How to Make a Candy Bouquet

by cardelean

Looking for a unique gift that is easy to make and given from the heart? Try a candy bouquet, step by step directions are provided.

Creating a Candy Bouquet

Candy bouquets are both easy and fun to make.  They are perfect for a Valentine's Day gift or for any special occasion.  The great thing about candy bouquets are that they can be customized to fit every taste and budget.  Ready to learn?  Let's get started.

Adding the candy to the Vase.
Adding the candy to the Vase.
Cara Ardelean
Adding the tissue paper.
Adding the tissue paper.
Tape the stick to the back of the candy.
Tape the stick to the back of the candy.
Place the candy sticks in a visually appealing manner.
Place the candy sticks in a visually ...
Add any other adornments like ribbon.
Add any other adornments like ribbon.

Steps for Creating Your Candy Bouquet

The first thing that you want to do when creating your bouquet is to think about who the gift is for and what kind of candy you would like to include as well as the container you want to present it in.  The example that I created is for a chocolate lover on Valentine's Day.  I used a large, clear vase and filled it with tasty chocolate treats. 

  1. Fill the bottom of the vase with candy, in this case I used Hershey Kisses.
  2. Next, place tissue paper in the vase like you would if you were filling a gift bag.  You want to hide the sticks from the rest of the candy as well as the floral block that will hold the sticks in place.
  3. Place a green floral block in the center of the vase but tucked inside the tissue paper.
  4. Using bamboo sticks, tape the back of the candy with clear packaging tape to the stick.  Repeat this process with each piece of candy.
  5. Once the candy is secured to the stick, stick the pointed end of the bamboo stick into the floral block and repeat with the additional candy sticks.  Be sure to place them at different heights and angles to make it visually appealing.
  6. Fill in the gaps with another color of tissue paper and any other decorations such as twizzlers candy, ribbon, or fake flowers.
  7. Add a ribbon to the front of the vase to add some extra glitz to the bouquet.

Variations of the Candy Bouquet

There are many ways to adjust this idea to fit the needs of any gift giver.  If you are looking to make something a little smaller, you could use a smaller vase or even a coffee mug.  There are many places that you can find some really unique and beautiful containers to use as your base. 

These can even make great centerpieces at parties.  Imagine throwing a movie themed party and using a popcorn container filled with movie theater style candy like raisinets, dots, sprees and more.  You could even add a package of microwave popcorn to the bouquet.

Create a candy bouquet that fits the event as well as the recipient.  When the special person finds out that you made it, they will feel extra sweet!

Give Candy Bouquets for All Occassions

Since candy bouquets can be personalized so easily, they are the perfect gift to give to a friend who is ill or has just had a baby, a teacher for Teacher Appreciation Day, or a sports themed bouquet for an athlete who has just won a sporting event.  The possibilities are endless and will bring a smile to that special person's face.

Updated: 01/22/2012, cardelean
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katiem2 on 01/22/2012

Awesome, so glad I found your how to make a candy bouquet before Valentines Day, I know several special that will be getting these this year, I love it that I can hand pick their candy favorites. Thanks :) Katie

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