How To Draw A Demon Clown Face

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Draw a demonic clown face video drawing demonstration. A drawing video that shows you how to draw a Demonic Clown face.

How to draw a demon clown face. Watch the drawing video and get some ideas to draw a Demonic Clown of your own or follow along and try drawing it yourself.

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Draw An Evil Demon Clown Face

How To Draw A Demon Clown Face

How to draw an evil demon Clown face. A clown has always been an image much feared by children with the bright colors and just wacky looks of a Clown with the red nose and Clown wig. The drawing video that I created shows you actually how to draw a Demon Clown Face from start to finish from the pencil sketch to the finished inked version.

Starting off drawing the face we always start out with a rough shape of the head sort of like an oval and then we can begin working on drawing in the eyes and define the shape of the Clown face more through a series of light pencil sketches over laying the original framework of your oval shape. The idea is to try and find a more refined pencil sketch through adding more details as you progress through the sketching process.

Ideally you might want to practice a few rough sketches on another sheet of paper first if you aren't confident at the beginning, often this is the best method of creating a few variations on one idea for your clown face drawing and you may well come up with a better idea when you draw this way.

Once you have the main details drawn in you can add the teeth which you'll see in the video that they are all a sharp kind of tooth that seems to look more demonic, but you can draw the teeth however you like and even the whole Clown face how you want it, this video is here just to give you some ideas and guidance.

Once the whole pencil drawing is complete, you can start to ink the whole drawing with some ink pens, I used a thin fine line gel ink pen for the fine lines and a thicker black Sharpie marker for the darker areas and lines I wanted thicker like around the eyes and the clown make up. Once the drawing is finished and completely inked, you can erase the pencil lines and start to color it and I didn't do that in the video, but I guess we know that a Clown is usually quite colorful with a red nose and a colorful wig and red lips too.

Draw a Demon clown of your own after watching the following video and see what you can come up with and yes I would like to see what you can come up with, if you would like to add a link in the comments that would be cool!

Drawing from your imagination is quite relaxing....

 Also see How To Draw A Scary Clown Face which is sort of a variation on this demon clown drawing, worth taking a look at!

How To Draw A Demonic Clown Face

Demon Clown Face Drawing Video

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Draw Demonic Clown

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DerdriuMarriner on 12/05/2023

The first subheading, Draw An Evil Demon Clown Face How To Draw A Demon Clown Face, alerts us to "bright colors and just wacky looks of a Clown with the red nose and Clown wig."

Is it not possible to demonize that clown with duller, lighter colors that permit that demon to creepy-crawl through, instead of stand out, in a crowd?

Or might the role of the demon clown always be to draw attention and, in essence, give viewers a fighting, warning chance to defend themselves and win?

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