How to Troubleshoot and Fix Your Charbroil Grill

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Before you throw out your Charbroil grill, follow these easy steps to find out what's broken and order the right gas grill parts to get your grill back in shape for years to come.

Is your Charbroil grill malfunctioning? Rather than throw out your grill and spend hundreds to replace it, follow these steps to determine what's wrong and buy the necessary replacement grill parts. Charbroil grills can easily last years with proper maintenance and most problems are easy to fix. You'll save a substantial amount of money by replacing parts and you'll extend the life of your grill!

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Is it the Electronic Ignition?

Charbroil grills use an electronic ignition to light your grill with the push of a button. If you find your grill isn't lighting or won't light consistently, there's probably something wrong with the ignition. Follow these steps to troubleshoot the ignition. If you find the ignition is bad, you'll need to buy a new ignition kit.

Note: This image shows the electrode you'll be looking for.

Charbroil Grill Parts - Electrode
Charbroil Grill Parts - Electrode
BBQ Grill Parts USA

1. Check that there's enough propane in your tank and the regulator is attached. Now, light your grill with a match and then turn it off.
2. Look at the ignition unit and push the button while your check the tip of the electrode.
3. If there's a blue flame, ensure the electrode tip is only 1/4" from the burner port. You may need to clean the electrode with a bit of alcohol, too. If there is no flame, you need to order replacement grill parts.
4. If there is a flame, take out the battery and the button. Look for rust and use WD-40 to remove it. Put the battery and the button back in and try to light your grill again. If this still doesn't solve the problem, your ignitor is definitely bad. Check out the selection of ignitor kits and parts here to find what you need.

Is it the Regulator or Hose?

If your grill won't light and you hear no gas flow, there may be a problem with the regulator or the hose. Follow these troubleshooting steps to see if this is the problem.
1. Make sure there's enough propane in the tank.
2. Make sure the hose between the tank and grill is attached properly.
3. To see if there's a clog somewhere in the line, turn off the gas and tap the burner. Now, shake the regulator hose very lightly to see if you can dislodge a clog. You can also use a stainless steel skewer to gently poke the holes around the burner to get rid of build-up.
4. Unscrew the regulator and hose from the tank and grill and look in the ends. You can use a can of compressed air to help.
5. If you can't get out a clog, you'll need to replace the regulator assembly. Don't bother trying to unclog the old one, as it's just not worth the time. These grill parts are very affordable (often less than $25) and install rather quick.

Is it the Burners?

If you're getting uneven heat or your grill isn't heating up properly, the problem may be the burners. Charbroil grills have between 2 and 4 burners that provide the actual heat source for your grill. Burners can easily clog or rust from food drippings so they will need to be replaced every couple of years. If your burners are just clogged, you'll see spots that don't have a flame. Fortunately, many Charbroil grill parts, particularly burners, are universal so they'll fix many models. This makes it easy to find the replacement grill parts you need and swap it out.

Is it the Venturi Tubes?

Do you have a flame that's located behind the control panel of your grill or underneath the grill itself? Your venturi tubes may be blocked or just misaligned. Make sure your grill is cool and turned off and then check that the hoses and lines are fitted together right and not melted or cracked. If they are, you'll need to replace them. Clogged venturi tubes are actually very common with Charbroil grills. They may become clogged with spider webs or just food particles and drippings. If your venturi tubes are clogged, it's often easier to buy these replacement Charbroil grill parts rather than fixing them because it would require complete dis-assembly of your grill. Venturi tubes are not very expensive and switch out pretty easily.

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