How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Free

by Natasha

This page lists tools and resources that will help you find long tail keywords for free.

What are Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are keywords having a minimum of 3 or more words.  Such keywords are specific and usually have low search volume.  But that does not mean they are not profitable, on the contrary, long tail keywords converts better than generic search terms as the searcher knows what exactly he is looking for and is more likely to convert.  Long tail traffic is targeted traffic and the best pat is that these keywords are easy to rank for as they have zero to low competition.

Where to Find Long Tail Keywords

Google AutoComplete and Google related search are the best source if you are looking for long tail keywords.  You can also take help from Bing and other search engines.  But always prefer google as most people search via Google.  

But wait, don't you think finding long tail keywords of your seed keywords would take a lot of time if you were to do this manually.  Now you can save your precious time, by using the free tools below.

How to Find Long Tail Keywords - Easy & Free

Here's a list of top 3 tools that will help you find long tail keywords easily:


This tool scrapes Google Autocomplete and related searches.  You just have to type in your seed keywords and it will display a list of all the keywords that a searcher searched using your seed keyword.  It also displays a list of top searched terms on the left.  You can access this tool here.

Uber Suggest

Ubersuggest is same as Suggester but more advanced with a lot more customization option.  You have to type your query, select your language and select the source.  The available source options are Web, News, Shopping, Video and Recipies.  It also displays the keyword suggestion in alphabet order and you can easily jump to any alphabet you want.  Check out Ubersuggest.

Keyword Researcher Tool

This is the best tool to find long tail keywords.  It not only scrapes google autocomplete suggestions and related searches but it also pulls the same data from Bing.  It also has many advanced features.  Though this tool is not exactly free, but it does have a free version, which you can download here.  The free version limits finding longtails from letter A-M.  

I would highly suggest that you buy the full version of this tool.  It costs only $40 and it would be your best investment (If you want to make money online).  The tool will actually pay for itself within a month if used right and acted upon.  If you are still doubtful and confused as to how the tool works, read my in depth review of keyword researcher.  Or you can directly buy from here.

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Updated: 02/15/2012, Natasha
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Comments on How to Find Long Tail Keywords for Free

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Jimmie on 02/20/2012

Nice. Bookmarking this for future reference. I appreciate free tools.

teddletonmr on 02/17/2012

Thanks for the info on free tools, finding long tail keywords is a must.

Angel on 02/17/2012

I already love using it. It has so many suggestions that I would never think of. Thanks so much for turning me on to this.

Natasha on 02/17/2012

Thanks so much Angel for buying the software via my link. I am sure you would love the software and it will repay it's cost soon. If you face any problem using it or confused about how to use it, just let me know. Would do my best to help. Take care.

Angel on 02/16/2012

Got the full version of Keyword Researcher Tool. I am off to play around with it. Thanks! I got it through your link too.

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