How to Throw a Fairy Tea Party

by cardelean

Tea parties are great fun for kids of all ages. Throwing a fairy tea party not only gives the party a theme but creates a wonderful atmosphere.

Cara Ardelean
Cara Ardelean

Getting Started

The Invitiation

Hosting a tea party of any sort is great fun for everyone.  However there is something special about a Fairy Tea Party that creates a great sense of excitement for your guests.  The invitation is the first exposure that your guests will have for your party so you want to be sure that it creates an air of anticipation.  You can address the envelopes to your guests in a way that give them a clue as to what the party will be.  For example:  Fairy Grace or Fairy Isabella instead of just using the child's name.

You can ask your guest wear fairy wings to the party or this can be part of the table setting and parting gifts that they receive.  Either way you will want it to be authentic as they show off their beautiful wings throughout the event.



Fairy Accessories

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Table Setting

You want this party to have an elegant feel to it.  Make your young guests feel special by setting your table with cloth table cloths and real tea pots, cups with saucers.  If you do not have a complete set of matching tea cups, use different cups.  The individuality of using a different cup for each of your guests is part of the fun.  You can preset the table with the cups or have your guests choose as they come in.

If you decide to have your guests wear their own fairy wings, you can provide them with a fairy wand.  Place a wand at each table setting with a beautiful handwritten name card for each of the places at the table. 

Beautiful Table Setting
Beautiful Table Setting
Cara Ardelean

The Menu


Of course a tea party would not be complete without serving tea.  Keep in mind that many children do not drink tea so find a flavor that they would enjoy.  Flavors such as raspberry or orange would be likely to dazzle the taste buds of your guests.  An alternative to tea could be some punch or other juice drink. 


Your food should be dainty like a petite little fairy.  Finger foods are a perfect selection for your menu.  Here are some suggestions for your party.

  • Cucumber Sandwich Triangles:  Just cut off the crust and spread cream cheese and cucumber slices on the bread.  Serve on platters
  • Fruit Kabobs:  Use long toothpicks or small wooden skewers.  Place three to four pieces of cut up fruit to make fruit kabobs.  Great fruit choices include watermelon, pineapple, cantaloupe or honeydew chunks and strawberries.
  • Scones:  No tea party is complete without scones.  Serve up your scones with a side or jelly or honey to add a sweet taste to this classic.

Fun Activities

Although a tea party is usually just tea and little finger foods, extending it to create a variety of activities can be fun for the children as well.  Including crafts or games at any event that has children will keep them much more entertained and focused.  Here are some activities that you can do during the event.

  • Create a fairy bed.  Creating a fairy bed is both fun and exciting.  There are just a few simple things that you need to provide your new little friend a place to rest her head.  A milkweed pod will serve as the cradle for her bed.  Add a little cotton wood fluff (cotton balls or batting would be a good substitute) for a cushion and use a leaf of lamb's ear to aid as a blanket.  Place the bed outside to attract the fairies to our yard.  You can even provide your fairy with a sparkling gold bell.  This will attract her to your yard since fairies love shiny objects and give her a chance to make music so that she can dance around at her whim.
  • Hunt for fairy gold.  Hide chocolate gold coins around the house or yard and have the kids find them.  Fairies love shiny things so your fairy guests will love searching for them.
  • Read a tea party story.  There are some fantastic books available to read to your guests about tea parties.  You can select one to share with your guests.
Searching for Fairy Gold
Searching for Fairy Gold
Cara Ardelean
Updated: 01/17/2012, cardelean
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Mira on 08/06/2012

Very sweet :). I can see why little girls would love such a party!! :-)

EducationInfo4U on 03/27/2012

This is extremely cute and a great idea!

katiem2 on 02/13/2012

Tea parties are the best, my two daughters have always loved tea, in fact we have a tea setting as our dining room center piece for tea everyday! Its a special moment between Mom and Daughters, one I know we will treasure always and never keep. Love this! :)

cardelean on 01/02/2012

Thanks Jimmie I appreciate your comments. When my daughter was younger we attended a fairy tea party (that's where the pics are from). I hope that next year she wants to do something like this for her birthday party.

Jimmie on 01/02/2012

Any little girl would love a fairy tea party! (I would! And I'm not "little.") I love parties where the guests get to dress up. I can just picture lots of little girls with fairy wings on. Sweet.

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