Why Buy A Kindle?

by pkmcr

Have you been thinking about buying a kindle and are trying to find the answers to the question "Why Buy a Kindle?"

I must admit I put off buying a kindle form months! With the benefit of hindsight I realise now what a big mistake that was. I kept asking myself "why buy a kindle?" especially given that we have shelf after shelf stacked with books.

I can honestly say that since buying a kindle I have not looked back. I have rediscovered the joy of reading and can now read as I travel, at home and in spare moments without having to carry around a collection of books.

The Amazon Kindle has sat firmly at the top of the Amazon.com bestseller list for many months and continues to sell in huge numbers. With each new generation they release, Amazon have improved the features and made it easier to read other ebook formats on it.

However if you are still deciding whether you should buy the Kindle or another eBook reader/ tablet computer, let me share with you some of the reasons why I beleive that the Kindle is a good choice

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My Answer To The Question "Why Buy A Kindle?"

Some people might ask why buy a Kindle when you could buy something a bit fancier like the iPad? Well to start with, the Kindle costs a lot less.

For me though, although I like my iPad there are lots of times when I simply want to enjoy reading without all the bells and whistles which you get with the iPad.

I love the simplicity of the Kindle which focuses on one just one thing, namely reading. With the kindle Amazon aim to give you the best possible reading experience. Yes I could read eBooks on my iPad, however I wouldn’t get the benefit of the e-Ink screen.

I have tried reading an eBook on the iPad  and I have found that my eyes quickly get tired out.  Add to that you can't read the screen out in bright sunlight so no sitting in the park or on the beach with the iPad.

So if you are like me and love reading, or want to rediscover the true joy of reading, then you want a device that isn't going to ruin the experience don't you.

The advanced e-Ink technology which Amazon use for the Kindle screen means that it is very easy on the eyes. I have found that it really isn't that much different to reading a book.  I love the fact that I can sit in the park in bright sunlight (when our weather allows!) and lose myself in a book.

There are two downsides to the e-Ink technology and those are that it doesn't display color, and doesn't light up in the dark, so no easy reading in the dark!  However I can put up with that if it keeps it more like a "real" book. There are also Kindle Lights which you can buy to attach to your Kindle if you want to read in bed without disturbing your partner.

I have to travel a lot with work and one of the things that convinced me to buy the 3G version of the Kindle was that I got 3G connectivity around the world, for life! 

You don't have to sign up for a plan and there are no data limits.  That means that you can use the 3G connectivity to buy from the Kindle store or even use Amazon's experimental web browser. All of that included for the one time price of the Kindle device!

Have you looked at the Amazon Kindle Store?  It has to be the best in the world. No matter where you are, you can access it from your device and browse through free samples, the latest releases, or read user reviews. Buying an eBook, takes seconds and it is delivered ready to read on the Kindle in under a minute! You can't beat that! I also discovered that I can get my daily newspaper delivered to my Kindle within a very short time of switching it on each morning.

So there you have my answer to the question "Why Buy a Kindle?"

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Sending Personal Documents and PDFs to A Kindle

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eBook Shopping is easy and being able to buy eBooks Online means no more journeys into town and standing in queues just to get that book. eBooks are delivered to you in seconds
The Barnes and Noble Nook could rival the Amazon Kindle especially with their Nook Color. Is it a serious rival and would it be the best ebook reader for you?
When you decide to buy your Amazon Kindle you may still be torn between getting the simple WiFi version and the added 3G connectivity. Do you really need it? Let's Decide!
Do you like to read in the dark with a book light? Solve the problem of the Kindle not having a backlight with one of the Kindle Reading Lights.
Updated: 05/27/2013, pkmcr
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Ralpapajan on 11/02/2011

I have found a saource of free Kindle downloads of many old books such as H Rider Haggard, Zane Grey, Mark Twain and Shakespeare at www.gutenborg.org. They have Kindle downloads now.

happynutritionist on 10/28/2011

I am interested in getting the Kindle Fire, but am trying to decide whether to pre-order or wait and see how it does? I don't own a kindle yet.

Ralpapajan on 06/30/2011

Thanks. My Kindle arrived today! Also my first book was published as a Kindle by Amazon. See here. ~ https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0058CWX9Q

Well, I've done it and it feels good. Thank you. When I first read your post I had no intention of doing this. So TYVM.

pkmcr on 06/30/2011

@Ralpapajan I did a search and the best information I have found on sending personal documents, pdfs etc is from Amazon.co.uk! As the link is quite long I will add it above

Ralpapajan on 06/27/2011

You are a STAR. I have published to Kindle on Amazon today but it is up for review so I cannot change anything. I have started off with one of my old books to make sure it all works and also to learn the ropes. The set up is the hassle that needs some knowledge and forward thinking. TYVM

pkmcr on 06/27/2011

Good questions. There are various ways to convert books you have written and even sell them to other Kindle users through Amazon. It's not something I have looked at in any detail but when I am back from a few days away on business I will have a look at what's available. In terms of adding PDFs to your kindle I have done that with a couple and had no real problems. But I think it probably merits a page of it's own and I will see what I can put together later this week.

Ralpapajan on 06/27/2011

Thanks for this timely, to me, Page. I am trying to do too much at the moment and want to convert my own books to Kindle. Any advice on that? Plus I have a huge collection of EBooks in .pdf format. Histories etc. I use many for research and my Laptop is OK but slow to find etc. There are several sites dealing with converting a .pdf to Kindle and each seems to have different ideas. What is your experience with pdf's? I hope you don't mind me asking.

whitemoss on 06/15/2011

Hi Paul,

I'm waiting for mine to arrive from Amazon as I write! I went for the 3G in the end- why not?! Thanks for all your info.

Ramkitten on 05/31/2011

I don't have a Kindle (yet), but I've published two books for Kindle, and they're selling quite well. I've been thinking of getting my own Kindle, but I have a number of other things I need that are higher on the list. (Most of it is outdoor gear.) Maybe, if I don't have one by Christmas, Santa will drop by with one.

pkmcr on 05/29/2011

LOL Bless you Sylvestermouse :-) They do travel incredbly well although I would always recommend getting a Kindle Case cover as well!

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