Johnson Brothers Turkey Platter

by Digby_Adams

Serve your Thanksgiving turkey perfectly with a Johnson Bros. Turkey Platter. A beautiful and practical centerpiece for your dinner.

Johnson Brothers turkey serving platters are famous for their intricate pastoral scenes. Every traditionalist needs a turkey platter for that most special of all meals. If you already have a Johnson Brothers china pattern that you love, but haven't seen a turkey platter, ebay is the perfect place to shop for it. You'll find most of the well-known Johnson Bros. patterns such as His Majesty, Woodland Turkey, Wild Turkey, Friendly Village and Barnyard King Turkey. Don't worry if you don't already use Johnson Brothers china. I've seen it complement other china. If you have a simple china pattern with just an edge of color, it will be fine. These platters are so beautiful, you'll want to include them in your Autumn decor

Set a Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner with Johnson Bros. China
Set a Beautiful Thanksgiving Dinner with Johnson Bros. China

Johnson Brothers Woodland Turkey is one of my favorite Thanksgiving patterns because the turkey is bolder than in most of their other patterns. The orange and green turkey accents are truly beautiful. You can pick up on these with simple green candles or orange pumpkins. Because of the intricate pastoral patterns that Johnson Brothers is famous for, I keep the rest of the table very simple. I use a simple tan table runner that lets the dark wood of my table peek through. I admit that I use my Waterford crystal every single day. It makes everything look better and truly does make a gorgeous display for important Thanksgiving dinners.

Johonson Brothers His Majesty Turkey Serving Platter

Thanksgiving Plates on Ebay
Display Your Thanksgiving Plates throughout the Fall Season
Display Your Thanksgiving Plates throughout the Fall Season

I live in northern Maine and the fall season starts really early here, so I start decorating for Halloween and Thanksgiving on October 1st. My "turkey plates" appear at that time in the kitchen. I have a mantle that I dedicate to my grandmothers. My great great great grandmother, who lived in the same small town that I still live in, embroidered the Eat, Drink and Be Merry Sign that I display over my kitchen mantle year round. It is one of my most prized possessions. I decorate the kitchen mantle for the season. The plates you see belonged to my great grandmother. I don't have enough to serve the entire family, so they have become Thanksgiving display pieces. No they aren't Johnson Brothers china, they are King Tom. If you like the pattern, it is possible to buy it on ebay. Click Here to see what's available.

Friendly Village is one of the most popular and available of the Johnson Bros. china patterns. You could certainly display this pattern the way I do King Tom starting in October, then take it down and use it for Thanksgiving Dinner. It's fun to place other items such as flowers and crystal on your mantle as well. So if you have a few extra place settings blend them into your Thanksgiving decor.

Johnson Brothers Friendly Village Turkey Serving Platters

Set a beautiful Thanksgiving Table

Johnson Bros. His Majesty Turkey Platter

Thanksgiving Tabeware on Ebay

The Wild Turkey Johnson Brothers patter has two possible designs. One with the wild turkeys in flight (my favorite) and one with the turkeys grazing. Both are beautiful though.

When you shop on ebay, you have two possible ways to buy things - Buy It Now or the Auction system. If I'm not in a hurry, I check to see how many identical items, like turkey platters, are available. Then I see if they are BINs or auction. Usually it's both. So I watch the auction items and I see how much they are going for. Then I check the BINs and see their price level. If the BIN is priced below the current winning auction bids, I'll usually scoop it up.

As you can see there are usually several ebay sellers, with the same Johnson Brothers turkey platter for sale. So you can plot a strategy to get the best price. Of course you have to be careful about the quality. If you see a turkey platter priced much lower than the others, take a good look at the photographs and check out the quality carefully. Take a little extra time checking out everything can save you lots of money in the long-run.

Johnson Brothers Wild Turkey Platter

Fantastic for Thanksgiving

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MikeRobbers on 07/05/2013

They look magnificent! A beautiful collection.

Digby_Adams on 07/01/2013

I agree! China was meant to be used.

fitzcharming on 07/01/2013

I have some Johnson Brothers turkey plates and we use them every day. Some have broken over the years and sometimes I think I should have saved them for holiday use.......Naaaaaa, I like seeing them all the time.

Digby_Adams on 06/30/2013

Thank Kim. I do love china, thankfully I inherited a lot. I'm sort of clumsy, so I have to be really careful when I handle it.

Digby_Adams on 06/30/2013

Thank Kim. I do love china, thankfully I inherited a lot. I'm sort of clumsy, so I have to be really careful when I handle it.

kimbesa on 06/30/2013

They look great on the table, and on the wall when not in use. And they give the room a classic look. Gorgeous china!

BrendaReeves on 10/14/2012

I love these.. Beautiful china is one of my passions.

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