Personalized Cards and Postage for the Jewish New Year

by wrapitup4me

Share the joy of the Jewish New Year with old-fashioned cards sent through the regular post. Don't settle for impersonal ecards - get personal with these custom cards!

With so many Jewish holidays celebrating escape from impending disaster, Rosh HaShana is one of those holidays that is pure joy and happiness. Autumn is upon us and with that the cooler weather; in temperate zones that means that the leaves are turning glorious shades of red, orange and yellow!

Let's get back to tradition and send real (recycled and recyclable) paper cards by regular mail that can stand up on the mantle until Sukkot comes along and with it the colder weather or winter means that Hanuka is just around the corner.

Shana Tova = Happy New Year

You may find on the Jewish New Year Cards, "Shana Tova", which simply means "Happy New Year" or "L'Shana Tova", which means "Have a Happy New Year".

Some of the cards have these words written in Hebrew.

Zazzle Cards for Rosh HaShana

Zazzle features the artwork and photography of a multitude of artisans. You can select from unique designs that you will not find in any brick and mortar store.

Note that some of the cards can be personalized - you can add your own photo in a space provided and clearly shown on the order page, you can change the wording or sign it online. Other cards are ordered "as is" for the hassle-free buying experience. 

For some of the selections I have put together for you, there are matching stamps. The cards come with white envelopes.

This is a cute postcard to send on the Jewish New Year. Everything here is customizable: You can add your own text to the front of the card and you can change any of the cute graphics on the back, plus, of course, write your message on the card online.

Alternatively, you may prefer to order the card and write your personal message on the back by hand. 

This artist also has a cute stamp that matches this card. You will find it on her store page that you can find by clicking on 'store' about half-way down the product page. Then click 'holidays' - 'cards and postage' - 'postage'. 


A lovely painted scene of the Old City of Jerusalem. In pastel shades, with purple dominating, the overall sense is one of calm and richness.

The inscription inside the card says: "May you be inscribed and sealed in the book of life for a year filled with good health and happiness."

The artist has left open the option for changing the cover photo alone, but that is not what someone would want to do with this particular card. 

This holiday photo card is totally personalizable and comes with a white envelope. You replace the photo here with a picture from your own collection of family photos. Each message is replaceable and you fill in the new Hebrew year.

I looked it up - it is 5776.

The upper message says; "May the New Year bring all that is sweet."

The lower message says: "With love, from the XX family." Of course, you fill in your own names.

Also available is a matching stamp and address label that can be found on the same page that opens when you click on the card to the left.

The pomegranate is a popular Israeli symbol for the New Year. Mentioned many times in the Torah, the pomegranate also appeared on ancient coins of Judea. It is believed to contain 613 seeds, corresponding to the 613 Laws the religious Jew is bound to carry out.

This square shaped card is partially personalize-able. The inscription on the upper left reads: "Have a Sweet New Year."  The word "Sweet" appears in a particularly attractive font. This line is not changeable. The next part, however, is: "With love, The XX Family".



What is an Appropriate Message to Write in a Jewish New Year's Card?

Here are some possibilities that are appropriate whether the recipient is religious or secular:

"Wishing you and your family a sweet and healthy New Year."

"Wishing you and your family peace and happiness for the coming year."

"May you be inscribed in The Book of Life for a healthy and happy year."

Anything along these lines would be great.



This artist has a beautiful selection of postage stamps and matching cards for Rosh HaShana.

Go to her store to see all that she has to offer. Click on the stamp to the right, and about half-way down the product page and on its left-hand side, you will see information about this seller. Click on 'store'. Then on the right-hand legend, click on 'Rosh HaShana' to see all her wonderful designs.

Here is another lovely stamp, this one using two common symbols of the Jewish New Year - honey for a sweet year and the apple to symbolize the blessing we hope to receive for the New Year just as Jacob received his father, Isaac's, blessing. 

You will find a varied selection of products on this artist's Rosh HaShana page.

Jewish New Year's Envelopes from Zazzle


This card shows us the apple and honey symbols of the Jewish New Year in an aesthetic arrangement.

It is made to hold cards measuring 7" by 5" or smaller and can be ordered in basic, linen, recycled, felt and speckled papers.  If you order basic, linen or recycled paper you can also change the envelope color to one of 51 different shades and tones.

This artist also offers matching cards and stamps. Visit her store for the full range of products.

Updated: 08/13/2015, wrapitup4me
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Happy Jewish New Year to You All.

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wrapitup4me on 09/01/2012

@Tolovaj - Yes, I can see it might get confusing - the Land of Israel is the Land of Milk and Honey. And the Jewish New Year is marked in part by eating apples and honey. Then at passover, we make something from apples, nuts and honey. More about that in another article.

Tolovaj on 09/01/2012

Very interesting selection. I didn't know how important is an apple in relation with Jewish New Year. We have a saying milk and honey and there is obviously apples and honey. Beautiful and cards with really refreshing designs!

SeanMac on 08/31/2012

Very nice work. I especially like your choice of complimentary postage stamps to go with a postcard or gift.

Sher Magins on 08/26/2012

Thanks so much for featuring my favorite Jewish New Year card here. Wishing everyone Shana Tova with peace in the world. All the best to you! Shalom, Sher

katiem2 on 08/23/2012

A very nice collection of Jewish New Years, good to know the various New Years traditions. As always thanks :)K

Loren on 08/22/2012

Thank you so much for featuring my stamp (those are my son's hands when he was small!) on your page. Also, thank you for your lovely words about my Zazzle shop, Jewish Celebrations. You've made such a wonderful collection of ways to bring in Rosh Hashanah!

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