Earn Your Living Online - Guidance For Newbies

by Jerrico_Usher

Want To Make Money Online But Keep Getting Jerked Around? Let's talk about how the realm really works...

Making money on the internet used to sound like a novel concept, but today it's no more novel than every man woman and literally child- carrying a cell phone, or better- a fully functional computer in the palm of their hand more powerful than the computer that got the space shuttle to the moon! The internet has grown into a complete and complex infrastructure capable of sustaining dreams and giving anyone the power to extract money from the web like an ATM machine if they just put in the time and effort to cultivate fully, the internet marketing skill set.

The problem with this skill set is that there is no bonafide college course or class on how it's done. Your stuck with all the courses and seminars (that are often overpriced and under-deliver) to get your data. Many try to be lazy and take the easiest route to the money but find out it's actually the longest one. If I can give you one piece of advice to keep in mind it's not to take shortcuts. Take the treadmill route as that's how you're going to get in mental and ambitious shape...


Working From Home Means You Need A Specific Space For Your Desk And Privacy
Make Money The Write Way

Working the cogs of the machine, starting as a freelance writer or writer on Wizzley until your absolutely bored silly with the process (meaning you've built it into a habit and the details no longer excite you- you can "just do it") is how you will develop powerful foundations to fall back on in the future when things don't go as planned. In the dirt, the bottom level of this business, there is little money and lots of work- but the reverse is true if you persevere- later you can work less and earn more.




When it comes to making money online people are becoming more and more confused as to how successit's being done. Others are becoming too complacent with one or two specific parts of the engine that generates money online, and never move past it. One example is writing for a fee (ghostwriting/freelancing). Many people enter learning to write for money as a ground floor opportunity to both play around in the atmosphere but also to get some on the job (paid) training at the same time.

The problem is that they stop there. Trying to make a decent living online solely from writing for a content mill, for example, is a hard way to make a living. At first it's easy and fresh, exciting even, but once you dig your heals into that treadmill, writing loses its "ease" and luster- becomes work. Anything that taxes your brain the entire time has it's limits.

You also realize at some point that you put in work that was simply cashed in for money. In other words you no longer own that content, you can't earn royalties or clickcome from them...

Later in the game when you start writing and holding on to that copy on a site like Wizzley or even your own blog or site, that this content, this effort you put forth can now be reused forever to generate income. If your work fails to earn on one site you can move it to another or build your own, the content is never owned by these sites!

You start to see all the things you wrote for others as opportunities that simply slipped through your fingers- literally- and for what, a few dollars you spent quickly on bills?

Granted at first this is a great way to write and get instant gratification of a paycheck (comes close to offline type of work really), but you don't want to get stuck on the treadmill- it's tiring- you need more variety to maintain focus and motivation.

Some quit right there when the "going gets tough" and the treadmill work doesn't sustain them with excitement or the inertia of newness alone. 

Not anticipating that this is just like any other job, but with many more platitudes your afforded simply by free resources and powerful systems in place like the Wizzley site here, for example, that make it easy and powerful for the individual to join a collective of writers to form a synergy.

This synergy/network generates more "earning power" overall than with each part doing their own thing.

Others maintain the course flying through the rough parts enduring the work required as paying their dues- and you will do just that. It will be well worth it, however.

Those that continue to figure out the realm and try to boost themselves up with free resources available to them will make it to some mild to moderate success- some of them will make it to the success you read about in Forbes magazine.

With all the equal opportunity of the web and the massive FREE resources to pull from when your getting started, the only real thing that's separating those that make millions (or thousands if that's your "wealth" in your current position), and those that always struggle on the bottom rung of this industry, is pure and simple motivation to take action, regardless of how you feel, what your brain is telling you, or even sometimes if you don't completely know what your doing- still pulling the trigger (because in some parts just doing it is the lesson itself- you can't really learn any other way, like developing a professional writers skill set).

With so much information out there and half of it being misdirection (designed to entice but not educate, just a shell with missing pieces) it's no wonder people give up 3 months after they get excited about the idea of working from home and firing the boss, or at the very least supplementing the crappy paycheck from work.

I've been on the journey now for about 5-6 years, of which the last two were the most potent, and of those the last year was the most potent. In my struggles I learned nothing of real consequence until I met an actual marketer who was actually doing what I wanted to know, and needed some outsource help. It was because this guy paid me WELL for the work I did for him, but he also assigned me work that directly put me into the front line of SEO.

