How To Become A Grill Guru

by inkedwriter

Some simple tips that will help you go from barbecue bumpkin to grilling guru.

With summer now officially in full swing, more and more folks are taking to the backyard to dust of their trusty old barbecue. Nothing says summer quite like a cookout, with the aroma of steak, burgers, and hot dogs enough to bring the whole family to the picnic table. As great as all that sounds, there are plenty of people out there who do a better job of filling the air with the smell of burnt food and charcoal. If you are one of those that can't seem to cook a BBQ burger to save your soul, then read on to get some tips that just might turn you into a Master Chef.

Grilling Basics.

Sticking a piece of meat in the oven and letting it cook for the desired amount of time is easy, but grilling takes a little more work. The biggest difference is the heat; in an oven you can set the temperature exactly as you want it, knowing it will remain constant. That's not the case with a grill though, and you really have to pay attention to the heat if you want to cook your food properly.
High heat on a grill is perfect if you want to cook your food quickly, but you still have to pay attention to how the food is cooking, making sure only to flip the meat when it is absolutely necessary. This will ensure that you have a nice even color on both sides, as well as a juicy, delicious interior.
The general rule of thumb is that meat should only be turned over once for optimum grilling, but for thicker cuts of meat (over 1 1/2 inches) you may want to consider turning it three times to be sure that it is cooked evenly throughout.

Some Grilling Tips For Beginners.

Here are a few basic grilling tips for those that are new to the barbecue or who have had more than their fair share of disaster when cooking over the open flame.

  1. Always keep your grill nice and clean as this will reduce the likelihood of your food sticking to the grill, not to mention help you deliver food that just tastes better.
  2. If you want to add cooking oil or spray to your grill, do so before it gets hot, as this too will help steer you clear of sticking problems.
  3. Proper grilling can take time, so make sure that you don't put yourself in a position where you have to hurry the cooking process to feed your guests. Also make sure that when they arrive, they come to say hello to you. Every time you walk away from the grill means that you increase the risk of burning or ruining the food you are grilling.
  4. Trim as much excess fat off of your meat as possible as that is what is often responsible for those hot flare-ups that come shooting out of the grill.Trying to spray water on those rising flames will only make the situation worse, so avoid doing it.
  5. If you want to use marinades, make sure to soak the meat overnight as this will allow the flavor to penetrate the meat for a fuller, more delicious flavor. Trying to add sugary or oily sauces while you cook will only increase the chances of you burning the food.
  6. If you want to be considered a grill guru then consider investing in a good set of BBQ tools. Not only will you look the part, you will also become a lot more efficient when it comes to getting the job done.

What Is Your Favorite Food To Cook On The Grill?

In Conclusion

Once you have mastered the basics of grilling you will quickly find that there are all kinds of advanced techniques that you can apply to get a whole new taste for your food. Beer cans, wood chips, and planks are just a few of the things that can be added to your grilling arsenal, but those should only be considered once you get to grips with the basics.
So what are you waiting for? Get out back, fire up that barbecue, and go get grilling like the guru you know you are!!

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dustytoes on 08/10/2012

I just bought myself a new little Weber grill. I like to grill in summer so as not to heat up the kitchen (I don't have AC) and like to have it handy year round for power outages.

sheilamarie on 08/10/2012

This article reminds me of the many summers when my Dad barbecued our evening meals. I can still taste his chicken and burgers and steaks and . . . .

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