Kameleon Jewelry

by Angel

Kameleon is a line of interchangeable sterling silver jewelry that reflects your individualism and sense of style. Take a look at what Kameleon has to offer.

Kameleon jewelry is flexible and versatile. It can be dressed up or dressed down depending on what you need it to be. I was first introduced to the Kameleon line of jewelry a few weeks ago while out shopping with my daughter. She found it in a quaint little shop near our home. She immediately wanted a necklace so she could start her collection. I went ahead and purchased a very simple necklace and one charm or jewel pop to go with it. It will be something we can build on as she gets older. I now want to start my own collection and have asked for a necklace for my birthday.

What is Kameleon Jewelry?

The Kameleon system is very simple. The base of the jewelry includes either a sterling silver necklace, ring, earrings, bracelet, pendant, sunglasses, or pin. The small interchangeable piece is called a jewel pop. One can be popped out and a new one popped in. The system is designed so that you can wear any piece of Kameleon jewelry with any jewel pop.

This system is great as it allows you to mix and match many different jewel pops with two or three different bases.  

Large Selection and Reasonable Prices

There are over 350 different jewel pops to choose from. Not all retailers will have all 350 but most will have a large variety. Amazon also has a very large selection to choose from. New designs are released twice a year in January and in July. Prices range from $21 - $350 for the jewelry base and jewel pops range from $29 - $54 depending on the type of stone.

How Does the Kameleon System Work?

The jewel pops seem as though they are magnetic but they are not. They system uses a rubber seal to secure the jewel pop in place. If the rubber seal were to ever wear out, you can get a new one from a Kameleon retailer or online.


Most people can use their fingers to change out the jewel pop. If not, there is a tool called a jewel cap that can be used to pop out the jewel pop. One will be given to you at the time of your purchase.

The jewel pops fit very snug in the base and will not come out.  

Kameleon Jewelry and How It Works

Caring for Your Kameleon Jewelry

  • Remove while doing housework or gardening.
  • Keep away from makeup and hairspray.
  • Take off before swimming in a pool since chlorine can damage many of the gemstones.
  • Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Do not use an ultra sonic cleaner. Buff clean with a silver cleaning cloth.

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Updated: 01/04/2013, Angel
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Angel on 06/29/2012

Hi Jasmine - my birthday is August 6 so I still have a little while to wait. I have both of them at the top of my birthday list. I can't wait.

Jasmine on 06/29/2012

A very nice line of jewelry! Did you get the ring and the necklace you wanted for your birthday?

Angel on 06/05/2012

Katie - I just love this line of jewelry. I want a ring and a necklace for my birthday. I hope the husband listens to my daughter who is supposed to tell him what I want. The dragon fly skies is my favorite too! It is all so versatile. Thanks for stopping in to take a look.

katiem2 on 06/05/2012

WOW I had no idea, great to learn about Kameleon jewelry, great accessories to all my wardrobe. I love jewelry it just makes you feel so good. Thanks for the great intro to a beautiful new line. I love the dragon fly skies.

Angel on 06/05/2012

Brenda - I had never heard of them either until a few weeks ago. I thought it was such a great idea to be able to buy a couple of bases and add as many jewel pops as you want for a huge variety in your jewelry collection. Thanks for stopping in and checking it out!

BrendaReeves on 06/04/2012

I've never heard of this. Thanks for posting.

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