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A jamb saw is used to undercut door casings when installing flooring. The five best undercut saws reviewed and compared.

A jamb saw is one of a type of power or hands saws - they're a specialist tool and used for undercutting the casings on doors, before the install of flooring takes place. They're intended to reduce labor - instead of removing the casing, fitting the hardwood flooring and then cutting and re-fitting the door - the jamb cutter can be used whilst the casing is still in place.

They're available in two types - either a circular power type saw (don't think along the lines of a circular saw though) or a hand held that uses a flat saw blade with the teeth being limited to the front edge. Of the two, the flat bladed variety gives the better finish - the power type is preferred due to its ability to speed up the process.

The five best undercut saws are featured below. They're all well rated, offer great value for money and are popular with other professionals and home improvement enthusiasts.

Factory-Reconditioned Bosch 1640VS-46 Finecut 3.5 Amp Power Handsaw

This is the best all-round jamb saw and probably all the home improvement enthusiast will ever need. It takes the 'work out' of hard work and it's pretty capable when it comes to getting right into the corners.

It's a reconditioned unit, hence the reason it's so cheap but don't let that put you off. They work fine, nothing shabby about them and all the parts are as the advertising describes - reconditioned. Its ability to flush cut is impressive and you can take advantage of the 2,000 to 2,800 variable speed button. Easy blade change, feels nice and substantial when you're working with it and everything about it's durable. Great saw - great price tag.

Factory-Reconditioned Bosch 1640VS-46 Finecut 3.5 Amp Power Handsaw

This is a factory reconditioned product. Reconditioned generally means that the product has been returned to the manufacturer, who brings the product back to like new condition....


Roberts 17076 10-46 6-Inch Jamb Saw with Case

This jamb saw has a lot of features - it can cut up to 1/2" thick into corners and under-cut doors up to 1 1/4" thick. When used I found that the power works in your favor, rather than against. It handles precision work well, with none of the damage.

The cutting depth is easy to adjust, the power is kicks out is more than enough to get some great results and in all - it did an awesome job. The D handle gives a good, steady grip, it's compact and fairly lightweight - remember hand and power tools always seem to feel heavier the lower to the ground you're working - and the carry case is rugged and good quality. I'd put this one up to industry standard - great for professionals in the flooring trade.

Dovetail Jamb & Reversible Flush Cut Saw, 10"

If you just need a saw to undercut door jambs now and then - like you're a DIY'er, then this one will do. It's a steal in terms of price and about all you want to be spending if you're remodeling one room, maybe two. Manufactured by Irwin, it's pretty good on quality - robust steel blade, solid comfortable handle.

Reversible if you need it to be - just flip the blade if you're a leftie - and does a neat job when undercutting. As with anything manual you're going to have to make all the effort but with a bit of patience and carefully applied brute strength you'll find it delivers nice results. Cheap enough, decent quality and about as cheap as it gets with a manual jamb saw.

Dovetail Jamb & Reversible Flush Cut Saw, 10"

Wide-Body blade (50mm). Reversible Flush-Cut blade. Spring-loaded pin enables the blade to reverse for left or right cutting. Ergonomic 'ProTouch' handle.

$11.99  $9.50

Crain 812H Super Saw 13 Amp Undercut Saw with Wood and Masonry Blades

This is a Crain jamb saw and about as good as it gets if you've got the money and you're in the trade. It's fully adjustable, great over a fair range of door sizes and allows you to undercut doors with amazing speed and accuracy.

It delivers a clean cut time and again and there's a 6 1/2" blade for getting into the tighter spots. It's especially good is you spend your working day laying floor tiles - you can use it to cut the tiles as well as undercut any time there's a need to trim the door off. Comes with a standard blade and one for cutting masonry, a solid case and it's the type of saw built for the pros - heavy duty, powerful and durable.

Crain 812H Super Saw 13 Amp Undercut Saw with Wood and Masonry Blades

Saw is sold in kit form only, complete with carrying case. Has a powerful 13 amp. motor. Features: 6-1/2 inch diameter flush-cutting blade; Blade height adjustable from flush cu...

Only $549.0

Shark Corp. 10-2440 Fine Cut Saw

This is one of those door jamb saws that's surprisingly good at a range of other tasks. It's more of as general purpose fine cut saw than anything else but it's versatility makes it useful for a range of tasks. It's sturdy enough despite what the picture makes it look like to do a decent job when it comes to undercutting.

The teeth are diamond cut and the edge is certainly good enough to deliver extremely accurate cuts - whether you're working on doors and casings. cutting through 2 by 4 or any kind of general wood renovation work. The blade is incredibly keen - it's a Japanese backsaw so don't underestimate how sharp and lethal the blade is. The right technique will have you sat back in awe at how well it performs - and all for less than 20 bucks. Recommended,

Shark Corp 10-2440 Fine Cut Saw

9-1/2" 9 Point (Rip) & 17 Point (Crosscut), Double Bladed.30" &.28" Kerf Carbon Steel Blades Japanese Backsaw Three Cutting Edges Per Tooth, Rips & Cross Cuts High Impact ABS Pl...

Only $31.8
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