Lalaloopsy Party Games and Activities

by Janet21

Fun birthday party games and activities for your daughter's Lalaloopsy celebration.

If you are hosting a Lalaloopsy party, you will find a great selection of Lalaloopsy party games and activities on this page.

Some of the Lalaloopsy party activities include Coloring Pages, Bingo, Pin the Bow on the Doll game, Button Hunt, Button Toss Game, Guess How Many Buttons are in the Jar Game, Lalaloopsy Storytime, Dress Up, Makeovers, Trivia Game, Treasure Hunt, Button Crafts and a Pinata activity.

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Party Crafts

There are two Lalaloopsy coloring activity books to choose from for your party; "Sew Much Fun" and "Full of Lalaloopsy Love". 

Depending on the  party budget, you could purchase a book for each of the guests.  They could use it during the party and then take it home afterwards as a fun party favor.

Another option would be to purchase one book and carefully tear out all of the pages.  Place the pages on the table with an assortment of crayons and markers for the guests to use for coloring.

A fun idea would be to take each of the party guests favorite finished coloring page and matte it onto construction paper leaving a border.   Then place a bowl of buttons on the table.   The kids can glue buttons onto the border of their picture to create a masterpiece.

Coloring and Activity Books

Lalaloopsy Jumbo Coloring Poster Pad

This Jumbo Coloring Poster Pad contains large coloring pages and over 70 colorful stickers of the Lalaloopsy rag doll characters!

View on Amazon

Lalaloopsy Giant Coloring & Activity Book ~ You Bet Your Button

Color your favorite Lalaloopsy rag doll characters in this 96 page coloring and activity book! Hours and hours of coloring fun!

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Pin the Bow on the Lalaloopsy Doll

A unique spin on a classic party game.

This classic party game is always a hit.   For your Lalalooopsy 'Pin the Bow' Game you can:

  • Draw a Lalaloopsy doll onto a large poster board.  These dolls are not terribly hard to draw.  Be sure to glue on real buttons for the eyes!
  • Use the Lalaloopsy poster that comes with the toy dolls.    If you don't have one around, you can purchase a loose poster on Ebay.

Then print out bows for each of the party guests.  Make the bow the same size as the bow on your picture or poster.  You can do this by tracing it.  Place double stick tape on the back of each bow for the kids to place during the party game. 


Party Games and Activities

Lalaoopsy Board Games:  
There are two Lalaloopsy games; 'Ups n' Downs' and 'Push My Buttons'.   Both of these games are for ages 5+ and are for 2-4 players.  So, you can play one or both of these games at the same time depending on how many party guests you have.

Lalaloopsy Makeover
Purchase the Lalaloopsy Nail Art Kit for your party.   This cosmetic kit comes with nail stickers, nail files, nail polish and more.  You could paint each of the girls nails and then brush their hair and style with a cute hair bow.

Lalaloopsy Puzzle Activity:
Set the Lalaloopsy puzzles out on a table and the girls can get into groups to work on the puzzles.  The puzzles would also be a fun activity for the girls to do while they are waiting for their makeover and for their turn at another game.

Lalaloopsy Tattoo Station:
The Lalaloopsy Tattoo kit comes with everything you will need for your tattoo station including sponge, spray bottle and over 100 tattoos.

Lalaloopsy Storytime:
You can have a storytime activity at your party.  Storytime is a wonderful activity to have at the end of the party especially for younger kids since they may need some time to wind down.  You could serve cookies and drinks for the kids to munch on while they listen to the stories.

Lalaloopsy Movie:
Play the 'Search for Pillow" movie during the party or set up a movie activity where the kids sit on the floor on pillows and watch the movie while they have snacks.

Lalaloopsy Party Activities

Lalaloopsy 60 Piece Puzzle 3-Pack

View on Amazon

Lalaloopsy Tattoo Kit

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Lalaloopsy Push My Buttons Game

In the Lalaloopsy Push My Buttons Game you will pop the pop action dice and move your Lalaloopsy character from her starting position around the game board and back to her color...

View on Amazon

Lalaloopsy Inspired Button Games

Button Toss ~ Buttons in a Jar ~ Button Hunt

Guess How Many Buttons are in the Jar Game:
Fill a clear jar with colorful buttons (be sure to count the buttons as you are filling the jar!).  You can even decorate the jar with ribbon and Lalaloopsy images.  Each of the guests has to guess how many buttons are the jar and the person closest wins a prize.

