How To Put On Makeup

by optimist

Here's how to put on makeup properly - even a beginner can use these secrets to apply makeup properly!

apply powderApplying makeup doesn't have to be difficult or intimidating! These simple steps will have you applying makeup like a pro in no time...

Start with a good base

Before you go ahead with applying makeup, make sure you're taking good care of your skin. Makeup is not a substitute for a good skincare routine - although you can use it to cover imperfections, you should take care of your skin. Drink plenty of water, cleanse and moisturize. This way, you'll have good skin and won't need to wear much "coverage".

Also, go to a professional and get your brows shaped - a professional brow shaping will really open up your eyes and you'll look immaculately groomed even when you're not wearing makeup.

Begin with skin coverage

When you start applying makeup, consider that you're applying makeup in layers. Start with the first layer and work your way up.

First of all, apply concealer to any imperfections like acne or dark circles. Next, apply tinted moisturizer or tinted sunscreen. If you'd like, you can also apply foundation - mineral foundation is a good choice these days.

Follow up with your eye makeup

The next step is to apply makeup to your eyes. Apply eyeshadow, liner and mascara.

It's a good idea to apply three shades of eye shadow - with the darkest shade nearest your lash line, and the lightest shade on your brow bone. The middle shade will be on your eyelid. Remember to blend all the shades together so that they look seamless.

Apply Powder

I love translucent powder - it covers minor imperfections easily, and imparts a healthy glow. Apply with a brush for a light look, or with a sponge for more coverage.

Apply blush

If you wear powder blush, you should apply it after your face powder. Cream blush should be applied before your face powder.

Apply Lipstick

This is the last step, and I like to apply it just before leaving the house so that it stays fresh. You can apply lipstick or lipgloss depending on your preferences.

Some additional makeup tips

You don't have to apply all that makeup every day! On weekdays, I tend to just apply tinted sunscreen, powder, liner and mascara (and chapstick for my lips). However, on weekends and nights when you dress up, you might want to apply eyeshadow and blush as well.

Remember to take care of your makeup and application tools - wash brushes and sponges regularly, and throw out old makeup before they attract bacteria.

Updated: 03/20/2012, optimist
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