How to get your holiday accommodation for free

by BrendaHart

Ever wonder how you can afford to jet off on holiday without paying for your accommodation? Here's how.

Budget friendly travel

As if you didn’t know, we are in a recession, an economical struggle, a time to cut spending and keep hold of the cash we’ve got. So luxuries like holidays are out of the question for now, right? Wrong. There’s a great way to save money on your vacation, and make the most of your property investment if you are a homeowner in the UK, or anywhere else in the world. Home Swapping is a tradition that has taken place for a long time, but not many people seem to know about it, and it can be hard to understand how you might be able to trust anyone to swap your house with for a week or few.


What is Home Swapping?

The concept of home swapping is fairly simple. Home owners get in contact with another home owner in a different part of the world, and agree that they can stay at each other’s houses at a mutually convenient time. So someone looking for a home exchange UK for a vacation in Brighton or London might be offering the chance to stay at their home in Spain or New York whilst they are on their holiday at your home. The result here is that both parties in the home swap get their holiday accommodation for free, and don’t leave their own homes unattended whilst their away. It’s likely that Home Swapping in London is going to be particularly popular in 2012 due to the Olympics being hosted in the capital city of the UK. Home swapping is a much nicer idea than staying in a hotel or self-catering apartment, because the home swap owners usually live in their homes for most or all of the year, will have decorated their home uniquely and will have home comforts in place such as a good TV, good kitchen appliances and crockery and can also tell you all of the important things you need to know about their local area before you travel.


Safe ways to participate in a house swap

The safest and easiest way to take advantage of the house swapping tradition is to use a professional home swapping agent. Love Home Swap is a website dedicated to matching home swapping home owners to their perfect swapping partners. If you are new to the home swapping concept, then you can sign up as a member and create a profile about you and your home for others to see. You can also search the world for your perfect (free) holiday accommodation and get in contact with the owners to agree a date. Some of them don’t even worry about coming to stay in your home so you could get the home swap completely hassle free! What’s more, a digital contract is signed by both parties to make sure everything is above board and taken care of. With the power of the global internet community, there’s no reason why the home swapping community won’t continue to grow and grow, giving us more and more opportunities for exotic and far reaching budget friendly holidays.

House Swapping Wiki

House swapping is the practice that refers to the swapping of homes on a temporary or more permanent basis. Although its origins stem from low-cost vacation accommodation and are believed to date back to 1953, there has been an increase in ...
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Martha on 05/01/2012

Nice post Brenda. I didn't even know this service existed (I mean, house swapping). It's definitely an alternative to traditional holidays worth exploring. Thanks for the info!

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