How To Kiss with Intoxicating Passion- Tips and Scientific Explanations For REAL, Passionate Kissing

by Jerrico_Usher

Kissing is an expression of love and admiration. You can tell how someone truly feels about you in their kiss. It's more than just lips touching!

When you really enjoy someone so much that just looking at them makes your eyes soft and water up as the emotions of gratitude that they're in your life, the kiss becomes an expression of that emotion.

A kiss is more complex than we'd think, on the surface. A true kiss literally has a spark, but the fire is a chemical reaction blended with an electrical reaction in the brain that lights up your entire body!

In this article I'm going to go over some kissing tips but more so on the behind the scenes happenstances happening in your body when it's done correctly.

You've heard the song "If you wanna know if he loves you so it's in his kiss!" Well prepare to dive into the reason that's not only true, it's magical.

Kissing is more than just a physical act - It Can Take You Into The Future...

(I'll explain this further down after I lead into it)
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Most people think you're supposed to close your eyes the whole time you kiss someone but this is not true, nor a good idea.

Closing and opening the eyes has nothing to do with a rule, it's about rolling with the feelings being generated. Closing the eyes enhances the kinesthetics of a kiss and petting, while opening them can intensify it by reaffirming what you already know but seeing it in motion.

During a passionate kiss, when you open your eyes you tend to see someone in their most vulnerable state, soft, cuddly, and caught a bit off guard (because they are lost in the kiss too and have no insecurities showing, but rather attraction that is intoxicating to look at, and a bit of an ego stroker too!).

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Not so much while your lips are locked (because let's be honest, opening your eyes during a kiss is like watching your partner through a fish eye lens!) but when you pull away... especially when she doesn't want it to end yet (and you should find and use these moments to intensify her lust by pulling away then coming back in).

Your pulling back and opening your eyes will reveal some interesting things. When her eyes open, there is a magic energy between you that makes the world around you disappear.

When times do call for you to close your eyes its usually so you can feel them more on another plane while you experience the endorphin and dopamine rush your brain is flooding your body with.

You open your eyes to make eye contact and intoxicate your partner, then you close them to feel the kiss without interference of visual data. It takes the kiss to a whole other level and in a sense changes gears.

You should switch between them, as your eyes will inevitably become more soft and when she or you open your eyes- this will intensify the passion. Don't you love that look you only see when someone is attracted to you and in the middle of a passionately slow kiss?

There is nothing like seeing that!

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Pupils also get bigger as you feel attraction

One reason you'll see a lot of television shows casting

people whose eyes have naturally larger pupils, they digitally enhance them, or use contacts that make their pupils larger (this happens a lot), is that a bigger pupil is a sign of attraction or someone liking you, respecting you, or thinking good thoughts about you. In short, it can stimulate attraction (for anything including characters on a show).

Smallville is one such show that just about every person on it seems to have large pupils, and it does change how you see them. Large pupils are a subconscious cue.

Why do you think those kitty cats with big eyes (mainly big pupils) are sooo adorable? (remember puss in boots?)

If you have cats watch their pupils size when they are playing and truly engaging in the game or playing with another cat.

They get huge!

The same is true when they anticipate a treat- as is the case when kissing- your anticipating a treat!

What closing the eyes, then opening them, does is not only switch gears back (and a noticeable difference in physical body queues changes the "anticipated" image with a better one. This causes a dopamine release and keeps the kiss interesting and fresh)!

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A kiss makes you feel like your on a higher plane of existence

Love can take you to a dimension that is exclusive and powerful

Nothing else will permeate your mind in this realm. It is, of course all created by the exuberant release of many feel good chemicals as you both enjoy the moment but especially when you have a lot of associations with that person (direct or indirect) that enhance the intensity of your emotions.

Although your not physically going anywhere, your physical body is flooding with chemicals that transport you through stimulation to a realm of peaceful, quiet, and worry free, feelings that make you not want to leave!

It clears your mind of all worry, all thoughts are focused with razor sharp clarity, and the chemicals being released override any stress chemicals in your body temporarily. Love is the epidemy of maximum overdrive!

