How To Sketch Concept Artwork

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Sketching concept artwork through the exploration of ideas and drawing creative concepts.

Hellhound Concept Sketch

Prismacolor Concept Color Sketch
Concept Sketching
Concept Sketching

Sketching Ideas And Concepts

How To Draw Concept Artwork

Drawing concept artwork relies heavily on the artist and their knowledge of art techniques but also the artists preferred medium for creating artwork ideas also plays a huge part in these drawing concepts as the artist may create many ideas faster this way. So how do you create concept art?

Well the ideas are in your mind and artists have a way of trying to tap into their imagination more than looking at other artists work, but studying and viewing other artists work is a massive help with coming up with ideas to draw and create.

The videos on this page should help you to try and come up with ways to try and sketch up a concept idea or two and there'll be more art videos on the way.

Drawing And Painting Concepts Books

Draw Imaginative Ideas
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The Creation Of A World Of Warcraft Inspired Piece Of Fan Art

The Idea And Creation Process Of A Concept

When finding ideas for your concept art you need only look at existing stuff to inspire you to draw and that's what I did with this piece below which you can buy as a poster or any other product over at Zazzle. I was looking for inspiration to draw something from The World Of Warcraft and I found an elf warrior painting that gave me some motivation to have a go at drawing something like this and coloring it in.

I was going to do a painting myself, but decided on coloring in with some easy to use Crayola Twistables as a guide for a painting at a future date.

Fantasy Art Efl Warrior Poster

Crayola Twistable Colored Fantasy Poster

Exploring An Idea First With Sketching

Here Is A Drawing Video Of Me Sketching A Skeleton Warrior Idea Concept

When I first started this art video I wasn't sure what I was going to try and sketch, but like most ideas they come whilst drawing and actually getting on with it. And so the idea of a Skeleton Warrior concept came about in the real time nature of this drawing video as I explored the possibilities of what I could try and draw.

If I can relay one good tip about coming up with visual concepts that could be classed as an expert tip is to sketch a lot and try and come up with many different ideas as you go about your daily artwork creations. Naturally one idea springboards to the next and before you know it you have more ideas than you can handle and will have to shelve some for a later date and time.

Watch the video and have a go at drawing something, anything and see it appear on the page and see what else you can find with the first drawing that you do.

Sketching An Idea First

Sketching A Concept Idea

Start To Draw Household Objects And Then Use Your Imagination

Draw And Develop Ideas Based On Household Objects

Whilst sat in my temporary office I thought I would start to draw my desk lamp and then change direction and create something totally concept driven and something that also relates and resembles the lamp but looks something more futuristic like a robot arm gun type machine.

Drawing stuff this way can create exciting things out of the most dull of household objects and the way certain things look can really help the concept design process and like different sketches can ignite some cool ideas so can looking and imaginaning household objects as 20 foot Robots or fire breathing Dragons.

Watch the art video and see and feel inspired to draw something extraordinary out of the ordinairy!

Objects In And Around The Home Are A Source Of Inspiration

See Something To Draw At Home
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Sketching Concept Artwork

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