How To Get Abs For Girls

by ered222

Ab exercises that are targeted towards women. Learn what you should and shouldn't do when working out your abs.

In a recent article I wrote about the most effective ab workout for men. And it only felt right to write an article that talk about how to get abs for girls and women. The reason why I decided to break them into two different articles is because there is a difference between what women want in abs and what men want in abs, which I also talked about in the other article. But basically the main difference between the two is women want abs that are toned and slender, while men like the six-pack and the more ripped look.

Girl With Abs
Girl With Abs
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So it’s important to know that in order to get abs for females it requires you to perform different exercise than their male counter part.  Ab exercises for women involve a less aggressive approach to the exercise, but that doesn’t mean they are less hard to perform.  The ab workouts for women have exercises that target certain areas of the abs, that men’s exercises rarely ever target.  One example is exercises that target “the pouch”, the area in which a lot of women seem to have a problem toning.  This is the area below the belly button, which a women’s body seems to store fat.

The First Step To Learn How To Get Abs For Girls

The first thing that every female should know, and this goes for anyone who is trying to get abs is to implement the right diet.  If you don’t have a good diet that has plenty of vegetables and protein, you will never get the abs you are looking for.  So before you even go looking for exercises to perform, I suggest you learn the right diet to get abs.  A great program that I recommend you check out is Truth About Abs.  If you want the overall best training program that teaches you everything about abs, then you NEED to invest in this product!  Take it from me, it’s much better to read something and learn about it as much as you can, rather than just use trial and error.  You will learn the right diet, as well as the fitness program to lose the fat and to strengthen your abs. 

The Second Thing: Exercise

Once you get the right diet, it’s time to exercise those abs.   The exercises that I’m about to outline give you abs that have that slender look that many women are looking for, but it also will get them toned.  I tried to find the best exercises that target problem areas that women have and ones that work the abs but still maintain a “womanly figure”.

Bicycle Kicks

Bicycle kicks are great for a woman's abs.  There are no weights necessary to start performing this exercise, although you may want to lay on an exercise mat, so your back won’t hurt as you perform them.


These are similar to an exercise called the plank, but this exercise involves you to do a little more.  I like these because they target every area of your abs and once you feel like you can handle it, you can add weights to this exercise by placing them on your back.

Flat Bench Lying Leg Raise

These are the best at targeting your lower abs.  These can be performed on a workout bench or on the ground.  The key is to perform these slowly to get the greatest benefit to your abs.  To get more lower ab exercises check out this, it's another article I wrote, that works both for men and women.

But as I said before, if you want to get the overall best program to train your abdominals, then I highly recommend Truth About Abs.  There’s just so much you can learn about your abs they you may have never noticed before. 

Updated: 09/26/2012, ered222
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katiem2 on 09/27/2012

Thanks for the tips on targeting abs for us girls, much appreciated. :)K

Mira on 09/26/2012

These are really good exercises, but the first and the third are tricky for someone with a weak back. Still, if you tone your back a bit and are warmed up, they're doable.

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