Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies

by lobobrandon

If you're child's birthday theme is the Kung Fu Panda, you're surely going to need some affordable and high quality Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies in order to celebrate...

Almost every child's birthday is based on a specific theme and there's no end to the options available. It would be best if you ask your child to pick the theme - after all, it's his/her Birthday and this is the only way to make sure that they'd enjoy it.

There are plenty of possible themes usually they're based on Cartoon characters. Some kids love the Kung Fu Panda and that's the very reason that they'd want their party based on him.

So, let's take a look at some of the Party Supplies that you're going to need in order to host a successful birthday party for your child's friends.

Party Invitations

The first and most important part of your Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies includes the Party invitations. Without any invites there's no way people are going to come over.

If your party is going to be based on the Kung Fu Panda it would be great if your invites could revolve around the same theme. It's not necessary, but definitely a great idea. 

You could also print out some of your own customized cards. But, if you don't have time on your side, below are a few that look amazing. Each of them comes in sets of 8 and includes an envelope as well. 

A Complete Set by Hallmark

Kids parties usually only consists of their friends and may be even a few neighbors. Hallmark has a set of Birthday party supplies specifically created for the Kung Fu Panda theme. Some of the supplies included in the set include:

  • Lunch Napkins - You'd find 32 lunch napkins bearing Po, the Kung Fu Panda
  • A table cover - Your table is going to need a cover and it would be great if it matched the party theme. That's the reason Hallmark has manufactured a table cover which is 54X102 inches in size.
  • Paper cups are surely a necessity for juices and cold drinks. You'd find 16 paper cups each with a capacity of 9 oz.
  • Dessert Plates - In addition to all of the above Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party supplies, the set also includes 16 square dessert plates.

Party Napkins

No matter what you offer, you're going to need Party Napkins. When you're hosting a Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party, it would be great if you had specific Party napkins based on this theme.

Even if you buy the set above, it would always be wise to have some extra napkins because you never know when you're going to need them. Each of the sets below contain 16 napkins each. But, if you want to have a perfect party, it's advisable that you have 3 napkins for each person:

  • One for any snacks served
  • One for lunch/dinner and 
  • Another when you serve the cake

So, let's take a look at some of the amazing designs that you can choose from when you wish you buy Kung Fu Panda Napkins.

Party Plates

When you look for Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies you're definitely going to have to take a look at some themed plates as well. There are different designs available, but they're basically all of the same size - 9 inch diameter square shaped plates.

No party is complete without snacks or dinner, and therefore party plate are definitely a necessity. If you already have party plates at home, there's no need to buy specific Kung Fu Panda plates, unless you're looking forward to hosting the perfect Birthday party.

Each of the three sets shown below contains 8 plates - all of the exact same design; else, kids would fight over the plates wanting a different design on the aspect that the other person got a better one. 

I'd say the first one would be the best buy as it's got many of the characters from the Movie and doesn't just focus on Po, the Kung Fu Panda. However, Po is highlighted by being the largest of them all.

Party Cups

Party Cups are an integral part of the Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies

I doubt any of you would have a child's birthday party without Juices or Cold Drinks. Therefore, if you're hosting a themed party, you're going to need some Kung Fu Panda Cups to serve them in. 

You could use the cups for both, hot as well as cold beverages and they all measure 9 oz. Each of the sets below consists of 8 cups each; and, just like the plates they're all the same design.

Plastic Table Cover

Plastic Table covers don't usually enter the list of Party Supplies, because you could successfully host a party without one. But, since you're in search of Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party supplies, a theme based Table Cover would be a great addition. 

You won't just be able to use this cover on the special day, you could put it on your table whenever you feel like it. It looks great, is made of high quality material and most of all - Your child will love it! Watch them come to the dinner table for their meals.

Just as the one in the Hallmark set above, it measures 54X102 inches.

Happy Birthday! Banners

Birthdays come just once a year and that's the reason we try to make this day as special as we can, usually these are the days that enter our priced photo albums. 

So, if you're looking forward to saying Happy Birthday to your son or daughter in a big way, you could check out some banners - Try hanging them on the dinner table or across the wall where the celebration is going on. They look great and add a lot of fun and color to the day.

Po Costumes

Not necessary Kung Fu Panda Birthday Party Supplies, but a great joy magnet

It's your child's special day, and you could make it all the more special by allowing them to dress up in a costume of their favorite Kung Fu Panda - Po! 

The costumes are quite cozy and they could be worn on and on - they keep your child warm. So, you could let them wear it on a cold night or may be even when they go trick-o-treating on Halloween. 

Updated: 11/11/2012, lobobrandon
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