How to Ring Bind a Book, Manual, or Handbook | 4 Easy Steps

by squidooprincess2012

See how easy it is to organize your documents by ring binding them in 4 easy steps. All you need is a binding machine; and it takes only 20 minutes or less. Find out more here.

As a kid, I was fascinated with how books are made. I tried to create one -- a book filled with my sketches -- but since I didn’t have the knowledge in bookbinding, I ended up cutting its pages and glueing them on a large notebook.

But had I known about ring binding before, I could have produced many books. So I’d like to give this tutorial so I can show you how easy it is to create a coil- or ring-bound manual or a handbook.

How to Ring Bind Your Documents

Ring binding is a cheap way to make sure that your documents are held in one place. Sure, you can use a fastener, but binding it with a coil or a ring will make it look neat and professional. Plus, ring-bound documents are easier to organize.

As promised, I’m not going to make this tutorial difficult for you. So here we go...

Step 1. Prepare your materials.

First, make sure that you have the sheets that you want to bind. Include a cover for your book, both front and back. Double check these sheets, and make sure that they’re in order and that not one page is missing.

Second, wipe off the dust from the binding machine and make sure that the teeth are not clogged.

Third, have one comb ready. Make sure that the comb is thick enough to hold all the sheets in place, but not too thick and not too loose.

Also, have a pair of scissors handy to cut off excess combs or in case you commit a mistake.

To summarize, here are what you’ll need.

  • binding machine [Don’t have a binding machine? I recommend the C75 Desktop Binding Machine from GBC. It’s not powered by electricity, it’s super easy to use, and it’s cheap.]
  • sheets to be bound, including front and back covers
  • binding comb
  • scissors

Step 2. Choose which side to put the holes in.

You can either punch on the left side or on top. But in choosing which side to punch holes in, consider the following: the ease of reading and flipping, the height of the sheets, and the weight of the book. Try to imagine how you would store the resulting book in a bag or in the closet.

Portrait or Landscape? 

Step 3. Punch the holes.

Some binding machines allow more than 10 pages at a time, but I strongly suggest that you slide in and punch only 3 or 4 sheets of paper at a time. Doing this will not only make sure that the holes are perfectly aligned, but will also make sure that the binding machine will last a long time.

To punch, simply pull down the machine’s lever.

Slide 3 to 4 sheets in.
Slide 3 to 4 sheets in.
Pull down the level to punch holes.
Pull down the level to punch holes.

Step 4: Position the comb, then put the pages in the comb a few at a time.

When all the sheets have holes in them, go through them one last time and make sure that they’re arranged properly. Put the comb in the machine’s clamp; then, pull the lever down to open up the comb. This should show the teeth of the comb.

Next, take a few sheets, stack them up to make sure the holes are not clogged, and then insert the sheets into the comb. Make sure that each hole has a commensurate tooth inserted to it.

Repeat this procedure until all the pages are inserted into the comb. A comb can be too long, but feel free to cut it into the desired size.

Enjoy your new book!

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Put the comb in, then pull the lever to pull out the teeth.
Put the comb in, th...
Insert the sheets.
Insert the sheets.
Enjoy your book!
Enjoy your book!

How to Replace or Take Out a Page of an Already Bound Document

We simply reverse Step 4. Put your document back into the rack, and then pull down the lever to create an opening. Take out the sheets and then pick which of them needs fixing. When done, put the pages back into the comb. Easy and simple, right?

Updated: 03/20/2013, squidooprincess2012
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Rose on 12/18/2013

I print out stuff from the internet that I find useful, and currently the papers are stuffed in a folder. Never thought of binding them into a book though. Food for thought!

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