In fact it is this phenomenon that can make an actual 2 hours of kissing feel like 10 minutes (or 10 minutes feel like 2 hours!- ironically).

It's like you start to kiss and wake up in the future because to you, relatively speaking, time wasn't part of your existence for a bit, but the rest of the world aged several hours!

It's a lot like light speed theory- the faster you move towards the speed of light, the slower time for everyone else moves... Imagine every kiss feeling like "a future together"!

I used to open my eyes as I pulled away and then keep the stare into her eyes as I absorbed the way she stared back, watched where her eyes went and how they glossed over.

All of these things add to the passion of the kiss, and if she keeps looking at your lips then that's a good sign that you're pleasing her and she wants more.

Couple Touching Chins
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Kiss very slow, practically in slow motion, as if you weren't sure what her lips were.

As if you knew the second your lips touched hers you'd have a full body shiver.

You have to take it slow to make it last, but it also acts as a catalyst to turning up the intensity of emotion.

We want what we can't have- even if we stop ourselves from having it!

The temperature on our "want" turns up and becomes, in the mind, a "Need".

"Slow Motion" kissing builds anticipation and slow kissing actually causes a chain reaction of chemicals that make you feel incredible.

The Chemistry Of A Kiss (chemically and Emotionally)

You kiss slowly, then speed it up to build anticipation (time distortion), this starts the anticipation and fortifies her reasons for wanting and soon NEEDING to feel your full on kiss.

When you start slow you build anticipation, then as you rev it up (more passion but with the parking break up), she starts to "expect" the kiss is coming fast. We are, after all, creatures of routine and habit.

So rev it up, make it last a bit, then pull it away fast but without appearing to move away too fast- you want her to "stick" in the motion to the point where she doesn't have time to immediately, emotionally, process what happened. When she catches up she will feel "loss", this is the rubber band of anticipation.

The time between the slow "petting, kissing, tracing, etc..." is supposed to stimulate her in ways she's not used to feeling. Change it up, always try to be unique in how you trace her face, your hands through her hair (in the back from the neck up), don't let her figure out your next move, or rather let her for a second then do something surprising (different not shocking)...

It keeps her guessing where the pleasure petting will come from next, and THAT is what (her guessing) fuels the inertia of emotions spinning...

It builds anticipation, excites her, and stimulates her thirst for newness/stimulation at the same time!

Lead her into the kiss with some sensory teasing

Tell her to close her eyes and using the tip of your tongue trace her lips all the way around.

She will want a full on lip kiss to indulge her craving..

By holding off, and making her wait you start her thinking, wanting, craving that kiss.

The anticipation causes chemicals to release and starts a chain of dopamine releases due to the way the brains reward system works.

When you anticipate something you want and get it, the brain will prepare to reward you (dopamine).

Couple Doing a Tango
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It's the brains way of assuring you keep getting what you want, and don't get what you don't want (the let down if you don't get it is the second part of the "reward" reaction not completing- this literally makes you feel different because your lacking an expected chemical reward).

So if you tease her and don't follow through at some point (or her frustration builds too much and she gives up- causing a reaction as well chemically) your going to literally drive her chemicals crazy and these cause emotional feelings.

On the flip side, if done correctly, you can use the reward system to both your advantage. There is a timing you'll slowly develop and get down as you get to know her, as you practice kissing.

Kissing That Lacks Passion Often Revs up Instantly or Goes Directly Into The Hard Stuff

- And Crashes (ends) Just As Fast!

Kissing without the build up neglects the chemical bliss, thus lacks density of emotion. This isn't to say you can't do it effectively- but most people don't spend the day building up passion, and it robs her of an otherwise passionate kiss.

You can, however, use this "problem" she's likely experienced with every guy she was with before you and (hopefully not) with you as well, to your advantage.

By taking what she "expects" to happen, and changing it, you start a chain reaction emotionally and chemically, that will not only "re-brand" her expectation, but also that will shock her into realizing "You're the one", because you get it!

Kisses normally happen without passion (other than the beginning of a relationship when your chemicals are in high gear already) so it's easy for her to expect it's about to terminate into a kiss- but you don't give it to her just yet.

