Industrial Hard Hat Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A hard hat is required in most construction related industries. Hard hats offer head protection for the wearer and the five best hardhats are compared and reviewed.

A hard hat is a great item of personal safety work wear, designed to protect the head from falling objects and potential serious injury or worse. Similar to safety goggles, they're a common sight in and around the construction industry and offer a high level of protection from dangers that may be unforeseen.

There are a variety of makes and models, not to mention colors. Black, white, camouflage - they're even available in pink. You can also purchase them for children, and in a myriad of materials - though the more common material now used is high density polyethylene.

More often than not, they're a standard style - high, peaked front with a space between the hat's inner suspension and the top of the head. This acts as a shock absorber in the event that something impacts against the hat. The five best hard hats are featured below.

MSA Safety Works 818068 Hard Hat

This is the best MSA yellow hard hat, as well as the best selling. It's a standard suspension model, complies with ANSI Z89.1 1997 Class E & G standards and is manufactured from polyethylene. The hardhat will fit a size range from 6 1/2 up to an 8. The hat itself feels solid yet lightweight and once you've adjusted the suspension to the correct fit, it feels comfortable.

It doesn't move around or feel as though it will dislodged too easy and, generally, you can get on with the task in hand without worry of losing your hat. There is some assembly required - you will need to attach the suspension/straps, but instructions are supplied. Overall, it's a quality full brim hard hat, fit for purpose and selling at a price that's so low they're almost being given away.

MSA Safety Works 818068 Hard Hat, Yellow

V-Gard, Yellow, Standard Suspension Slotted Protective Hard Hat, Made Of A Durable Polyethylene Shell & A Staz-On Suspension System That Adjusts Snugly For A Perfect Fit, ...

$14.52  $7.15

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Pyramex Full Brim Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat

This is the best selling full brim hard hat and it's manufactured from high density polyethylene (HDPE). The full brim does a good job of preventing rain from making outdoor work more unpleasant than is necessary and the brow band is padded for added comfort.

It adjusts easily enough and also does a great job from keeping the sun off your face and neck - though if you're used to working in a hot environment, the hat is available in white, which is the better option. Beyond that it's a low profile design but still does a top job of protecting your head from falling debris and overall it's a robust hardhat that's highly recommended.

Pyramex Red Full Brim Style 4 Point Ratchet Suspension Hard Hat

Shell constructed from High Density Polyethylene. Rain trough on sides and back of helmet channel moisture away. Soft brow pad is replaceable and washable. Low profile design. ...

$14.0  $8.75

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MSA Tan Skullgard Hard Hat with Staz-On Suspension and Full Brim 454664

This is the best of the MSA hard hats and a hugely popular selling safety helmet. It meets with the Type 1 Class G safety standards - therefore it's not only compliant with top impact guidelines, it's perfect for low voltage electrical hazard environments. It's extremely robust - and will stand up to daily use in any industry that's classed as being heavy duty.

It has a full brim, the sweat-band is CushionAire and designed for superior comfort, and the staz-on suspension is easy to adjust and gives a good fit. The manufacture is a heavy duty fiber glass form, and it's also available in both white and natural. Absolutely perfect in any extreme construction industry and illustrates how well made industrial hard hats. Built to an exceptional standard - worth every cent and five star rated.

AO Safety 91277 Real Fire Hard Hat

This one is the best custom style hard hat. The helmet graphics are awesome - this one makes you stand out by a long mile. And - despite its extremely vibrant exterior, underneath the flames is an industrial standard safety hat. It meets with ANSI Class C, E, and , which gives a lot of scope for the environment within which is can be worn.

The ratchet strap is a breeze and of course the suspension is an expected standard. Adjusting it to fit correctly makes it feel secure yet comfortable and it's solid in its manufacture. Overall, this hat will work just as hard at protecting you as you work in your chosen industry. An awesome looking helmet, a real looker and well worth the fact that the graphics add to the price tag. Be safe and different - and buy this unique hardhat.

AO Safety/3M Tekk 91277 Real Fire Vented Hard Hat

3M Tekk Protection Hard Hat with Ratchet Adjustment Real Fire - This Real Fire Hard Hat features a durable dual shell design with a radical flame style that grabs attention. ...

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This is another example of the top buy hard hats. The camouflage design is not so much striking as it's stylish, and the hat itself meets ANSI standards and classes C, G and D. It's the suspension standard type - a fully adjustable ratchet strap set, the brow is cushioned and it's height adjustable. It's simple task to fit the hat correctly and comfortable to wear whilst you're working.

The head-band is vented - which does help keep you cooler overall, and the manufcature is high density polyethylene with a finish that adds UV protection. A very durable hard hat, unique design, fully compliant and safe - and currently on offer at an unmissable price.

AO Safety/3M Tekk 46146 Realtree Pro Hatchet Hard Hat, Camoflauge

High density, polyethylene shell. Real tree camo pattern. 4 point ratchet suspension. Cushion brow and height adjustment. Vented headband. Meets ANSI Z89.1 1997 Type 1, Class ...

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