Ladies Pink Hand Tools Kit Reviews

by Tested_to_Destruction

The best pink hand tools can be found in most pink tool boxes. The five best - compared and reviewed.

There's a variety of well made pink hand tools for women, some in complete kit form, some stand alone, such as a pink hammer or a pink wrench. All are good quality - fully functional and fit for purpose - they just happen to possess a touch of pink.

They're hugely popular, especially as working in construction or landscaping is not an all male world - and whilst some women are happy enough with any old tool in hand, others do prefer their tools and equipment to at least reflect their gender.

Happily, smaller tools can be purchase in more appealing colors, much like pink safety glasses or tools belts. The five best kits, single tools and similar are featured below. All are highly popular, great value for money and well crafted examples of top rated women's hand tools.

Apollo Precision Tools DT0773N1 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

This is the best selling pink hand tools set for women. Note - this is intended for use around the home therefore it is not designed to stand up to industrial use. That said, every home needs a good, standard all-round tool kit that will tackle a variety of minor repairs and home improvements - and this is that kit.

It contains a wide variety of tools, from a claw hammer to screwdrivers, pliers to drill bits, scissors, tape measures and much much more. In all, the tool kit contains a range of 135 separate pieces and will pretty much cover the most common occurring repairs around the home. It's all housed in a solid molded case, pink of course, and overall, it's great value, functional and designed to provide everything you'll need for the home. Great ladies tool kit, make a great gift - and under 40 bucks.

Apollo Precision Tools DT0773N1 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

This 135 piece household tool kit is perfect for a variety of small projects around the house. With almost everything you need in a compact case, you'll be finding projects to ...

$49.99  $34.97

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The Original Pink Box PB12HM 12-Ounce Claw Hammer

This is the best pink hammer and a highly popular pick with the ladies and those that buy such items as gifts. What to say ... it's a standard claw hammer, a good weight at 12oz, feels pretty solid, taps nails and pins in easily enough and doesn't feel top heavy like some hammers.

The claw works well, catches nail heads pretty easily - a bit of pressure and you've popped the nail right out again. It's a compact hammer - and don't let the color fool you, as it is an industry standard hand tool. Great for what it is, inexpensive, good quality and comes with a guarantee than male colleagues won't using it when your back's turned.

The Original Pink Box PB6SD Screwdriver Set

This is a great pink 6 piece tool set and features a collection of screwdrivers. There are three flat head and three philips drivers, and all are industry standard hand tools. They're just as good on a construction site as they are used around the home and the variety of sizes will pretty much cover all bases.

Each head is magnetic, all have a comfortable black and pink rubber grip, and they feel nice and compact in-hand. The full set is budget friendly and worth buying and adding to the pink tool box. It is a pretty decent set, you don't have the feeling of weakness when you apply a bit of pressure and overall, they're a worthy purchase.

The Original Pink Box PB5PL Pliers Set

This is the best pink hand tools pliers kit and both matches the previous product as well as compliments it. The set comprises a host of pliers, all up to professional standards and each capable of performing the job it was designed to do.

Each separate tool is manufactured from heavy gauge carbon steel, designed to be compact, durable and strong, plus the rubber grip on the handle is easy to work with and in a rather vibrant black and hot pink combination. An all round good quality set of pliers - strong enough, good enough and definitely cheap enough.

Apollo Precision Tools DT1803 Pink Mr 7 Hands Multi Screwdriver

This is the best single pink hand tool - though it does perform a range of different roles. Being a seven in one accessory, you'll find it's more than just a simple screw driver. It is rather nifty in truth and good to hand to hand.

It includes a handy little flashlight and a set of different screwdriver bits, of which three are flat head and three are philips. The set is manufactured out of chrome vanadium steel, and has also been heat treated to further prevent unwanted corrosion - that's a lot of detail on such a small, inexpensive hand tool. It's a great buy, thoroughly recommended, and for less then 15 bucks, it's an absolute steal of a deal.

Apollo Precision Tools DT1803 Pink Mr 7 Hands Multi Screwdriver

Apollo Tools Pink Mr. 7 Hands Multi-Screwdriver Mr. 7 hands has a unique folding arm design to fit in any drawer. Never misplace screwdriver bits again as all are contained in ...

Only $24.99

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