Knee Pads for Flooring Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

A pair of knee pads make the working day safer and more comfortable. The five best knee pads reviewed and compared.

A pair of knee pads will take the strain off your knee joints any time you've got to hit the deck in order to work. There's plenty of reasons why a knee pad insert or wrap around pair will make a huge difference to both your personal comfort and your knee's ability to last as long as you'll need them.

Nothing seems to rip the knee joint up more than constantly having to kneel down, using them to bear your weight whilst working on a given task. Protecting your knee joints makes good sense all round - better to prevent causing an issue than to pay for it afterwards - which is often the more costly avenue to take.

The five best industrial knee pads are featured below. They're all well rated, popular with others tradesmen and home improvement enthusiasts, as well a high on quality and value for money.

Fiskars 9418 Ultra Light Kneelers Knee Pads

These are the best gardening knee pads - lightweight, comfortable and supportive. They're a one-size-fits-all type, easy to adjust by way on an elastic strap and simply to pull on and work with.

They're great for working in the garden - makes weed pulling and ground work an easier task all round. They're not the most robust pads overall but they are affordable, they will protect your knees from the worst of the effect found when kneeling - hard ground, moisture etc - so from that perspective, if you want a functional pair, these will do the job.

Fiskars 9418 Ultra Light Kneelers Knee Pads

Soft, durable outer shell provides protection from moisture and rough terrain. Easy-to-use, adjustable straps. Lifetime warranty.

Only $11.99

Alta Tactical Superflex Knee Pads Black AltaLok

Despite what the name of these knee pads would suggest - they're good for a variety of uses. Construction workers and flooring guys will find them durable yet comfortable. They're highly flexible and don't make you feel as though you've got wooden legs when wearing them and the rubber cap works - they don't bite back into your knees when you're weight bearing on them.

You get to work with full flexibility, they stay in place when you're on the move and they're a breeze to adjust and get sat just right. Despite the low price tag, there's a lot of quality about these ones and if you're in the trade and looking for something that's long lasting yet does the job (i.e. easy on the knee joints) then these are the ones. Nice quality, good design.

Alta Tactical Superflex Knee Pads Black AltaLok

039-50413 Features: -Material: Nylon.-Cap Material: Rubber.-Type: Knee Pad.-Price is for 1 Pair. Color/Finish: -Color: Black.

Only $27.99

Neiko Comfort Gel-Filled Protective Knee Pads

These are great flooring knee pads. Often, when flooring, you're not on a particularly hard surface - wood or similar which may not be the softest of things to crawl around on, it's certainly not concrete. That's why these ones work well in the flooring industry - the gel provides plenty of support and the design almost makes them feel like a second set of knee joints.

They stay in place and though not the biggest I've seen (or tried out) they're big enough for the average knee joint. Most folks seem to think size is everything - well, not with knee pads. All you need is the cushioning and support directly over the joint - not a half meter around them. Top pads, amazingly comfortable and currently on offer at a price that's too silly to ignore.

Neiko 53868A Super-Comfort Gel-Filled Protective Knee Pads

This heavy duty Super-Comfort Gel-Filled Protective Knee Pads protect and provide unparalleled comfort when working on your knees. They are ideal for gardening, making repairs, ...

Only $69.99

Bucket Boss 91012 Pro Pad Kneepads

These are Bucket Boss knee pads and despite them not being something you can store your tools in - they're pretty good for what they are. Flexible enough to make them useful for most construction workers, contoured to match the shape of the knee joint, they let you move around with ease without locking up the leg.

The straps are nice and flexible, adjusting them's easy and thought they're not the most comfort giving, they do well enough on the knee protection aspect. If you want total support and comfort, then either of the previous two will do you better but - if you love Bucket Boss products and want to give them a go - do so. Lightweight, good enough and well made.

Bucket Boss 91012 Pro Pad Kneepads

Bucket Boss Pro Knee Pads, 91012 Features: Stitched-on swivel cap. Extra-long straps. Medical grade elastic.

Only $14.99

Mechanix Wear MKP-05-600 Knee Pads, Black, Pair

Mechanics like these and so do I. The best foam filled knee pads, this pair have a two layered design - there's the foam inner, the comfort giving bit, then the outer shell that provides the protection you'll need for kneeling on hard surfaces.

They fit real nice over the knee joint - flexible, work with the contour of your leg and they provide a little protection for the upper thigh too. Apparently the outer knee pad is Kevlar - which I didn't test for. Reckon I'm not up to popping a shell in my knees, accidentally or otherwise but they're sure up to plenty of crawling around and hard work. Impressive, user-friendly and do the job.

Mechanix Wear MKP-05-600 Knee Pads, Black, Pair

Mechanix Wear Pro Knee Pads, Black, Pair #MKP-05-600

Updated: 06/21/2012, Tested_to_Destruction
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