Kids Umbrellas

by sheilamarie

Kids love holding their very own umbrellas in the rain. Find a cute umbrella to delight your child.

A child-sized umbrella is a fun gift to give to a child and a fun gift to receive. If you are looking for a kid's umbrella, you will surely find something on this page.

I have gathered umbrellas with a variety of themes, including animals, flowers, fairies, sports, cars and trucks, superheroes, and robots. Hello Kitty shows her face here, as do dinosaurs, butterflies, and frogs.

Care to come with me for a walk in the rain? Grab your umbrella, and let's go!

Umbrellas for Girls and Boys

For Splashing in the Rain

Just because it is raining doesn’t mean that you have to stay inside! A walk in the rain can be a wonderful experience to share with children. Especially if you’re small, walking in the rain is a lot more fun if you can hold onto your own umbrella. If that umbrella is printed with a cheerful design, then grasping hold of it becomes even more important. 

All the kids I've ever known have loved splashing in the rain. Have you ever tried to pass a rain puddle while holding a toddler's hand? If your kids are anything like mine, you didn't get past that puddle without a splash or two. Even an older child will find it difficult to pull away from the magnet of a puddle.

On this Wizzley page, I have gathered together lots of different kids' umbrella designs. There are designs that would appeal to girls as well as designs that would appeal to boys. Many of these umbrellas are favorites of both boys and girls, alike. They range from flowers to animals to vehicles to superheroes to sports. Most likely any child would find at least one favorite theme here. The problem is making up your mind which theme to choose.

Beautiful Flowers on These Kids' Umbrellas

Pretty Pink Colors

What better image to promote the positive aspects of rain than the image of a flower? Spring rains make us think of that old ditty, “April showers bring May flowers.” The flower pictures on an umbrella make that saying come alive. 

If you like the flower theme, you can choose an umbrella that looks like one big blossom that you can walk beneath. Carrying this umbrella may make you imagine you are a flower yourself, or you could be the bee or the butterfly drinking in the sweet nectar.

Or maybe you'd prefer an umbrella sprinkled with a whole bouquet of blossoms. You can flit from flower to flower, smelling their perfume. Or you could pretend that petals, rather than raindrops, are falling from the sky.

These floral umbrellas will fit the bill for this kind of reverie.

Hello Kitty Umbrella

Kid Size Umbrella
Sanrio Hello Kitty Umbrella - Kid Siz...

Hello Kitty Umbrella Is a Favorite with Many Little Girls

Pink Umbrella for Children

The sweet face of Hello Kitty on her bright pink background appeals to many little girls. If your child is a Hello Kitty fan, this pink umbrella will be a big hit.

Hello Kitty peeks out twice on this pink umbrella. Does she have conversations with herself? Will your child even notice which Hello Kitty she is talking to?

Even if your child has not been introduced to Hello Kitty as a character, any girl who likes cats would find this pretty pink umbrella appealing. Hello Kitty has a simple, innocent look that charms. The red bow she wears at a jaunty angle is her trademark.

Under the Sea Umbrella, Fairy Umbrella, Butterfly Umbrella

Designed for Kids
Galleria Sunlit Sea Kid's UmbrellaGalleria Kids UmbrellaGalleria Butterflies Kid's Umbrella

Kids' Umbrellas with Nature and Fantasy Designs

Pretty and Colorful Umbrellas

Maybe your child enjoys the ocean theme. Sea animals swimming in the deep can be seen on the first umbrella in this group. The colors are pretty and the pictures will help her imagine she is swimming in the ocean as she walks through the rain.

Stunning blues, greens, and pinks intermingle as fairies flit on the middle umbrella. The rich colors are sure to please and the fantasy theme will delight the imagination of a little girl who enjoys fairy tales.

Colorful butterflies adorn the third umbrella in this threesome. How many butterflies can you name? How many of these butterflies have you seen in your garden?

Ladybug Umbrella

Cute Buggy Umbrellas

These ladybug umbrellas are so cute! Many children love ladybugs. Their bright red color with the little black dots attract the attention of most kids. Children like to count the ladybug's spots and to speculate why one ladybug has only three spots while another ladybug has four. 

Kids often enjoy letting ladybugs crawl along their fingers. They are easy to hold on the hand and they don't bite. Because ladybugs eat aphids, they help gardeners and are often encouraged to munch away.