Passionate Couple Kissing in Subway Car
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Build More Anticipation...

You rev up, make her think it's about to happen, even trace your lips so close that you can feel her breath and she yours, then...

The dramatic pause...

When you pull back then change to kissing her neck or ears or something else, her mind will start to rekindle good memories of you, and she will "fill in the blanks" herself with all the reasons she MUST have that kiss...

Human beings have an incredible capacity for rationalizing and talking themselves into something they want that this very trait becomes the power source for the end result.

She will likely become (to a minimal degree) frustrated, this causes a slow trickle of adrenalin which converts into energy, which is fueled further by emotion caused by her thoughts...

As her frustration (good frustration) climbs her mind will start to race, and she will try to rationalize, especially if she's a dominant type, why she's only going to wait so long before she takes what she wants!

Once you figure out how long you can tease her before giving in, and to build up that emotion, then give it to her.

Start out slow them rev up, this time without the pause or pulling back- it changes the dynamics so she doesn't know what to expect.

The dynamic at play here is that she's slowly enjoying the slow kissing, the teasing is frustrating her, and her energy, chemicals (dopamine, endorphins etc...) and focus starts to sharpen.

If you do it right, by applying both technique and what you know about her likes, she will become more proactive at trying to get that kiss. 

That built up energy and emotion causes everything else she'd normally be thinking about, including the sounds and happenstances in the room your in, her phone ringing, or anything else, to disappear (her focus on you sharpens to a sharp point).

She will simultaneously try to employ some self control as not to drive herself crazy, and in doing this (subconsciously) her emotions build up like a rock in a slingshot.

By the time your ready to give in to her desire for that amazing kiss she's anticipating, she may expect you to pull back and will push forward to stop you this time (take the kiss)- this creates an atomic explosion of lust that, well, is simply out of this world.

The fall out is two very motivated and passionate people kissing full force and well you know what happens next.

We all want what we can't have and basically.. Your using this temporarily to stimulate her!

Now that you know what's happening emotionally and chemically, let's play that scenario again through the lens of "how" to initiate this kiss and some things that happen "in the moment".

You've built up with some slow petting, your hand raising up through the back of her neck pushing through her hair...

She feels the tingle of your light touch then as you grab her hair gently (most women with long hair love this because it's like a massage to an achy muscle- hair gets heavy and pulled all day and can make the follicle area a bit achy).

You kiss the corners of her mouth, rub your cheek gently across hers and let the warm air in your mouth brush over her ear.

Illustration of Embracing Couple
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You nibble the ear-lobe just for a second, that makes her shiver...

You slowly build up the passion through stimulation, extremely slow movements, and return to the lips, but don't touch them. In fact you need to keep your distance for a second so she doesn't sneak forward and take the kiss.

Don't give it to her (even if YOU want it)..

Just come close, if her eyes are open tell her (whisper) to close them. She'll expect a kiss but instead, take the tip of your tongue and trace the outside of her lips (her lips may begin to quiver, this is a good sign).

Stop and watch her eyes slowly come open and smile at her teasingly.

This opens the channel for silent communication that happens mostly in the eyes and face.
Make yourself look valuable to her.

Make her feel like she has to show patience to get what you have for her.

She'll appreciate the work you make her go through (the patience she has to endure) then give her a very gentle tap kiss (just the borders of your lips touch no pressure just a "touch") to tease her again.

The Passion Power Source (one of them)

One of the reasons that this teasing works amazingly well is due to one thing every woman loves in a man being manifested right before her eyes:



Only a confident person would endure (yes you will, yourself have to have A LOT of self control, especially if this is someone your incredibly physically attracted to!) this with such amazing control when she knows you want her.

Illustration of Couple Surrounded by Flowers
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Now after a short pause while her eyes slowly open and she's ready for that kiss, pull away, then put both of your hands on the sides of her cheek and run your fingers up through and past her ears and through her hair (and watch her eyes roll to the back of her head).

