly Lexington, KY. Loved The Red Mile (first time I ever visited a race track). Was amazed by the bluegrass. ;)

supermom_in_ny on 01/18/2013

@bredareeves Follow the link, sign up and watch the videos. You won't believe what is possible. I'm so glad that a fellow squidoo lensmaster shared this priceless info. I went from a high of $200. a month to close to $1000. a month. You can use this for every web 2.0 property and even your own sites. I used it on Wizzley. I wrote a wizzley page that got to the first position on the first page of Google in 3 days. Google "Wizzley 30 day challenge" and see for yourself. ;)

supermom_in_ny on 01/18/2013

@katiem2 EXACTLY! It's a blessing. :)

BrendaReeves on 01/18/2013

I'm going to take a look at the keyword tool. I've been doing this for four years and have made very little money. Time management and keyword research is my big downfall. I hate doing keyword research and have thought of paying someone to do it for me.

katiem2 on 01/18/2013

There is nothing better than working from home, in my humble opinion. Sometimes I look around me stretch and think, it's great to work from home, in the comfort of my own home, doing it as much or as little as I want, taking lunch when I feel like it, leaving the home office if I get the urge.... working from home is a wonderful experience. Success is very attainable. :)K

supermom_in_ny on 01/17/2013

@Mira You are very welcome! ;)

Mira on 01/17/2013

Well, that sounds good then. I'll give it a try. Thanks so much for the detailed response!

supermom_in_ny on 01/17/2013

@Mira I used to use tghe Google tool. I most I earned from Amazon, ebay, Squidoo was about $300. for the month. Another factor was that I sold a few high ticket items. After that initial jump in sales, it went back down. That tool doesn't give you keywords that are laser targeted. When I use jaaxy, I know exactly how many other sites are competing for the same keywords. I also know if hubpages or Squidoo has a lens on the same topic and where it ranks on the serps. I can do my keyword research in seconds. With the right keywords, you know your webpage is going to rank well (with proper onpage SEO and original content). My earnings have increased dramatically ever since I started using it. :)

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