In some areas of the country, ladybugs find their way into houses in the fall and stay around for the winter. Children may enjoy placing them on house plants that have been infected with aphids.  

A child who reads the American children's magazine Ladybug may have developed a special love for these little creatures. When choosing a design for a kid's umbrella, this interest in ladybugs may be helpful to you in making your choice.

A walk in the rain, anybuggy?

Frog Umbrella, Goldfish Umbrella, and Owl Umbrella

Which Animal Is Your Favorite?
Frog Umbrella for KidsGoldfish Gold Fish Manual Stick Kids ...Stephen Joseph Girls 2-6X Umbrella

Umbrellas with a Favorite Animal Design

Green, Orange, and Brown with Pink

Who could resist this frog umbrella? I can hear the voice of the child hiding beneath saying, "Ribbit ribbit!" Can't you?

The goldfish umbrella is really cute, too. These umbrellas open manually, a much safer option than automatic mechanisms for children's use.

The owl umbrella in brown and pink has a curved handle which is easy to hold.

Umbrellas That Would Appeal to a Boy

Cars, Trucks, and Bikes Umbrella, Robot Umbrella, and Sports Umbrella
Pluie Pluie Boys Trucks and Cars Umbr...Stephen Joseph Boys 2-7 UmbrellaStephen Joseph Boys 2-7 Sports Rain U...

Fun Umbrellas for Kids

Umbrellas with Vehicles, Robot, and Sports Designs

Some children are fascinated with anything with wheels. This vehicle umbrella has cars, trucks and bikes zooming across the surface. Police cruisers, cement trucks, and bulldozers are some of the wheeled vehicles you'll find on this umbrella.

The dinosaur umbrella may be the one that will catch your child's eye. How many dinosaurs can you name on this umbrella?

If sports are what motivates your child, here's an umbrella with the sports theme. Football, basketball, baseball and bat on a royal blue background.

If you were little, which umbrella design would you choose?

Can you remember that far back?

More Kids' Umbrella Designs

Tractor Umbrella, Animal Umbrella, Dinosaur Umbrella
Hatley Boys 2-7 Farmer Jack UmbrellaGalleria Animal Kingdom Kid's UmbrellaGalleria Dinosaurs Kid's Umbrella

What Is Your Child's Interest?

Farm Tractor, Animals, Dinosaurs

Whether dinosaurs are your child's passion or whether he or she is fascinated with all the animals of the world, one of these umbrellas would be a perfect choice to give as a gift.

If farms and tractors make his heart beat faster, here's an umbrella for him as well.

Keeping dry may not be your child's priority, but these umbrellas are so much fun that you won't have to urge him too much to use one. You may have more of a challenge to get him to let you put the umbrella away when you go indoors.

Superhero Kids' Umbrellas

For Young Children
Super Heros Children's Umbrella From ...Spider Man Kids Umbrella

More Umbrella Options from Vilac

Animal Heads on the Umbrella Stick

The first superhero design I've chosen has a solid red umbrella, but the stick you hold onto has a little superhero figure carved on the handle. If this idea excites you, this company makes several other designs with animal heads on the handle instead of the superhero head. Umbrellas with a monkey head, a duck head (with two-toned umbrella fabric), and a horse head are also available. If you click on the superhero umbrella, you will see these other options pictured beneath the superhero one.

Thanks for Visiting This Kids' Umbrella Wizzle

I hope you have found an umbrella that will delight your child. The variety available is wide. How to make up your mind?

Choose an umbrella with the design your child most likes and you can't go wrong. If your child is not available to choose, go with a general category he or she is interested in -- animals or superheroes or flowers or butterflies -- whatever he or she has mentioned in conversation.

Have fun in the rain!



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sheilamarie on 02/21/2012

You're right, Katiem2 -- kids with umbrellas can make some pretty cute photos! I'll bet you sing along with them.
Kinworm, Hello Kitty and ladybugs really are popular with little ones.

katiem2 on 02/21/2012

Oh how wonderful, it is that time of year and kids do have a blast with the much needed umbrellas, I have a umbrella basket I keep stocked with bright colored umbrellas as you always need them and I love watching my little girls have a blast singing in the rain, makes for great photo opts as well.

Marie on 02/20/2012

Kid's umbrellas are super cute and you get so much variety these days too. My little girl would love the Hello Kitty umbrella or the super cute ladybug.

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