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Now you can make fizzy drinks right at home using the SodaStream range of products. Take a look...

Do you enjoy fizzy drinks? Why buy them when you can make a whole lot at home using tap water, some cordial and a carbonator – All available from Soda Stream (Except of course the tap water which you can just take out of your… tap! :-) )

So you probably have one of those coffee makers on your counter to get lovely hot drinks throughout the day, right? Well, imagine alongside it another similar style machine that makes cool refreshing drinks throughout the day as well.

Whatever you feel like, there will be a nice lovely tasting drink available to you and the family in minutes, whether hot or cold.

How does SodaStream Work?

Soda Stream has been around for a very long time, My hubby can remember loving it as a child with the machine making its characteristic ‘Whosh’ sound as it carbonated the water. 

All you do is fill up the re-useable carbonating bottle with tap water, screw it into the machine fitting.   At this point, the CO2 carbonator which is situated within the soda maker adds carbonation (in other words, fizz) when you press the button - The level of fizz is up to you.  There is no longer any need to buy sparkling water  or seltzer from the store. Make you own whenever you like.

Very simple.

Did I mention SodaStream does not require electricity or batteries!  Oh so Green!

SodaStream (Soda-Club) USA

Soda Maker

There are so many of the Soda Makers available so the rest of this blurb is going to cover all of them and another blurb will talk about the other things you will need to get the greatest fizzy drinks.

Fountain Jet

The Fountain Jet from SodaStream comes in three colors - White, black/silver and red.

As you can see from the image, these would sit easily on your kitchen counter top and look pretty stylish too.

The Fountain Jet Seltzer Starter Kit contains everything you would use to make sparkling water at home.  The fountain Jet Soda Maker, a 60 litre carbonator, a reuseable carbonating bottle and a variety pack of 6 different flavors SodaMix.

You can also get the Fountain Jet Soda Starter Kit which in addition to all of the above also has 3 sodamix flavors of your choice.  Each of these SodaMix bottles make 12 litres of soda, making it very cost-effective.

 This is another available option - The Fountain Jet Value Kit icon from Soda Stream. Just click on the image to get more detail though this one contains 8 Soda Mixes


Did you know that 60 million plastic bottles are disposed of in landfills all around the USA DAILY?! 

Genesis Soda Maker

The Genesis Home Soda maker is available in two colors - Black and Red.

Did you know that a regular non- SodaStream User would get through about 1500 aluminium cans and/or a great number of plastic bottles whereas a SodaStream user would only get through a couple of plastic reusable bottles. Again, so green!

The Genesis can be obtained in the Genesis Soda Starter KiticonGenesis Soda Value Kit, Genesis Seltzer Starter Kit and  Genesis Seltzer Starter Kit. Each of these kits come with varying quantities of the carbonators, the carbonating bottles and the sodamix so you can get to making soda as soon as your parcel arrives.

Pure Soda Maker

The Pure Soda Maker is available in White and Black/Silver.

The Pure Soda Maker also comes in a variety of Pure Packs.

It is a really lovely classic design.

Fizz Machines

I love this Fizz Soda Maker best as it comes in a great range of colors including PINK!!  I am such a pink lover and at the time of writing, if you buy the limited Pink edition, SodaStream will donate 5% of the purchase to the Susan G.Komen for the Cure.

It also comes in Red, Green, Blue and Black. 

The Fizz will tell you if you are running out of Gas (CO2) and also tells you the carbonation level of your drinks.

The Fizz Machines also arrive in various kits and are ready to go as soon as you get it delivered from SodaStream.

Every second, 1500 plastic bottles of water are consumed in the US!

SodaStream USA No Batteries Banner 2

Crystal Machines

This is one of the final two machines created by SodaStream to enhance your soda experience.  The Crystal Machines come with a dishwasher friendly carafe which is made of cut-glass.  This means you can transport your drinks to the table whenever you like.

The Crystal Machines come in a variety of packs to help you get started immediately.

See how SodaStream Soda Maker Works

Penguin Soda-Maker Machine

The Penguin Machine is the final one in the set.  It looks just like a penguin in an elegant kind of way.

As can be seen, it has a few carafes for easy portability of your drinks.

The carafes are made of glass like the crystal machines so they can be washed in the dishwasher easily.

Just click on the Penguin Machine Soda Maker Image to get more information and obtain one for yourself.

These Soda Makers are made with class in mind.  They are stylish and the fact that you do not need any electricity or batteries to run them is pretty great in these times of watching our carbon footprints.

SodaStream allows soda to be made from tap water, therefore saving all the stats listed in the grey boxes above.

These are a great gadgets to add to any kitchen.

Enjoy your Soda Makers from SodaStream!

For more Information on SodaStream

Updated: 03/17/2012, MuminBusiness
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