Then brush her cheeks with your thumbs and slowly come in for the kiss.. Come in slowly and pause a few times while staring deeply into her eyes- this is important as staring into someones eyes has been scientifically proven to deepen attraction and even causes chemical reactions!

(make sure your hands are clean any time you go to kiss her, you'd be surprised how dirty your hands get and any smell will turn her off!)

If her eyes are closed stop and stare at her closed eyelids until they come open, (she'll feel the stare eventually) then smile and come in slowly, but close your eyes slowly as you come in...

(psychologically this makes her think the kiss is coming full force this time)

Still, gently tap your lips onto hers, then move side to side (again teasing her) then open your lips and taste her top (or bottom) lip and lick it with your tongue... When you do all this make sure your lips are completely relaxed, the softness of your lips is what will ultimately make it feel thexy and passionate!

The more we want a slow thexy passionate kiss, the more our lips relax and become incredibly soft and warm. The blood rushing through your bodies settles in your lips too! Lead into to a real kiss and spend a lot of time playing the lick kiss, taste, game with her.


Side Bar- Be Careful

Change it up a lot, give it variety. Always try to do something new, or at least save a few techniques to use in moderation to excite her with newness. The best technique in kissing, I've learned, is to do this from day one (the changing up of the kissing).

The reason you need to build up to passionate kissing in these cases is, if you all of a sudden start landing all these new and "different" techniques she may wonder if your learning from another woman!

One of the signs of cheating is when something that is often routine (too many people kiss routinely like there's some kind of protocol you can't change!) changes out of nowhere.

Even if your not doing anything wrong, and your trying to rekindle your relationship with passion, she may suspect somethings up- so keep this hub on speed dial to show her if she freaks out on ya!

Most guys kiss a girl in one way and barely change it up, and this causes her to become bored or at the very least to remember the last guy who kissed her this way and could end up associating this kiss to a poor kiss in her past.

I'm no stranger to this phenomenon but I learned that the kiss is truly a powerful thing if done right- if done wrong it could have her subconsciously wondering if you really like her!

I'm not trying to freak you out or say that this is true of everyone, I'm just being thorough- based on my own experiences (with more than one girl I'd dated in the past).

End Side Bar -

Your kiss is also your trademark

You want every kiss she has with you to reek of YOU, so she remembers it.

You ever notice that a girl who can kiss amazingly and passionately (including body language and teasing), can steal all your focus when you think about a kiss?

It's an extreme high to both parties when done correctly!

It's also not solely a physical act- there has to be emotion there for this to work.

You can't hate each other and expect this to save you- if your relationship is in turmoil, timing is everything.

Take her back to where you met, show her she's your queen, pamper her all day, all week even (depending on the intensity of your turmoil)- never just bust out and kiss her like this, it will come off as desperate because she can sense desperation! Remember the part above where I mention that confidence is the power source?

Keep that in mind- it can't be fake confidence. You can pretend you don't want it as much as she does- that's different, but if your desperate to win back her love like before- she'll know...

you have to do things in the right order and you have to put in the work to, well make it work!

It's like that kiss on Spider-man the movie, where she asked peter later to turn upside down and kiss her; she remembered it because of how it felt and the uniqueness of it.

Don't forget that she had a suspicion that it was the guy she liked, and even if she didn't the emotion was there- he saved her life!

Have You Had Enough? Thirsty For More Tips?

So far we've covered the physics/chemistry of kissing, the emotional and logistics of the perfect kiss- Now let's get into some technique.


Do little things to show her your romantic side

Some ideas (things I do):



  • Kiss the corners of her lips after a kiss.
  • Come back and kiss her closed lips in the middle.
  • Then kiss the corners of her mouth by putting your lips on top and bottom of it and nibble kiss with your lips and brush the top surface of the tip of your tongue on it too.


