How to replace Pre Lit Christmas Tree Lights

by lobobrandon

Replacing damaged Pre Lit Christmas Tree Lights is not just an easy task, you can also convert it into a fun filled Pre Christmas activity for your entire family.

Pre Lit Christmas trees are meant to last us for years on end. But, even though the lights are LED lights, at times they do conk off. However, in order to maintain the beauty and splendor of an amazing Christmas tree, these lights would have to be replaced.

Replacing lights on Pre Lit Christmas trees can be a really fun family adventure too. Gather your children to help you spot all those tiny dark spots on your Christmas tree.

Kids would love this fun activity as they’re actually doing something – Fun!

Not all Christmas tree lights can be replaced

Find out if you're Christmas Tree Lights can be replaced

We’d all love to see the conked off lights on our Pre Lit Christmas trees replaced right? But, not all of them can be replaced. That’s the reason before you buy a Christmas tree you’re supposed to make sure that these very lights are replaceable.

At times, if the lights are connected in an electrical series (Electrical series not the looks) connection, then the failure of one light would result in the consequent bulbs not working either. However, when the lights aren’t connected in a series connection then the failure of one bulb wouldn’t affect the rest.  In such cases you may be able to replace the conked off bulb. But, make sure the bulbs are replaceable or you may end up damaging the rest of the connection. Your manufacturer will specify if the lights are replaceable or not on the specs sheet. Any good manufacturer allows bulb replacement.

Spotting the Problem!

This could be the hardest part

Spotting the lights that aren’t working on a Pre Lit Christmas tree could be really hard as most trees have a random scatter of bulbs – which is a good thing in terms of decorative purposes. However, when it comes to bulb replacement, this very boon turns out to be a curse. Nevertheless, bulb replacement is just a speck of the work compared to the bright glow that follows once they’re all fixed.

To spot the problem, all you need to do is turn on the electric supply to the tree and wait for the bulbs to glow. Then, take a look around the tree and spot the dark bulbs (The lights that aren’t functioning) and replace them carefully, or better still mark them by sticking a small piece of paper for replacement later on – I’d prefer the mark and replace method as it’s faster and safer as well.

If you find it hard to spot the malfunctioning bulbs, why don’t you try calling your children to help you? They’d surely love doing it! 

Testing the Bulbs

Are the bulbs really damaged?

Very often, it could be the wiring that’s gotten all spoilt and not the bulb. Therefore, in order to ascertain whether the dark bulbs are corrupted or the internal wiring, make use of a Christmas bulb tester. If the bulbs are fine, they’ll glow, else they won’t – I guess that was obvious.

I found the Brite Star, Christmas Light tester to be the best. To top it all up, it's really cheap as well.

Christmas Light Tester
Christmas Light Tester

Replacing the lights

Yes! It's gonna be fixed soon

At last, the final and most important step! Replacing the lights on your Pre Lit Christmas tree. Now that you’ve spotted the bulbs that aren’t working, go ahead and get them out of there. Twist the bulbs gently and lure them out by pulling against the strands at the same time. This will get the bulbs out and it’s time to replace them with their replacement. 

Replacing lights could never get easier than doing it in 3 simple steps:

  • Plug it so that the bulb you want to replace is into the holder type of device
  • Click and 
  • Fix with the new bulb

That's what we do with the Light Keeper Pro.

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Testing the bulbs once again

Are they all working?

Once you’ve finally replaced all the bulbs, the next thing that you need to do is test them out to ensure that they’re all working. If there are still some problems with your light bulbs replace the fuse at the end of the light strand and that should do the trick. In order to pull the fuse out you could either use a small screw driver, a strong tooth pick or even a tiny butter knife, or just about anything that you find efficient.

I'm sure you'll enjoy this activity and hope you manage to fix all those problematic lights. Merry Christmas! and I wish you a joyous Christmas season.

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