How to Get Kids to Read More

by mysteeqz5

Would you like your children to pick a book and read for pleasure rather than turning on the TV?

What can you do to ensure that your children enjoy reading? How can you motivate your kids to read? Wouldn't it be nice if you child chose to pick up a book instead of a video game or turn on the TV? You need to instill a love of reading early on.

Turn Off the TV, Computer, and Video Games

Children spend so much time in front of screens these days, that they don't feel the need to pick up a book. TV, computers, and video games have taken over their daily lives. They are use to passively sitting in front of a screen and being handed information. They are then challenged, when they have to read for themselves and shy away from reading books for leisure.

You as the parent, should turn off their screens or set limits on them so that they are not spending endless hours in front of the TV.

Make Books Fun

Reading books should be a rewarding experience, especially whenever someone finishes a really good book. It's just not the same when you watch that movie based on the book because you had imagined things were better.

If you want books to be more fun to your children, give them for rewards. Make it a prize to get a book. Give them as gifts. For either educational or leisure reading, books can be fun.

Read Aloud

Make it a routine to read aloud to your children each day. You've probably been reading to your child as a baby, why do you need to stop? Parents often choose to stop reading to their children when they can read for themselves. Continue reading to your children no matter what their ages are and you will foster a great love of books.

You will be able to discuss different stories and their themes. There may be issues that you had not considered discussing with your children until it was addressed in a book.

You get to spend quality time with your children reading as well.

Read More

Read yourself, if your children see you reading and enjoying books, they are sure to follow. A family that enjoys books will only promote a future of literacy. You increase your childrens vocabulary and comprehension, as well as introduce complex themes and issues.

Make it a Routine

Read all the time, read everyday. Make it a part of your routine to read. Read together after dinner or before bed. Find a time to sit around reading together or set aside a reading time for everyone to read silently. Get older siblings to read to younger ones.

This will incorporate books into your lives and ensure that your children pick up books to read for fun as well as for school.

If you need help teaching your kids to read, visit Savvy Homeschool.

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Rose on 01/28/2014

Bedtime stories are a great way to introduce children to books - they associate books with fun and story-telling

mysteeqz5 on 07/24/2012

Yes you can spend quality time snuggling while reading.

Tolovaj on 07/23/2012

I believe we can build good foundation for reading habits in very early age with a kid in a lap. Soothing sound of a parent's voice and cuddling moment are enough for memorable positive experience. If the book is good, even better.
Thanks for the tips!

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