Inverter Welders - A Review Of The Innovative Technology

by Jerrico_Usher

Inverter Welders innovative technologies save money and allow you to weld even when the only available power is "dirty power" - An on-site generator...

The actual process of operating a welder is dependent directly upon accessing the proper electrical source. Welders are commonly classified by their compatible electrical source. There are two basic electrical sources available: "Constant current" and "Constant Voltage"

Welding systems that manipulate their voltage output to assert a current that is even and constant are operated through a constant current electrical source.

On the other hand, those systems that rely on an unvarying voltage by controlling its current output, relies on a constant voltage electrical source to properly operate.

The inverter welder is able to manipulate and thus operate off either type of source due to the innovative technology that has been applied to the system.


Inverter Welder Technology Is Unique

Detailed Overview

The inverter welder is composed of an intricate labyrinth of circuitry that allows it to take AC power and convert it to DC power. It further converts or inverts the DC power to a transformer where the power will "rest" and is drawn from as well as being replenished as you use it.

Inverter Welder Resources

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The welder is then able to appropriate the necessary source (voltage or current) to the machine so welding can then continue.

This high- tech power supply switch and manipulation can be controlled in a 'real time' situation because this bad boy also has an on-board computer and software! 

This advancement in welding technology has led to an overall increase in efficiency and extreme control over various welding situations as well as electrical sources.

The combination afforded by this machine is also a great money saving option. Without this technology, operators would be forced to purchase separate welders to do various jobs in various places.

Many jobs are in areas that require the use of what is referred to as 'dirty power'.

This is usually on-site somewhere where a generator is used to provide the power.

Generators tend to fluctuate the power so this can cause problems in welding consistency where a consistent power and current is required.

This can cause "dirty" welds.

The inverter welder, however, is designed to resolve this and various other situations providing the operator with a clean, quality welding job and preventing excessive time spend struggling with a welder that cannot perform under these circumstances.

Companies and individuals that are searching for a welder that offers flexibility in welds based on the multitude of situations presented to them should consider the inverter welder as a cost effective choice.

It can save money up front by preventing the need to purchase several/various machines and save money in the long run by eliminating extra time spent trying to deal with the unavoidable situations that cause one to struggle with various welding jobs.

Inverter welders differ from most welders in several ways. We've already discussed how it can handle "dirty power" put out by any generator (big or small), and we talked about how it can use both main types of power and can convert it using an on-board microcomputer to detect and precisely give you the power and current/consistency you need. 


Beneficial For Home Hobby Welders

Or Small Businesses That Do On-Site Welding

One of the more home based use benefits is that it, unlike most other welder types, doesn't require a 220 power supply. The welding still need a massive amount of power, more than is available through a standard plug, but there in-lies the beauty. 

The inverter welder is also a power stepper. It steps power in up by a pretty decent amount. What this means is that not only do you not have to use as much power but still get a lot of power out, but you can plug it into any standard socket and it will always work. 

The bulk of inverter type welders are portable and can pack into a welder suitcase (that may come with it). These welders are powerful for their size (based on a pound per amp measurement), convenient, efficient, and handle the jobs of most other welder types (i.e. plasma, tig, mig etc...) but are dramatically smaller and more portable than its predecessors.

These units can be carried around like a slightly heavier suitcase which is a nice change from having to wheel around a heavy rigid welder. The welder being smaller also helps you to get into smaller spaces where a conventional welder won't fit or go.

 By comparison conventional welders are very simply designed internally and can be made very cost effectively. It also means there are less internal circuitry than a portable unit. In some ways the conventional welder is a better bet but the inverter welder is overall a better unit to have. 

You pay a bit more per amp for the portability and the unit being portable is more susceptible to damage (falling off the counter?), but these units are pretty durable and designed to last.

Many businesses and individuals that have conventional and bulky welders are starting to add this to their tool kit because it allows more versatility- especially for companies with on the job site services that may take them far from the office, and lugging around that beast of a welder is not very fun.

Thank you for reading! Comments are always welcome.

Great Resources For Inverter welding Techniques

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