Keen Sandals and Water Shoes for Women

by dustytoes

Sometimes you need to wear beach shoes, and the Keen brand is comfortable and reliable.

This is a personal review of the Keen brand water shoes. I own two different styles.

The older I get, the more I appreciate a good, comfortable pair of shoes. I also need better arch support and no longer wear the traditional flip flops for that reason.

I came across the Keen brand accidentally when I needed a nice pair of shoes for my class reunion. I was pleasantly surprised at how comfortable the flats were that I purchased.
When it came time for a new pair of sandals, which I needed for my trip to Florida, I also looked at Keen.

Now I live in Florida and I would be lost without these shoes. The sandal shown is Keen's Venice H2, which is the one I own. Scroll down the page to buy it.

Why I Wear Keen's Beach Shoes

I wear mine always when out fishing or walking on the flats

If you are looking for comfortable sandals to wear on vacation, that will work when wet, the Keen Venice H2 is one of the best.  They are labeled "waterproof" which means they are made to wear in the water.  The thick sole with good arch support keeps the wearer comfy while providing foot protection.

Whether spending a day, or week, at the beach, or trekking around Disney World all day (and going on the water rides), these sandals gets rave reviews from buyers.  

In a hot, tropical location, such as Florida, a heavy rainstorm can cause puddles to form quickly.  Regular sneakers or walking shoes will get soaked and cause blisters.  It's possible to come out of the grocery store, into a sudden downpour, and not ruin your shoes getting to the car.

I wear mine primarily on boating and fishing trips, where I enjoy jumping off the boat into shallow sandy water to search for seashells.  The soles are non-marking, which is the only type of shoe boaters allow onboard.


Seashell Hunting in my Light Blue Keens

I took this photo of my foot as a reference to show the size of this Tulip Shell for my blog.
Putting my Keen water shoes to use on the Florida flats
Putting my Keen water shoes to use on the Florida flats

Keen Women's Venice H2 Sandal - (I own this one in light blue.)

The Venice H2 has fewer side straps than some of the other Keen water / outdoor shoes.
KEEN Women's Venice H2 Sandal

Keen's Venice Sandal

This is the one I own in light blue (see photo above - my foot next to the shell).

The first water shoe I bought was the Keen Venice sandal in light blue with lime green.  I love my shoes and wear them every day, whether boating or not!

Although Keen makes many water shoes similar to this style, the Venice has only three side straps, and I find that makes it easier to pull them on.  It's also a wider shoe than the Clearwater style, which I have also purchased, but don't wear. (My Clearwater shoe review, which I added to Amazon, is shown below.)

The Venice is easy to pull on, and tightens with a simple pull of the cord.  Then just tuck the end under the front straps as shown in the photos here.

The Venice comes in solid colors, prints and leather styles (image below).  They are sturdy and well-made, with good arch support as well.

All are "waterproof", meaning they can be worn in the water.  They do get wet, but I wear mine all day while walking the flats and they are very comfortable.

The Venice Sandal Has Leather Straps - Still made to go in the water.

The look is similar to the Venice H2, just different material.
KEEN Women's Venice Sandal

Easy Bungee Lace Up and Big Treads for Great Traction

We all look for fast and easy these days and the bungee lace up availability on the Keen sandals is fabulous.  Simply slide your foot in, and pull the cord to desired tightness.  And it is easy to slide your foot into these shoes.  I was a bit worried about that before I bought them.

The wide toe guard is "Keen patented toe protection" and the deep treads provide excellent traction.  They can be worn hiking, walking, swimming, boating, paddle-boarding, or for any outdoor activity in warm weather.  It's a very versatile sandal, and they come in a huge variety of solid colors, and some prints, for women, men and children.

My Personal Review of the Clearwater Sandal

This one is also made by Keen and I purchased it recently.

While shopping for an extra pair of Keen water shoes, my favorite H2 was not available.  After looking around I decided to try the Clearwater style.

I am not as happy with these.  Too many straps on the side make my foot feel squished.  The shoe is more difficult to pull on, and it must be meant for those with narrow feet.

I didn't send them back, but probably should have.  I will only wear them when on short trips.

The Clearwater Sandal is Made for a Narrow Foot

This is my review on Amazon. I wanted to share that this sandal runs very narrow.
My review of my Clearwater sandals
My review of my Clearwater sandals

This link will take you to more colors available in this Clearwater style like my blue ones above.

The Clearwater gets rave reviews, it was just not my favorite. Women with narrow feet should like this style.
KEEN Women's Clearwater CNX Sandal

Keen's UNEEK Sandal Design (Below)

Not advertised as "water shoes".

The UNEEK sandal is definitely different.  I don't own a pair of these yet, but may have to try them.  I'll have to admit that I think the look is a bit odd.  

They boast a 2-cord construction which is lower cords attached to upper cords (para cord type stuff) for freedom of movement which will supposedly create a better, individual fit.

These are not advertised as "water shoes" but customers have left reviews saying they do wear them in the water, and I don't see any reason not to.  They have rubber soles, with arch support, and get rave reviews from most buyers.

As with most of the Keen shoes sold on Amazon, color selections are limited.  It's unfortunate that every color is shown, but only a few are available in normal women's sizes.

The UNEEK Keen Sandal boasts a "two-cord construction" for freedom of movement.

KEEN Women's UNEEK 8mm Rock Sandal

Read Seashells by Millhill which is my seashell themed blog with lots of photos.

I also write about Florida, where I live, with advice on travel and visits to the sunshine state.
Windy boating day but sunny vacant beaches near Ponce Inlet at low tide.
My youngest son was here visiting and wanted to go to the beach. Unfortunately the only day we could go was on a weekend. Late morning Sunday we packed the truck and h...
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paperfacets on 06/10/2018

I always need a Keen pair of footware in my collection.

dustytoes on 04/06/2016

These are great shoes Katie. I know from wearing them myself.

katiem2 on 04/05/2016

Thanks for the Keens review, I am always looking for supportive walking shoes.

dustytoes on 04/05/2016

The Amazon module doesn't let me choose a color, and there are many prettier colors than the ones that came up on this page. I've worn mine all day long without any discomfort.

Mira on 04/05/2016

I see many tourists wearing this kind of footwear. I think it's important that the foot breathes if you're taking long walks. Also, you do need something very comfortable. I like the designs too.

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