Keyword Researcher Review

by Natasha

Finding Long Tail Keywords has never been this easy. Read this Keyword Researcher Review to know how to find profitable long tail keywords.

Ask any experienced and successful internet marketer what type of keywords to target and the answer would be "Low competition long tail keywords".  Long tail keywords are not only easy to rank for but they are also high converting.  They are laser targeted traffic.  But how do you find long tail keywords?  The answer is by using Keyword Researcher.

Keyword Researcher is a simple yet effective tool to find long tail keywords on almost any topic or niche.  Infact, you can do a whole lot of other things using this tool.  Here are some of the highlighting features of Keyword Researcher.

(I suggest that you give this tool a try, it has a free version too with some capabilities missing.  But you will get an idea.  Its really good.)

Let's Cut The Chase - Proof of My Success Using This Tool

Keyword Researcher Review

The above traffic numbers are of one of my Valentine's day article.  I would not have written about it if it weren't for Keyword Researcher.  This term came up while I was researching for Valentine  topics to write as I was participating in the Wizzley Valentine's day contest.  

I had typed in the same seed keyword in Google keyword tool as well, but this term did not come up. And when I did an exact search to see how much traffic this term was getting, Google showed a measly figure of 90 exact searches per month.  But as you can clearly see by the above statistics this article amassed thousands of visitors a day and helped me win the contest overwhelmingly.

Infact, this article use to get 100 visitors right from the time it was published, getting 2k views daily one and a half week prior to Valentines day with traffic peaking upto 3200 visitors a day.

This single article has recovered the cost of this software many times.  I would suggest you direct go and check this software out.  If you are still skeptical as to how it works and what are the features, read below.

(Note: The reason I posted the pie chart is to show that majority of the traffic was from and not social media and to prove that Google keyword data cannot be trusted blindly) 

Keyword Researcher in a Glance


  • Find Question keywords and How To keywords easily
  • Pulls related keyword data from both Google and Bing
  • Pulls AutoComplete Keyword Data from Google and Bing
  • Find suitable sub titles and anchor text variations for your articles/websites
  • Generate Ideas


  • None that I can think of except that I have to insert my email id every time I start this software to unlock all the functions.  Not a major trouble though.

Find Question Keywords People Are Searching in Your Niche

Answering questions people have in your niche is one of the best way to establish yourself as an authority in that niche.  Keyword researcher would help you find those keywords easily.  As you can see in the video above, it already has preset functions for question keywords and you can always type in your own query as well.

Find Easy to Rank for "For" Keywords

Personally, I find these "for" keywords very easy to rank for and profitable.  Infact, you will see me using "for" keywords most of the time.  I just type in my seed keyword follwed by for and put a * before my seed keyword or/and after my seed keyword and this tool will show all the long tail keywords that people are searching in that niche.  It also tells you about those keywords which you won't find in Google's own keyword tool.

Some examples of "for" keywords I found using this tool:

Best Board Games for 12 Year Olds

Best Valentines Day Gifts for Her

Best Board Games for 5 Year Olds

The above are just a few examples, I have found many such keywords.

Find "How to" Keywords

I had a pre-conceived notion about "How-to" keywords as I use to consider them almost impossible to rank for and so never pursued them.  But this tool has rekindled my love for them and I have found many keywords which my analysis show are easy to rank for.  Will publish a few "How-to" articles on wizzley and will post the result here.  

Nonetheless, it is pretty cool feature.

Scraping Related Searches From Google and Bing

Keyword Researcher has just released a new update to it's software and now you can scrape related searches based on your seed keyword from Google and Bing.  I am really happy that Bing has been added as an option as related searches from Bing would be less competitive most of the time as internet marketers use Google for finding keywords.

Scrape Google & Bing AutoComplete Keywords

The new version 4 update added the Google and Bing autocomplete functionality to this tool.  Now you can easily find keywords that Google and Bing suggests to users when they search for something in your niche.  Very neat feature.

Find Suitable Titles to Use in Article & Anchor Text Variations

This tool can help you strengthen your on-page Seo by providing you with related titles/subtitles that you can use in your articles.  This page "SEO for Writers" by Lissie is a perfect example.  The title/subtitles used in the mentioned article were found by using keyword researcher tool.

If you do backlinking for your site or article, this tool can help you find anchor text variations so that your link building does not link spammy and unnatural to Google.  

Use Keyword Researcher for Idea Generation

Whenever I am having a writer's block or need topics for article writing I play with this tool.  You will really love this feature.  Just insert the product or niche (Singular & plural forms) region you want to target and year and this tool will come up with ideas for you to consider.  

It also comes loaded with popular preset keyword queries, you just have to double click on them and press run.  

Should I Buy This Tool?

Absolutely.  It would be the best $40 you would have ever spent.  But if you are still unsure, you can always try the free version of the software.  Yes, there is afree version which you can access here.  Though you will get long tail keyword ideas for your seed term only from A-M and not A-Z.  

And if you are ready for investing in this awesome tool, you can buy this software here.  

Updated: 03/01/2012, Natasha
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Comments on Keyword Researcher Review

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Laura45 on 03/18/2012

Thank you for this informative article on this keyword research tool, Keyword Rearcher.

Natasha on 02/16/2012

@Terri - Totally agree with you. Having knowledge about the subject is more important than knowing it's competitiveness. We both kinda follow the same approach except that market research is natural to you and so you don't need any keyword tools.

@Samsons1 - This tool is definitely worth checking. You can always use the free version and then decide.

samsons1 on 02/16/2012

I'm impressed! I learned so much that I feel I had been overlooking. Will check this out immediately and thanks for the good and useful article. The videos are a great addition and easily understood...

TerriRexson on 02/16/2012

Looks like you're doing very well yourself! Yes, I tend to just go for subjects if I like them too. I take the approach that if I'm interested in and knowledgeable about the subject then that's more important than how competitive it is.

Natasha on 02/16/2012

You are truly an inspiration. And I forgot to mnetion, this tool doesn't do any analysis of keyword. It shows all the keywords a searcher has typed. So one has to do their own keyword/market research.

But I normally don't analyze keywords I get from this tool. If I like the topic I write on it anyway.

TerriRexson on 02/16/2012

I've had a lot of success with using 'for' as well, but combined with market research.

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