Improve Your Gas Mileage

by iggy

New Gauges to improve gas mileage and some other tips, Learn ways to save money.

The price of gas has come down considerably yet still remains high. Finding ways to improve your gas mileage and save on gas will help you to get by or have extra money at the end of the month. Here is a new gauge in cars that I feel should be standard in all cars, plus some tips On how to improve your gas mileage. Sometimes you see new ways to save money and think I could do that, I do this and then procrastinate. The time to start doing what we have to is now, saving money is just like earning more.

I drove my friend’s new car the other day and it had a feature I really liked, this was a miles per gallon gauge that told what the rate of gas consumption was at you present speed. What I liked about this was I learned you can ease off the gas pedal a little and still maintain the same speed, by doing this you are able to improve your gas mileage considerably. I do not know how long this has been a feature in cars but this is the first one I have seen. This is a very useful gauge and should be standard in all vehicles.

New Gauges

by author
by author

The gauge on the left shows the car at idle, you are not moving so there is no mileage to report. This is just wasting gas so never let your car sit an idle for any length of time.  The gauge at right shows the car traveling at over 40 miles per gallon at 47 mile an hour. Before taking the picture I was getting 32 miles per gallon, I let off the pedal slightly and improved my mileage without slowing the vehicle down any. This can add up to a significant savings after a period of time.

Standard Equipment To Save Gas

If all cars had this as standard equipment I feel there would be a huge savings at the fuel pump. Many times people drive and burn more gas then needed, this would be a good tool to learn to drive and save on fuel. By letting off the gas pedal slightly you can maintain the same speed and save on gas, this gauge shows you how it is done. You can also see what speed to travel for the best fuel savings

Tips To Improve You Gas Mileage

My gas bill is almost as large as my food bill monthly, I have to find ways to save or I will not be able to pay it. Maybe you are in the same situation or are just looking for a way to reduce your monthly bills. Either way, here are some tips to help save on gas.

  • Make sure your tires are properly inflated to the recommended air pressure and all four are the same pressure. This saves on gas and will also improve the life of the tires.
  • Stay on top of scheduled maintenance and get your car tuned up when it is time, or every six months to a year. 
  • Run a fuel cleaner or stabilizer through you car every six months, this cleans out your engine and helps it to work the way it was designed to. This will improve your gas mileage.
  • Consider add on's like a gas mileage chip or a turbo fan for your vehicle, these help to improve your cars performance and may also give you a little more power and torque to go with the better gas mileage.

 Research your particular car make and model to see if it has any tricks or tips to improve it's mileage. I use coupons at the store to save on food costs like most people do, why not try to save on my fuel cost as well, anyone can do it and we can all benefit from it. 

Mother Earth

Are you earth conscious, do you recycle and do other things to help the planet? If so saving on your fuel costs also helps the environment we live in and the earth itself. Better gas mileage will mean less harmful emissions released into the atmosphere, saving on fuel mean less will be used and taken from the planet. The way the fuel is removed from the planet is harmful to it, there is no good way to remove it or refine it without damaging the earth more. Finding ways to improve your gas mileage will help the planet. I consider this something else I do to help the planet.

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iggy on 05/21/2023

I have not noticed any difference between a full tank and a quater tank.

DerdriuMarriner on 05/09/2022

Some internet sources describe gas mileage as improving when the tank is filled only when it's one-quarter full. Other sources designate gas mileage as best if the tank is filled when it's half full.

What is your experience -- in terms of gas mileage and motor health -- as to how low you let the gas tank fall before filling it?

iggy on 03/08/2017

You would be surprised how much gas you will save by changing driving habits.

DerdriuMarriner on 03/08/2017

iggy, The miles per gallon gauge is definitely a helper and a keeper. Thank you for the improved gas mileage tips, particularly the explanation about easing off the pedal and installing a turbo fan.

iggy on 05/23/2015

There are many ways to save. Thank you

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