Kindle Light Cover

by Marie

Everything you could possibly need to know about the Kindle Light Cover which is designed for e-ink, grayscale Kindles that are not backlit devices. Light up your Kindle at night!

Kindle e-ink readers like the latest Amazon Kindle Touch don't have a back light to illuminate the screen like mobile phones, tablets and computers do. This is because the Kindle has been designed to be ultra-comfortable to read from, just like a real paper book.

Your Kindle has excellent readability in brightly lit areas, but if you attempt to read it in dim light, you won't get far. That's where you need a Kindle Cover with Light which offers protection for your device and a light so you can read anywhere.

A Selection of Kindle Light Options

Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

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Belkin Clip-On Reading Light for Kindle

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Kindle TOUCH Lighted Leather Cover

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25 Kindle Light Cover FAQs: 1-8

lighted kindle cover1) You need a Kindle Light Cover because a Kindle is not backlit and therefore cannot be easily read in dim light nor read at all in the dark. So for overcast days, underground travel, or some night-owl reading, a light is a must.

2) The Lighted Cover is particularly useful because the Kindle screen is the fragile component and this sturdy type of cover helps to provide protection for your device so it doesn't break.

3) Having a cover and a light all in one package means that you don't need to hunt around for a separate light to use. So if you're stuck on public transport where you can't guarantee the level of lighting, you have a light right with you ready to use.

4) You don't have to plump for a boring, black cover. Amazon have made the Lighted Cover in 7 great colors for the Kindle Keyboard: Black, Chocolate Brown, Burnt Orange, Steel Blue, Hot Pink, Burgundy Red and Apple Green. For the new Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch there are 4 color choices: Black, Brown, Green and Purple.

5) The cover is made from real leather which is going to be reflected in the price a little.

6) A pebble-grained texture is embossed into the leather of the case for the Kindle Keyboard device. This not only looks nice but also helps you to grip the cover better than one with a very smooth, flat or shiny surface. The new Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch leather covers have a smooth exterior.

7) Your Kindle will be well protected inside the Lighted Kindle Cover. It is a pretty hard case and your Kindle is held securely inside using metal prongs which clip inside the device. I don't recommend it but I have dropped my Kindle a couple of times while inside the case and have had no breakage or damage.

8) Even the interior of the cover is well-made because it is lined with a super soft lining which is designed so it will not scratch your Kindle screen.

8 FAQS Done - 17 More to Come!

25 Kindle Light Cover FAQs: 9-16

Hot Pink Kindle 3 Lighted Cover9) If you enjoy reading with one hand, you'll be delighted to know that this cover has been made so that you can fold the front of the cover right to the back - just as you would with a magazine.

10) The light is not in your way whilst not in use because it is hidden inside the top-right corner of the Lighted Case for the Kindle Keyboard Device. Unless you knew it was there, you probably would not realise there was actually a light tucked away inside. On the new Kindle 4 and Kindle Touch Devices, the light pulls out from the middle.

11) To put the light on, just pull it out from the top-right corner for the Kindle Keyboard OR from the middle for the Kindle 4 or Kindle Touch devices. You don't press any other buttons or switches because as soon as the light is pulled out fully, it will switch on so long as your Kindle is also switched on.

12) The type of light used in the Lighted Cover is an LED.

13) There is no need to purchase any batteries for the cover because the light is powered entirely by the Kindle itself.

14) If you use the light very often, you will find that the battery on your Kindle will wear down at a slightly faster than normal rate. Even so, it will take a good 20+ hours of using the light continuously (which is unlikely) before the battery will run out.

15) A special hinge or prong system helps to bind the cover to your Kindle and makes it pretty impossible, unless incorrectly attached, for your device to slip out.
16) The prongs which are used to hold your Kindle Keyboard to the case have gold-plated tips.

16 FAQS Done - 9 More to Come!

25 Kindle Light Cover FAQs: 17-25

kindle lighted cover folds back17) While you are not reading, you can use the thick elasticated cord to make sure the front cover is kept firmly closed. Only on the Kindle Keyboard cover. This would help to protect your screen if it should be knocked over.

18) Once you get the hang of just how easy it is to take your Kindle in and out of the case, you can choose to read your Kindle without any cover whenever you want and then put it back in the cover when you need to use the light or to keep your ereader safe.

19) After approximately 10 minutes of not using your Kindle, the light will automatically shut itself off. To switch it back on, just slide the power-switch of your Kindle over to the right.

20) Should you fall asleep while reading, the light will switch off to make sure that the battery life of your Kindle reader does not get wasted.

21) The light can only work if the Kindle is actually switched on and the screensaver is off. If you have the screensaver on (known as sleep mode) then just slide the power-switch of your ereader over to the right.

22) There are plenty of lower cost alternatives to the Kindle Lighted Cover but none of them offer the real convenience that this very special case does. You only need to have a quick glance through the reviews on Amazon for this product to see how highly it is regarded.

23) You can definitely read with this light in complete darkness. It is lovely and bright.

24) Some clip-on lights have an annoying bright spot over the screen while you're trying to read. The Kindle Lighted Cover does not suffer from this issue as it just casts a gently gradated light from the top-right of the screen down to the bottom left for the Kindle Keyboard device.

25) Should you get a Kindle Cover with a Light – yes!

25 FAQS Done - 0 More to Come!

Updated: 10/04/2017, Marie
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Kindle Light Cover Comments

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sheilamarie on 07/08/2011

This pink cover looks nice. I guess I'd have to get a kindle first, though, eh?

Marie on 06/17/2011

Good that you took advantage of that "Father's Day" Deal, whitemoss. I have the hot pink cover - great colour. Hope you enjoy your new case :)

whitemoss on 06/17/2011

I've just taken delivery of a Kindle and the lighted cover in hot pink- a combined deal for father's day- why not mothers too? Looking forward to all the new possibilities.

Marie on 05/30/2011

Oh dear! I used to have a clip-on light for the Kindle 2 but when I saw the new covers for the latest Kindle, I couldn't resist. Probably one of my most expensive gadget accessories - but so worth it! Thanks for stopping by.

pkmcr on 05/30/2011

Nice selection of Kindle Reading lights. I was torn between getting the case with one built in and the clip on type and ended up getting one of each!

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