How to Buy a Pre Lit Christmas Tree

by lobobrandon

Pre lit Christmas Trees are amazing - they save us time and look pretty at the same time.

For most of us, the joyous season of Christmas is the only time we're united with our families and friends. Naturally it's going to be a busy season - shopping for gifts, preparing lunch, dinner and various other goodies, decorating our homes and much more. It may be busy, but we wait an entire year for it to be back again!

Lighting up our Christmas Tree's doesn't just take time, it's also hard to get it just right (This is the case for most of us). However, Pre Lit Christmas Trees take away all these troubles as they've got the finest lights set up, so as to make the tree and our homes dazzle in splendor.

Pre Lit Christmas Trees need to be Flame resistant

Make sure your house is safe when you're not around

Safety is the first issue that you need to consider no matter what you do. It's not just your safety that we're worried about, it's the safety of your entire family and home. Therefore, before you buy a Pre Lit Christmas tree make sure that it's completely flame resistant. 

There are two possible problems that could cause a fire (At least I could think of just 2):

  • Short Circuit - Since the Christmas tree is basically Pre Lit, definitely there are quite a number of lights on it. When it comes to lights, there's electricity and always a possible short circuit. Short circuits are known to cause most of the fires at homes. Therefore, see to it that you buy your Christmas tree only from a brand that you completely trust.
  • Candles - The Christmas season is a time of joy, laughter and lights; many people do light candles, maybe it's during dinner or just any time of the day. If you have kids around, there's always the possibility of a candle accident. If you're tree easily catches a flame, it would turn into a burning torch. This is surely the worst thing that could happen. 

Therefore, to help prevent both of these cases, make sure that your tree is made of an inflammable material. Peace of mind is what Christmas is meant for - isn't it? Time away from the daily stress of work. That's the only way you'll truly enjoy the Christmas season with your family and friends. 

Choose the Size of your Pre Lit Christmas Tree

Or Should I say height?

Pre Lit Christmas trees are artificial Christmas trees and they last years. That's the reason they're one of the best - beautiful, long life and already lit up! Therefore, before you buy one of these amazing trees, make sure to think about your long term plans and what you intend to use it for.

They come in various sizes and the larger ones work well as a center of attraction whereas the smaller ones are perfect table top trees and the medium sized trees are great for decorating purposes.

What the size you would prefer?

Depending on the size of ones home, the purpose of the tree as well as budget; a tree is chosen
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Pick your lights!

Pre Lit Christmas trees come either with white lights or the traditional red and green

Pre Lit Christmas trees are naturally - Pre Lit! However, there are different kinds when it comes to specific lighting. As far as I know, all these trees use LED lights, and LED's are the best - long life and bright colors. Therefore, if you do happen to come across any other lights, make sure you know what you're buying; else, opt for LED's as I can vouch that they're good - if not the best!

Next you need to choose the colors of your Christmas tree lights. There are basically two choices:

  1. White - The whole tree seems bright and at times, it does resemble snow when seen from a distance.
  2. Red and Green - The famous Christmas colors! They do seem bright and colorful and brighten up your home with the dazzling and joyous Christmas colors. 

One can't say what's the best; as it depends on your own perspective, the purpose of your Christmas tree as well as the spot wherein you keep your Christmas tree.

Do you plan on decorating it further?

Decoration or may be more lights!

Pre Lit Christmas trees do look splendid on their ow accord. However, there's always room for improvement and if you're looking for ways to improve the looks of your Christmas Tree, you could always opt for decorations and more lighting.

Decoration - Who doesn't love a well decorated home during the Christmas season? We spend hours and even days, putting up various ornaments and other forms of decorations. Your Pre Lit Christmas tree would also look amazing if you added some decoration, even just cotton to give it a snowy appearance would make you're home a perfect Christmas hub!

Lighting - If you've got a Pre Lit Christmas Tree with nothing but white lights, you may want to add some red and green ones too. Make sure, the tree isn't already flooded with white lights though. It shouldn't look too stuffed up. 

Possible Lighting Solutions if You're looking for additional lights

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Know more about the lights

This is the main feature of Pre Lit Christmas Trees - isn't it?

I'm sure, you already know these things, but, since quality of lighting on a Pre Lit Christmas tree is the single most important feature, I guess it's worth a mention.

First and foremost you need to buy a tree that has high quality bulbs as you would surely want it to last years. That's the whole point of buying artificial Christmas Trees. Therefore, if you're getting something that's really good for a slightly higher price, go for it! It's better than buying a new one the very next year. 

Also, in some Pre Lit Christmas trees the bulbs are connected in series and in case one bulb fails, the rest fail too (By series I mean the electric term series - not one after the other as they appear). Therefore, when buying a tree, try to buy one wherein the failure of one bulb doesn't jeopardize the entire tree. Moreover, try to buy yourself a tree wherein the bulbs can be replaced once damaged. 

I do hope you now know how to buy a Pre Lit Christmas tree - No one can point out to a single tree and say - 'That's the best!', because circumstances and opinion are the top deciders, no matter what you buy. 

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Updated: 06/21/2012, lobobrandon
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lobobrandon on 09/24/2012

I personally love decorating the Christmas tree and my favorite part is the snow (aka Cotton). Pre Lit trees do make the task a whole lot simpler though.

HollieT on 09/24/2012

Hi Lobobrandon,

I'm considering buying a prelit Christmas tree this year so this article is particularly relevant to me now. I know some people enjoy dressing the tree and adding all the accessories but I don't. Buying a prelit tree will save loads of time and energy, and you don't have to worry about it being aesthetically pleasing, you know it's going to look good, the hard works been done for you!

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