  • Flatten your tongue flush with your bottom lip and when you kiss her lip use your tongue to stimulate the kiss (its warm and textured and she can feel it)
  • Butterfly kisses: Kiss her cheek then sneak your head into a position where your eyelashes will brush across her cheek near her nose and tickle her (she will love it)


  • Kiss and nibble her chin. Its a sensual thing most guys don't do so it feels fresh and exciting, especially if she has a little cleft chin
  • Most women with a cleff chin don't like them and when you kiss her like this she feels better about it because she assumes you think her chin is sexy..
  • Truth is its not ugly, I've known a lot of gorgeous women with cliff chins that look natural, not like john Travolta *smile*)



  • Suck on her tongue (not hard just softly).
  • Take it in your mouth after a French kiss (if she doesn't get the clue tell her to give you her tongue, don't say stick it out, say gimme, and stare into her mouth like you anticipate it (lick your lips!).
  • Then when you get it in your mouth use the surface area of your tongue as its textured to brush slowly up and down the shaft of her tongue.
  • This is amazing for both of you- again something most people don't do!
  • You will notice (try this) that if you rub the top of your tongue its not that sensitive to the touch but the bottom is much more sensitive, this feels both warm and exciting to her ("licking the bottom of her tongue)




  • While kissing do a top gun technique, turn your tongue so the top of yours (surface area) is rubbing across the top of hers. You can even lick the top of hers backwards (like you'd lick a Popsicle only in her mouth.



  • The ears are very sensitive to kisses and warmth, nibble on the earlobes and work up to the top of her ears.
  • Without using your tongue run your top lip across the back of her ear and the bottom lip on the front, then alternate to licking the inside rim of her ear with the tip of your tongue..
  • Work your way back down to her neck.
  • Most women have an erogenous zone between the neck and shoulder closer to the back of her neck, nibble here with your teeth then kiss it rubbing your tongue across the skin just before pulling back (this gets it wet).
  • Then from deep inside your lungs pull hot air and blow ONLY hot air on that spot (she will shiver) then give it a second and blow cold air there, and almost immediately kiss her there again (same as before).
  • The sensation of hot and cold will put a tingle down her spine.



We've covered the art of passionate kissing at some length. I hope you learned a lot, or if you knew most of this I hope this refresher (from another perspective- mine) course helps you to re-ignite the passion.

Often in relationships people start to take their partner for granted- big mistake! The passion in the relationship starts to take a dive when respect, mutual trust, communication, and yes, kissing- start to break down.

Kissing is in a lot of ways a barometer of how you feel about one another (passion, emotionally, communication). The good news is that if your relationship has some passion left it can become a spark to re-ignite what once was through kissing, touching, and overall passion moves.

Kissing is so incredibly personal it beats out even the most passionate (perceptively) parts of a relationship (the physical you know what too!).

Kissing is the eyes of the romantic soul- it sees, feels, and experiences everything and even transmits the current status of your passion.

This is not to say if you don't kiss that there's no passion, but most of the time- it's in the kiss that you can tell how you feel and how they feel!

A kiss is so powerful if done right, and done with passion, confidence, and emotion- it can rekindle, reignite, and even ignite a relationship.


Good Luck, Comments are appreciated!


A Lone Climber Enjoys the View Above the Clouds
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Older Comments... (This article was moved from another of my sites to here, and fully updated march 23, 2012)

(wouldn't want you to miss what people have been saying for 4 years!)


Earth Angel 4 years ago:

GREAT Hub Jerrico!! Thank you for sharing!! Thank you on behalf of all women!! Your Hub was a real treat for the senses!! Blessings always, Earth Angel!!


Alexis Froehlich 4 years ago:

Well done! Time to look for my honey now ;)


prasadjain 4 years ago

Fine, young friend.I was following all these and was successful!


candie33 4 years ago

I love this hub,It's something that men should know .Do it right!


prasadjain 4 years ago

Awesome! Love a good success story!
Candie33: Glad you liked it.. check out the others he wrote they're just as good!


Jerrico Usher Article Author 4 years ago

Earth angel: Thank you! was my pleasure (and my girlfriends hehe)
Alexis: Thank you! yes definitely find him, tell him too to read this hehe  :)


Jerrico Usher Article Author 4 years ago

This article is getting 3,000 hits a day and growing! whoohoo! guess its catching on huh?


