Keeping Warm This Winter on a Budget

by ValMay

Simple steps to staying warm without the spike in your electric bill.

Inexpensive tips for staying warm in the winter

Staying Warm While Lowering Your Energy Bill

Fighting the high cost of home heating is a battle we are all familiar with, but there are some simple steps you can take to lessen the cost of staying warm this winter.

Space Heaters

The cost of using space heaters is far less than trying to heat the entire house. For safety and convention, ceramic space heaters are recommended and make sure they are in good working order. One space heater for each person in the home works well, simply move the space heater around with you wherever you are in the home. The power company estimates that space heaters add about .15/per hour to your monthly bill.

Electric Blankets

There is no need to heat the rest of the house while everyone is in bed. The initial cost of an electric blanket varies from 20.-50. dollars depending on the size. If you have a queen or king sized bed, but you sleep alone, a twin sized blanket should suffice. Running an electric blanket 8/hours a night will add about two dollars a month to the bill

Insulated Window Coverings

Investing in a good set of insulated curtains is a year round energy saver. The leading cause of wasted energy comes from heat escaping out through your windows and cool air seeping in. Keeping your room nice and dark while you sleep is an added benefit and the heavier material will buffer outside noise.


Using a room humidifier during the winter months adds moisture to the air and humid air feels warmer. This appliance will also help keep your lips and skin from drying out and or becoming chapped from the indoor heat. Your humidifier can also be relocated as you move around the house.

Stave Off Drafts

Even with heavy window coverings, it's a good idea to seal drafts around doors and windows. Sliding glass doors are one of the biggest offenders. Cotton filled cordage, that can be purchased inexpensively at any crafts and fabrics store, works great and can be cut to specified lengths. Simple wedge the cord around doors and windows where you can feel the cold air coming through. A thicker cordage works well under your interior doors.

Cover Extremities

Just because you are inside does not mean it is time to remove the heavy socks and mittens. Wearing fuzzy socks to keep you feet warm, and mittens for you hands, will help insulate the areas on our body most responsible for the loss of body heat. Fingerless hand warmers are popular because you can effectively use your hands while keeping them mostly covered. And, since 25% of lost body warmth is through the head, it's a good idea to keep that hat on while indoors as well.

Natural Solar Energy

During the day, and when the sun is shining, throw open those heavy window coverings and allow the suns rays warm your rooms naturally. If you have properly sealed off all drafts, a sunshine warmed room will stay warm for hours.

Close Fireplace Vent

Most of us make sure the fire is out before we go to bed, but it is also important to shut the fireplace vent when there is no fire burning. Leaving a cryptic note somewhere around the mantle will help you remember to close the vent when there's no fire and open it prior to starting one.


These economic tips for staying warm and keeping your electric bill down sound simplistic, but when used in conjunction with each other you will be amazed at the difference in that monthly payment.


Updated: 01/13/2012, ValMay
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evelynsaenz on 01/07/2014

I love the idea of using cording around the windows and doors. We always used cardboard but cording would look so much nicer.

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