How to Buy Quality Slap-on Watches

by Regi_B

If all slap-on watches were top-notch, a person could buy just any. This article exists because slap-on watches vary greatly on quality.

The SLAP Watch brand is successful enough to have inspired copycats and some are good quality.

Others are of dubious construction.

I have written this article to help you find a quality slap-on watch you will like -- not only today, but for as long as you desire to wear slap-on watches.

You may find something you like here -- by the makers of SLAP watches, or their quality watch-making competitors.

There Is the SLAP Watch Brand

In 2010, a couple Germans had a dream to capitalize on the silicone watch trend with their own, unique product. What they came up with was a rethinking of the "slap-style" bracelets of the 1990s, combined with a simple, one-color watch face. The faces and bands of SLAP watches come in an array of colors, and the watches are easily detached from the silicone bands.

As a result, what you get is a mixable, matchable line of watches that gives the SLAP Watch enthusiast 1,000s of possible watch combinations from a very simple product.

Typically selling for under $30, the SLAP Watch is a quality product for that price point.

Then, There Is the Copycat Slap-on Watch

With the SLAP Watch being a hit -- especially among teens -- imitators have naturally followed. Indeed, the concept of the SLAP Watch is simple enough that it is easily copied.

Alas, some copycats have brought to market pieces that are less stylish and of a lesser quality when compared to the original SLAP Watch.

And Then, There Is the Quality, True Competitor to SLAP Watch

With the above said about lesser-quality imitators, there are indeed companies giving SLAP true competition, and not "knock-offs".

These include companies like Steiner and RumbaTime -- watch makers who are doing their own take on slap-on watches, and not just imitating.

You could purchase a Steiner or RumbaTime slap-on watch and rest assured you have bought a quality product.

Where to Buy a Quality Slap-on Watch Online

As there are multiple options for slap-on watches, there are certainly multiple avenues you can go down to buy a quality slap-on watch online.

If you want a SLAP brand watch, the most models are available at Amazon. There, you can buy everything from the basic black model SLAP Watch (they call the color "raven"!), to the pink leopard model with "bling".

For quality, competitive brands to SLAP, your best bet is also Amazon. I really like Steiner's digital slap-on style watch look. It offers whimsy and style. RumbaTime's HEX design would be quite appealing, I imagine, to a stylish, classy woman. (I am neither a woman, nor classy -- or so I have been told!)

Updated: 02/28/2012, Regi_B
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