King Arthur Party Supplies and Decor

by Marie

Have a legendary King Arthur event with lots of fun themed party items, supplies, decorations and ideas based on this Middle Ages and Medieval Knights of the Round Table concept.

Fans of the epic BBC Merlin or of the legendary tales about the Knights of the Round Table will love a themed party based on the legendary King Arthur. Kids both young and old will have lots of medieval, Middle Ages and magical fun with this unique idea. An Arthurian celebration can be as enchanting as you wish it to be.

You'll see lots of cool and unique party supplies and decorations on this page which you can browse, buy and even save in a wishlist for coming back to later. The other thing you will get is lots of ideas and inspiration for planning your legendary event. And the ideas are priceless. Sheathe your sword and join me now on your epic party planning quest.

Birthday Party Invites with a King Arthur Theme

Party Invitations to order from Zazzle and Customize As You Wish

You will find it really difficult to find any actual King Arthur invitations - after all, even historians don't actually have any proof that he ever really existed! There are some great ideas for invitations based on this theme however, think of knights, armor, swords and medieval designs. I've hand-picked a wonderful selection for you here.

This medieval knight themed invitation with its sword, shield and parchment scroll design already has suggested wording on it so you just need to fill in your actual party details instead. Lots of other invitations are left blank, so you can at least get an idea of the wording from looking at this great example.

If my carefully chosen invite selections are not exactly what you are looking for then my advice would be to check Zazzle for more because you are sure to find something that really suits your specific event.

Turn Your Party into a King Arthur Camelot Castle

You can turn your entire party room or event into a Camelot castle if you want to. Add a huge round table for all of King Arthur's Knights and that would look awesome indeed. Will you create a space that looks like a castle interior or what about a jousting arena, a castle armory or a medieval feasting hall fit for the King! There are so many ideas that you could run with for your party - it's a great theme.

And then Add in The Knights of the Round Table

There are lots of knight, Camelot and castle interior themed decorations that would really look great at a King Arthur event. Seeing as we don't even know if there even was a King Arthur back in history, you really don't need to get too hung up on historical details - because even if he did exist, we don't know what him and his knights actually looked like!

King Arthur Party Cakes

With ideas for cakes and cupcakes for a King Arthur theme, there are baking supplies for castles, crowns and knights that would work well with your celebration. Will you prefer to bake one large castle or royal crown cake where using a cake pan will make life a lot easier, or will you bake up lots of small cupcakes with an Arthurian theme?

Cupcakes are an easier choice because even if you cannot cook, you can still buy ready-made cupcakes and pop suitable decorations on top and pop them into decorative wrappers. It's mostly about the presentation anyway, especially with a kids party where some will take just one bite of food before leaving it! Essential party supplies normally consist of all the items you will need if your Arthurian guests are having a royal feast? Will they be eating as Knights of the Round Table or will they all be eating food fit for a legendary king?

Something for the End of Your Party

Instead of buying lots of tiny party favors for all the guests, the trend is increasing towards spending a little more on a single item like a book which can be kept and enjoyed. Plus it is educational too. This book retells the classic Arthurian legend and is wonderfully illustrated too.

Action figure playsets full of knights or crusaders are an easy idea for favors since you can pop 1 or 2 pieces into each goody bag. Look out for any pens, pencils, erasers, notepads and other small items with a knight, king, castle or medieval theme. If you have the time to make your own goody bag items, how about making some custom magnets, keychains or pin badges. You can often buy blank supplies that are ready to pop your own photo or print into. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun planning out this fun event.

Updated: 10/06/2017, Marie
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