How To Clean Suede Shoes

by optimist

Here's how to clean suede shoes properly...

Suede shoes are popular, but they are notorious for being difficult to clean. The truth is that there are some methods for cleaning them, but they are different from how you'd clean regular shoes. Without much ado, here's how to clean suede shoes:

Get Cleaning Supplies

Suede shoes will require some cleaning supplies. If you've invested in suede shoes, then you should invest in suede shoe cleaning supplies. Yes, many salesmen try to sell you more by suggesting that you buy products to protect your shoes. In some cases these are unnecessary, but in the case of suede shoes it is necessary to buy some cleaning products. At the very least you should get a suede brush, a suede eraser and some protective spray.

Clean Water With Water

If your suede shoes has a water mark, then use water to clean it out. Fill out your shoes with clean white paper. Use a sponge to wipe the shoes with water - wipe both shoes evenly. Now blot away the excess water and allow the shoes to dry. Once dry, they will look a bit darker, but both shoes will look the same.

Brush Away

Use a suede or nail brush to get rid of dirt, scuffiness and dullness. Rub in short strokes in one direction. If the shoe doesn't get shiny enough you can try rubbing in both directions. If it's still not clean, carefully use some sandpaper.

Cleaning Mud

If you've gone and gotten your suede shoes muddy then you'll need to wait for the mud to dry first. Flake away the excess mud with your fingers, and use a suede brush to clean the rest of the dried-on mud.

Get A Suede Eraser

To get rid of stubborn marks and suede, get a suede eraser. You could try using a regular eraser too, but that might not work as well. Rub gently and if that doesn't work, try rubbing a bit harder.

Cleaning Grease and Blood

If you've gotten your suede shoes seriously dirty, you may have to try other things. Consider rubbing both shoes with a damp rug and allow to dry. If the mark is still there, get out your suede brush and suede eraser. If the mark has not gone away, it's the time to invest in a special suede cleaner. However, despite all this you may not be able to get the mark out. Now is a good time to remember to protect your suede shoes in the future!

Protect Your Shoes

Going forward, protect your suede shoes by using suede protection sprays. These will make your shoes waterproof and help keep them clean. Apply these sprays at least four or five times per year.

Updated: 03/19/2012, optimist
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