Wizzley 30 Day Challenge

by supermom_in_ny

Creating a passive income using web 2.0 sites like Wizzley takes content. To give my earnings a jump start, I have decided to create 30 Wizzle pages in 30 days. Join me!

As I have explained in my first two articles, working from home takes a plan and action. Whether you are writing posts on your blog, building lenses, hubs or wizzles you have to create content on a consistent basis. There are a few sites that require you to submit a minimum amount of content in order to accepted as a member or be indexed by Google. Why wait? Create your content quickly. A major benefit of creating content quickly is having fresh content that brings search engine traffic. To demonstrate that creating a large amount of content in a short amount of time increases traffic and earnings, I am taking a Wizzley 30 pages in 30 days challenge.

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Have you ever participated in a 30 day writing challenge?

Goals of My 30 Wizzley Pages in 30 Days Challenge

In order to have my Wizzley pages visible to the search engines, I need a minimum of 5 articles.  I want to speed up the process of having my content generate income.  Don't get me wrong, I love getting visitors from Wizzley.  However, search engines bring customers.  Another reason that I want to get my 5 articles posted is because I can't refer others until then.  What better way to get people to join, then to take a writing challenge and increase income.  When others see the potential of the site you are recommending, they will join.  By showing them the results of the challenge, they may also take the 30DC.  That would increase earnings as well.

What are my Wizzley 30 DC Goals?

  1. My first goal is to create another passive income stream using Wizzley.  
  2. Motivating others to take Wizzley 30 day challenge to increase earnings.
  3. Having a snapshot of what articles and product reviews work well on Wizzley.
  4. Getting a picture of what kind of earnings I can expect in the future.
  5. Using Wizzley to add Zazzle to my passive income streams.
  6. Using Wizzlley to add Allposters to my revenue.
  7. Getting my first payout from Chitika.  I'm only a dollar away!
  8. Increasing my Amazon earnings to $1000 a month.  My highest payout so far was $393.25.  
  9. Testing Viglink.  I've been a member for years.  Haven't tried it yet!
  10. Leading my referrals to success by example.  I know these writing challenges work!  My Squiooo Income Challenge increased my earnings by hundreds of dollars within months!  

Promoting Wizzley Pages

Yes, I plan to promote my Wizzley pages.  One of my goals is to increase my earnings!  I'm not going to do a lot of backlinking.  Why?  I find that when you use a web 2.0 site correctly, you don't need to build many links.  The linking structure of the site and the onpage SEO is enough to get one on the first page of Google.  As long as you have a low competition keyword, you're good.  

How will I promote my new Wizzley pages?

  • Twitter
  • Pinterest (where applicable)
  • RedGage
  • Google +

 Would you like to join me in the Wizzley 30DC?

These writing challenges are always more fun and successful when many members participate.  Would you like to join me?  If you would like to take the challenge, leave me a comment.  If enough people participate, I will add a few more ways to promote the 30DC.  More content helps all the members of the site.  The more original content we have, the more paths that will lead customers here.  It's a win-win for everyone!

I hope you found this info helpful.  Please, take the time to share this by email, twitter, facebook, pinterest or your favorite social media site.  Oh and don't forget to leave a message.  Thanks in advance!  ;)



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supermom_in_ny on 01/17/2013

@Mira I signed up with Viglink years ago, but never used it on any of my sites. This year I plan to add it to my sources of income. Haven't decided how yet. Will finish my 30 wizzley pages before I start something new.

Mira on 01/17/2013

Look forward to your articles. I don't know how you make that much money with Amazon, but do note that if you sign up with VigLink you'll make an even higher percentage. Or so I read. Well, it depends on your volume of sales. (I haven't signed up with VigLink yet.)

supermom_in_ny on 01/14/2013

@katiem2 Thanks for the encouragement! Good to hear about your increase in traffic. How were your earnings? Looking to increase my Amazon earnings in the next couple of months. College is expensive.... ;)

katiem2 on 01/14/2013

Good luck, I know you can do it and look forward to your content. I appreciate you doing your part to add new and fresh content here at Wizzley. I can attest to the value of such a challenge, I myself have done this before in the past and did in fact enjoy a flood of new traffic. You go girl! :)K

supermom_in_ny on 01/14/2013

@Dustytoes You're right. It is difficult, but I have to do it. College expenses are astronomical. One of my cars, which my son drives just broke down last week. I was getting money together to buy one for my daughter in VA. Now I have to get another two. You know, kids are expensive and I have 7! Lol! ;)

supermom_in_ny on 01/14/2013

@2uesday You're not the only one. I published a Wizzley page half asleep yesterday and it was returned for improper grammar. How embarrassing is that! I will definitely be more careful in the future to not publish anything when I'm falling asleep at the keyboard. LOL! ;)

dustytoes on 01/14/2013

Hey, good luck to you. It sounds like you know how to increase your income by writing. I won't be joining you because I know I won't do it. I write at a much slower pace at this point.

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