I had to learn how to do things to complete the task and was taught then applied over and over for his sites and content. I also wrote content a certain way and over the years learned a great deal. I almost quit the journey before that!

In working for this guru, I learned some valuable things. I learned first of all that most of the courses out there are useless and often contain all but the vital ingredients, or the courses themselves work but only if you have a Rolodex of contacts and resources at your disposal. I learned this not by hearsay but by seeing it for myself. Once I learned the realm, the skill set I could see for myself what the courses and BS seminars were about.

Cutting through the crap often robs us of our ambition, but many persevere eventually making it through the forest and finally seeing the trees.

The thing that is really remarkable is that by the time these people actually get to the moment of truth- Success - their ambition levels are often at fumes... It takes a lot to navigate the online income world, but what really kills you is the proliferation of bad information. It's pretty much like polluted air... You step outside and expecting "fresh" air you take a deep breath, only to discover you just polluted your body.



Frustration is not a sign of success


Frustration and stress destroy our body, but recent studies show that stress inhibits brain cell communication. Bottom line, if your stressing out your probably not going to be able to keep up the pace due to it becoming harder and harder to think, or feel ambitious.

For many at peak ambition, creatively charged, and willing to bet the farm on some real information, finding the right information can change everything. It's not that we don't want to pay for these courses but for god's sake give us what you claim you're selling!

Nothing wastes more time than a broken plan, or the poison the course sellers seep into your thought stream when they get you to create a "get rich quick" outcome, which essentially becomes rigid and if you don't reach the millions of dollars you don't even tend to see the hundred thousand you just made out of thin air and skill sets!

Thinking back at all I've been through over the years trying to find the "golden compass" online I don't regret all the failures, but I realize now with what I know now that many of the things I went through I didn't have to. Most of my negative failures (failures without valuable lessons learned) were due to being taken for a ride, run in circles, and sold a half useful step by step course, seminar, and the like.

Bad information had me running through hoop after hoop, wearing me down. Had I known then what I know now I would have done a few things more efficiently, especially things like bragging or rather discussing my excitement with my family and friends.

Family, gotta love them, but they are often the ones to make or break us. We go to them for advice, for acceptance, for support, and if they don't support our dreams we tend to lose some of the steam we had. One thing I learned was to keep my mouth shut until I had proof of success.

Nobody believed I could make money online, they couldn't wrap their head around this idea so they mocked me- Until I showed them it worked. I could have ran into this full force had I waited to say anything until after I made it work. Thing is the 100 failed attempts all were preceded by my "I finally found the greatest way to make money" speech... 100 times of that and 100 failures tends to set a precedence in your friends eyes don't you think?



In Conclusion...


In light of my experiences, and the awareness I've acquired over the years about making money online, I wanted to share my experiences and pitfalls, as well as insights about how to avoid them, what to look for, and sort of shine my bright flashlight into the dark places that newbie’s cannot yet fathom, but should be thinking about from the beginning. One thing is to document your journey in detail if possible.

By doing so you can later go back and revisit this neophyte mindset. After you learn the realm, generate several hundred grand or a few million even, you will no doubt start writing how to books to help others. You can offer your advice in the form of a product for sale, a free website that is monetized with AdSense or the like, or you can do seminars.

Whatever you decide to do, becoming the teacher is often inevitable, and it requires your ability to step out of your success mindset and into your neophyte mindset so you can properly prepare your teaching materials. You can't teach the same way to experts and newbie’s alike, the mindset is as different as wealthy and poor, scarcity and abundance.

By keeping a journal you can not only visually track your success (it helps with ambition when you "forget" all you have accomplished. You'd be surprised how much you forget and how reading a few pages from some successful or productive days can ground you again!

Thank you for reading, GOOD LUCK!

(there are 9 more articles coming they will be published individually and linked together when they are all up- they cover a lot of areas in the internet marketing realm)




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Jerrico_Usher on 12/29/2012


Ragtimelil on 12/29/2012

Thanks for the motivation. Always needed!

Jerrico_Usher on 12/29/2012

@ lobobrandon -Thanks!

Jerrico_Usher on 12/29/2012

@ 2uesday - It's actually incredibly hard but at some point the writer becomes the outsourcer and internet marketing manager for themselves :) that is the reward... thanks for commenting!

lobobrandon on 12/29/2012

Well written :)

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