Kung Fu Panda Soft Toy

by lobobrandon

Kung Fu Panda Soft Toy's look great and are today's teddy bears! Take a look at the options of Soft Plush Toys in the like of Shifu as well as the Furious Five Group ...

We all know about the Famous Kung Fu Panda through the movies! Kids would love Kung Fu Panda Soft toys and they would be the perfect gift for all occasions.

Let's take a look at some of the best plush toys when it comes to Shifu as well as the the rest of the characters from the movie: Po the Kung Fu Panda, Master Tigress, Tai Lung, Master Monkey as well as Master Viper.

The toys illustrated below are well collected and they totally represent the characters of the movie - Hope you love them!

Each and every one of the Kung Fu Panda soft toys that you find here are really soft and cuddly, you could gift them to your child or even buy them to decorate your home or the interiors of your car.

Po The Kung Fu Panda Soft Toys

The Dragon Warrior in Black and White as per the prophecy

In the first movie, Po was chosen as the Dragon Warrior, even though Master Tigress deserved it. However, the Giant Panda did prove that he deserved the title in many ways. He's the son of Mr. Ping who was a student of Shifu. 

As you know from the second movie, the prophesised Dragon warrior was supposed to be black and white; hence, by instating Po as the Warrior the prophecy was fulfilled. 

If you want the dragon warrior to live amongst you, you would surely love the following Kung Fu Panda Soft Toys depicting Po.

Master Tigress Soft Toys

Master tigress is surely the bravest of the Furious five form the Kung Fu Panda group

Master Tigress is surely the boldest of the Furious Five and probably even the strongest. Shifu as well as the tigress herself thought that she would be the chosen Dragon Warrior; but, Oogway decided to choose Po instead.

Her comrades respected Po, but the tigress herself thought of him as a Panda who disrespected Kung Fu! One day she hears Po talking to Shifu about Tai Lung and his incapability of defeating him. However, the tigress thought that she and her group would be able to defeat this monster. But, the attack didn't go as per plan and they were defeated. 

Po then defeats Tai Lung and wins the praises of Master Tigress. She's a brave and strong warrior who respects People (OR Pandas) for what they really are.

Shifu Soft Toys

Shifu is the trainer of the Kung Fu Panda Furious Five group - An ideal trainer who even trains a Fat Panda!

Shifu is a Panda himself - but, he's a read Panda unlike Po. Being Oogway's student he set of to train Po as well as the entire Furious Five group himself. Tai Lung was trained by him as well, which wasn't a good idea. 

If you're looking for a master Kung Fu Panda toy, Shifu is the one you need

Tai Lung Soft Toys

Kung Fu Panda soft toys look great and Tai Lung is one of my favorite as I guess these look the best

Tai Lung is surely the strongest of them all and that's just one of the reasons I loved him in the movie. He's a snow leopard by birth, but the adoptive son of Master Shifu. 

He was trained and taught exceptional skills by Shifu and Tai Lung was the only one who knew the Nerve attack. He was really strong and a master of Kung Fu and was determined to be hailed as the Dragon Warrior.

Master Monkey Soft Toys

Not at all my favorite, but he does belong to the set of Kung Fu Panda Soft toys

Master Monkey was the first of the group to recognize Po's true potential. He's surely the friendliest amongst the group of Five.  Po had a unique sense of comedy and it was Master monkey who also possessed the strongest sense of humor among the five. That's what brought Po and him close - somewhat. 

If you like Kung Fu Panda soft toys in the likes of Master monkey, you'd surely love the ones depicted below. I don't like monkey stuffed toys for a reason - No spots or stripes at all.

Master Viper Soft toy

Even though it's a popular character, when it comes to Kung Fu Panda soft toys - I couldn't find any more decent figures.

As you already know Master Viper is basically a green snake who has two tiny lotuses on top of her head. When compared to the rest of her species, she's born with defects as her fangs are barely visible.

But what she lacks here she makes up with strength and precision. Among them all, she's the most compassionate and sweetest of the group. Small kids below the age of 5 would love this Kung Fu Panda soft toy as they can pull it make it look long like a string - she's a snake after all.

Updated: 11/11/2012, lobobrandon
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