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by Marie

Growlingly great for Christmas, birthdays and fans are these super soft plush fantasy dragon toys. This mythical creature and amazing beast makes a fun gift and display item too.

As a big fantasy fan, the dragon is an all time favorite mythical creature and winged beast. I'm not too old to display items on my shelves at home and my daughter loves these too. You can get these plush toys in a range of shades though green, red and blue are the most standard colors.

There are the more 'realistic' looking characters for those of us who like to imagine that somehow they might just be real! And there are also more activity versions which are aimed more at children as well as puppets too. Enjoy finding the right one for you.

Dragons make such a popular choice of plush pet because of all the fantastic mythical winged beasts in literature and film. My personal favorite is Smaug from 'The Hobbit' who has very handsome, fiery red scales, but I'm also very fond of Saphira from 'Eragon' who's a stunning blue, like this one pictured here. Raah! A blue toy dragon pet which roars! This cute blue guy called Aurora is a 14 inch dragon who roars when you squeeze its throat. But, don't worry, the growling sound is not too loud or frightening and not enough to annoy parents! Very soft and cuddly and I love the more traditional look and styling.

The Welsh Red and Fantasy Smaug

Sparkly Ruby Red and Gold Like Smaug! A soft and most hug-able, ruby red dragon which a gorgeous sparkle fabric which shimmers and exquisite gold color detailing which makes this plush look very regal indeed.

This one is the closest you'll currently find to a Smaug look if you're a Tolkien fan. I've hunted round a lot, being big on The Hobbit, but I can't find a closer match. You can find some traditional looking fantasy styles but getting one with gold and red is tricky. I did feel cheated in the Hobbit movies that Smaug was not a very vibrant red at all. They went for a pretty grunged up look which made him look rather less than magnificent in my eyes. 

Douglas Ruby Red Dragon

Douglas Toys makes beautiful, soft, cuddly stuffed animals and infant plush with a distinctive expression or gesture that speaks quality and value unlike any other plush animal....

Only $64.17

View on Amazon

Aurora World Dreamy Eyes Flame Red Dragon 10" Plush

Aurora's Dreamy Eyes collection features all new styling- soft & fluffy with loveable expressions! Silky soft plush that is sweet to the touch.

Only $75.99

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Bright and fiery, ruby red color dragons like Tolkien described for his creation, Smaug, are the best in my opinion. Here's some soft plush stuffed toys of this fantasy creature.

Giant Green Plush and Collectible Wyvern

Green is a Magnificent Color for this Ancient Beast of Lore. Lots of people enjoy the more collectible aspect of the Dragonology Wyvern and it is ideal for older children and for collectors too.

The Melissa and Doug offering is a large green stuffed dragon with an approx size of 9 x 18 x 29 inches - big enough as one reviewer said that her 2 year old son 'rides' it! You can see the level of detail with the colors and intricate design with the image below. My daughter has had many, many Melissa and Doug toys and we've never been disappointed with the quality and durability.

Sababa Dragonology: 14-Inch Wyvern Dragon Plush

Discover the world of Dragonology in this rich and beautifully crafted plush Wyvern Dragon figure. The soft luxurious materials allows for true representation of varied textures...

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What are Webkinz Collectible Stuffed Toys?

Webkinz are cute, cuddly stuffed collectible toys which all come with a unique online code. You enter this code online at the Webkinz Website and this means that online games can be played which involve the adopted plush pet.

The website is a safe online environment designed for kids from approx 6-13 although it is possible for younger kids to play games with adult assistance. Any Webkinz toys that are collected can be added in online which gives more play value in playing games with each pet and designing rooms for them. Much of the fun with Webkinz toys is the virtual online world and not just the cuddly pet itself.

Lava 'Halloween' Webkinz. I love the look of this guy because he's so different from the standard red or green plush. He looks very striking with his black plush fur and the fiery orange strip of 'lava' running down his back - not to mention those gold color horns. Menacingly cute and very handsome. There is also a sweet tootie cutie-pie pink version with some shiny 'scales' on her belly. She looks like she's trying to stand up to give you a hug. I hope you've enjoyed reading my wizzles page today, thanks for your visit. Have fun choosing something suitable.

Which Color is Best for a Dragon?

Stuffed Animal Dragon Toys - Rawr!
Stuffed Animal Dragon Toys - Rawr!
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Updated: 10/05/2017, Marie
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