How to Make a Digital Jigsaw Card

by Jo_Murphy offers a free facility through which you can turn your own artworks into email jigsaw cards. Communicate with family and friends as you challenge them to a jigsaw duel

Gamification has become the rage of the 21st Century. Not without good reason have the makers of 'everything educational' cottoned on to the fact that making a game of communication keeps people engaged. The idea of creating your own email cards has the effect of prolonging the thoughtfulness of giving a card or a gift. It turns the card into a game that the whole family can play.

Turn your precious moments into engaging jigsaws is a site from which you can

  1. turn your precious moments into engaging jigsaws
  2. frequently change the style and cut of the jigsaw
  3. challenge others to timed duels 
  4. create your own gallery/ies
  5. send jigsaw email cards

This means that your whole family (or class) can have a gallery of their own.  This makes for a great way to stay in contact, share photos and engage in fun activities all from the same well organised site.  

To get started

  1. Register on
  2. Go down to the left hand corner and enter your own space for making jigsaws.Enter your zone

3.  From this space you can upload your images.  

your working area



Follow the instructions about size and shape.  

Optimal Size

Photos must be of type .jpg or .gif

For best quality, re-size your photos to be 400 x 300 x 20KB before uploading them. More information...




4. Now you are free to play with the style and cut of your jigsaw.  

5. You will see that you can sign up for as many jigzone buddies as you like (the whole family)

Facilities on Jigzone



Through this mechanism you can challenge others to duels and send the card off in an email. 

You will also be offered other options such as embedding your jigsaw on your blog. (Global Citizens Art

Make Jigsaws from Photos and from Original Artwork

Authentic Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Making Original Gifts For the Family is Thoughtful and Easy To Do

Zazzle provides one way - but - do a local web search and you will find local businesses that will do the work for you too

Now that you have the idea, why not start making personal gifts as a way of communicating with your family?

For example, if you decide to give someone a personally designed Jigsaw for their birthday, why not also upload the image and use the card to communicate with everyone else in the family as a timed challenge?

The possibilities are endless.  Read this article about Zentangle for one suggestion about how to create artwork especially for jigsaws and other gifts.

Zentangle is a form of relaxation and an attractive style of art inspired by the subconscious. If you can doodle when you are on the phone, you can do this style of art.
Paul Signac had a propensity to systematize everything within his arts based practice. That is why he was the ideal artist to be at the forefront of the Pointillist movement.
Dali's work was prophetic. Scientists still struggle to explain the concepts of time that the talented artist valiantly portrayed.
Updated: 02/10/2014, Jo_Murphy
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Jo_Murphy on 02/10/2014

Hi Mira,
Yes in Brisbane Australia we can send off the digital print and it will come back cut. You can do this on Zazzle too? For one of our conferences we had the saint portraits on the front and their sayings on the back. The jigsaw could be done either way.
Zazzle jigsaws can come in a box (expensive) or without a box (not so bad) Jo

Mira on 02/10/2014

Interesting thought. So they print/make the puzzles for you?

Jo_Murphy on 02/10/2014

Hi Violette Rose, Thanks for that. I have to give a presentation about the process tomorrow and I am a bit nervous so all positive feedback welcome, Jo

VioletteRose on 02/10/2014

This is really great, thanks for sharing!

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