Brent's Thoughts 4 years ago

good stuff


Fashionbymarz 4 years ago

Watch out this is how I ended up with 3 kids


Jerrico Usher Article Author 4 years ago

LOL true... very true... Birth control is very important to consider before embarking on this fantastic voyage..


djtphn1 4 years ago

love your new picture, what a scream!


Jerrico Usher Article Author 4 years ago

:) check out the science of passion one too :)

jaymz 4 years ago

Do you believe that kissing well is a trait one is born with or something that one learns.


Jerrico Usher Article Author 4 years ago

I don't believe kissing is so much a skill-set as it is an expression of how you feel about someone. if your born a passionate and expressive person then it's easier to be a good kisser, I think the skill of kissing can be honed but only if your serious about kissing someone because you like them.

The skill is based on you and your partners feelings for one another- in that, it's unique for each person, each relationship. I can show you how to tap into your bliss, and explain what's happening below the surface, but it's up to you to find what feels natural to you and your partner

That's why I say experiment, change it up, try different things. You can learn a lot of interesting techniques in books then apply them to your own way, in your own way- use them as ideas not step by steps- it doesn't work that way!

They can tell if your kissing them and don't like them. I believe someone can learn to kiss passionately without reading book one because kissing is an exercise in passion.

If you kiss bad it may be because you need to learn to "feel" life around you and become passionate about things.

part of a really good kiss is body language so you can fake it if you can manipulate a lot of body language but when you don't like love or adore your partner they will be able to tell because of the lack of energy, passion, or subversiveness to your touch..

Born with it?

Could be but its not about skills its about passion, and expressing it.


Freak 4 years ago

I Think that kissing comes within you and your couple or partner. I think that you are supposed to kiss the way he or she kisses you back and I totally agree don't start a kiss fast !

I once kissed this guy and he started slow and I went fast on it cause I didn't want to get caught by my parents and to me it was a good passionate kiss.

Yeah that was our first kiss and they always say save the best for last and I said I didn't like tongue kiss that much to my homie and it turned out that I was the one that Tongue kissed him by accident!

See he knew that I didn't like french kissing cause he asked me once and I said not really cause once I kissed this guy and he french kissed me and I didn't like it and I was like it depends.

Maybe I didn't like it cause he couldn't work it but I would rather not tongue kiss and he told me " If I do what are you gonna do?"

I told him I guess if I don't do it back quit doing it and if I do do it duh I liked it so keep working it!

So yeah we almost save the best for last but when I tongue kissed him he wanted to tongue kiss me back even though I know that I did it by accident but we stopped then cause this dude was watching out for us and then he kinda screamed to let us know that my dad came for me since I was at a game!

But yeah Kissing comes within you I liked the kiss and so did he we both worked it !


edson 4 years ago

superb !!!!!!!!!!! i like it


naresh.mandula 4 years ago

Great article! I'm going to try this tonight and will report what I think


Oh this is quite nice! I hope the e-zone on the neck works for guys too...I shall have to try that out tonight on my fiance ^_^ Great job sir!


Susan Ng Level 3 Commenter 4 years ago
Kiss very slow... Oh, don't mind me, I'm just taking down notes for my fiance. Haha! :-D Could you also please write a hub about how men like to be kissed? :-)


Jerrico Usher Article Author 4 years ago

I suspect men like to be kissed the same way.. I know I like to be kissed with slow, passion.. the key in any kissing is showing the other person you care, and adore them.. regardless of which gender you are. *smiles* like I said above, I can show you what passion looks like in a story, give you some ideas, but ultimately it's a very personal endeavor.

Knowing how things work and using some ideas to feel out what works for you helps but it's your own way, your relationship brands it really- whats so amazing about passionate kissing is it's always branded between two people in that it's compromise manifest and trademarked by the two styles of being (as in person/personality) merged into one powerful and exotic, mind altering trip :)


Susan Ng Level 3 Commenter 4 years ago

I'm having a light bulb moment... I think you've just led me down the path of enlightenment. Hehe. :-p Seriously though, that was quite insightful and very well said. Thanks. :-)


mamajani 4 years ago

before kiss use CLOSE_UP TOOTH PASTE first HAhahahahaha


mamajani 4 years ago

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MOmmagus 4 years ago

Kiss me, I'm Irish!


asis 4 years ago

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AAH201127 3 years ago


Jerrico Usher Article Author 3 years ago

When you learn how to kiss a woman like this you are on the right road to learning how she feels.

Emotions are the most complex thing for men to master, once you figure out how to kiss your girl with passion you will see how she reacts to this and something clicks telling you how paying attention to her, and actually loving her is what its all about.

The kiss is just the beginning but its a step in the right direction. Men have to learn that women love to be loved not analyzed, kissing passionately is a great step in learning this.

A kiss is like a religion shared between two people but both are the gods and the disciples :)


chintan 3 years ago

this is very good and i like it very much i am making so many videos like this i want you all to joint me this is real love


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IKEARULZ 3 years ago

Hey lol it was very helpful and it got me pretty far (Sexii time lol) so thanks

lifedancer 3 years ago

No formula is perfect for every person.

Touch your own lips, face, neck, etc. so you can tell a lover what's stimulating.

Communication, as you do recognize, is a key component to sex.

If we could communicate to a lover what we want, not in a demanding way, but an effective way, we would get and give better sexual experiences.

Can you imagine how stimulating it might be to say softly while making eye contact, "My lips are longing to have yours brush them softly with yours, all over, again, more..."?

Oh, I have to stop writing... haha!


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My love - he kiss me in the park, under the rain. (quite romantic, hah!) And.. he's so professional!!!!!!!!!!!!! :X I miss him so much!

Oh, and we make "that kiss" for 30 minutes.. I don't know how to say... :)


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Jerrico Usher Article Author 3 weeks ago

Yea, it's one of the most potent erogenous zones ever!


lexy 3 weeks ago

make her want it so bad by making her chase it...kiss he neck,ears chest n the lips last..she ll grab u n u wont believe what can do....


Jerrico Usher  Article Author 3 weeks ago

there is a lot of potency in teasing- they say nobody likes a tease but so long as the tease leads somewhere it is a very potent tool- especially in kissing. Pull back when she starts to get into it- make her want it more!



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Updated: 04/15/2012, Jerrico_Usher
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Jerrico_Usher on 04/04/2012

Thank you again Katie, you keep pumping my ego up haha, I need a bit of levity these days, I'm glad you agree, HP is about as insightful as kindergartender with a head injury... but it IS their loss. My articles are coming alive when I move them here. By that I mean they were stuck in a "newspaper" template and I thought they looked good because of the images I added, but over here, with the wall paper, the paint, the potential?

Wow, I can really breathe new life into them. It goes to show, the words can become supercharged more by the formatting- as I didn't change a word (well maybe a few but just to add to it) from when it was over there and it's 1000x better looking than it was as a hubcap, er I mean hub.

By the way, I'm working on a short story depicting the rise and fall of a kingdom, the rise of a new kingdom, and the fascinating story of the players... oh it's goooood... I think you'll like it. It's tapping into another side of my writing called "fairy tale" writing- but based on actual events :) Look for it tonight!


p.s. I will get to reading some of your work, I'm really curious actually, especially since we both wrote at length on the "ego" and I'm curious to see how much we related and how much you can teach me :) I just want to get my jumpstart to 100 before I get caught up in reading articles (that goes for anywhere, I even halted my addiction to and a few others... I appreciate your reading mine, your comments are inspiring and refreshing!

katiem2 on 04/04/2012

OMG, this is so not adult content, missing the big boat there they are, hmmmmm. Anyway their loss, this is hands down a great article, beautiful content regarding the magic and passion of love and the embodiment of the kiss! You Rock on Jerrico :)

Jerrico_Usher on 04/04/2012

Thanks Katie :)

Can you believe the big HP thought this was adult content? I made sure not to use the sensitive words, regardless of context (that's why "Thexy" is replacing S..exy, and Thextual is replacing, well you know.

katiem2 on 04/04/2012

Great article, I understand the excitement with this article, I have one out there in the online world that does very very well. I affirm and support this amazing testament to the power of a great kiss, which is never singular.

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