Lalaloopsy Button Toss:
This is a take off on the classic penny toss.    Purchase or collect an assortment of small plastic containers.  Decorate the containers with images of the Lalaoopsy dolls.  Put out a bowl of buttons and the kids have to try to toss the buttons into the containers.

Button Hunt:
Similar to an Egg Hunt except you hide buttons instead.   You can hide the buttons in the house or outside.  Provide each of the kids with a bag and they have to find as many buttons as they can.

Jar of Buttons courtesy of niXerKG

Lalaloopsy Pinata

Create your own Lalaloopsy pinata using their super sweet heart shaped pinata.

To pull the party theme together, glue on images of Lalaloopsy dolls, real buttons and even some small hair bows.   You can arrange the items in a design or randomly.  There is no wrong way to do it.  This is a great party planning activity that your daughter can help you with.   You could place all the items on the table and let her glue them all on.  She will love it!

Lalaloopsy Inspired Buttons

Use these buttons as bingo markers, to embellish your Lalaoopsy pinata and for your button toss game.
Hygloss Products Inc. Asst Buttons 16 Oz Bucket

HYG5516 Make jewelry, decoupage, necklaces. Teach sorting, counting or use as game markers. Assorted sizes and colors. Features: -Country of Manufacture: United States.Dimension...

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Lalaloopsy Button Party Crafts for Older Girls

Button Picture Frames ~ Painting Buttons

Make Button Bracelets
Purchase a bag of Assorted Wooden Craft Buttons (pictured) and have the girls decorate them with markers and/or paint.  If you decide to use paint, have the girls paint the buttons at the very beginning of the party and then string the bracelets at the end of the party to give them time to dry.   The girls can create button bracelets by stringing their decorated buttons onto neon pink lacing.


Lalaloopsy Inspired Sewing Spool Party Crafts

Wood Spool Flowers ~ Wood Spool Ornaments

To coordinate with the Lalaloopsy sewing theme, the party guests can use wooden craft spools to create little vases or ornaments.

For the vases, the children can decorate the wooden spools using paint, ribbon, beads, etc.  When they are finished decorating, they can place a few silk flowers into the spool.  These cute spool flowers can also be used as party decorations at your Lalaloopsy celebration.

Another idea is to make ornaments with the wooden spools.  Again, the kids can decorate their spools.  Once they are finished decorating, thread ribbon through the spool and tie it to create your ornament.

A fun accent for your wood spools would be to embellish them with the Lalaloopsy ribbon featured below.

Lalaloopsy Ribbon

Wooden Craft Spools

Kraft Wood Craft Spools Assortment - 1/2 to 2 inches - Pack of 60

Stack'em, string'em, count'em - even use as wheels! Ranging in length from 1/2" to 2", all with 1/4" hole. Smooth-sanded, sturdy wood. Pack of 60 spools.

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Make a Colorful Button Necklace

Purchase an assortment of buttons and have the girls make cute button necklaces.

The buttons are available in many colors that coordinate with the Lalaloopsy dolls.   The kids could also  make sweet button bracelets.  

All they need to do is string the buttons onto a stretch cord and an adult can tie it when they are finished. 

Button Necklace Making Supplies

Blumenthal Lansing Favorite Findings Basic Buttons Assorted Sizes, 130/Pkg, Flora

Paper crafts and fabrics crafts will take on a new light with these mini shapes buttons. Buttons can be attached using glue, tape, thread, ribbon and much more. Each package con...

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Stretch Magic Clear Bead Cord 1mm width 5 meters 42329

Used in this how-to video:. How to Make a Stretch Bracelet. . Everybody's favorite stretchy cord. Knottable. (If you want something you can use with a needle, check our Opelon F...

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More Lalaloopsy Games and Activities

Each Lalaloopsy doll has 1) a special item in which they were sewn from, 2) hobbies and likes and 3) a sewn date which represents a unique Holiday.   You could incorporate this information into the following Lalaloopsy party activities.

Lalaloopsy Trivia Game:
Create a Trivia game using facts about Lalaloopsy dolls.  A few examples include, "Which doll was sewn from a chocolate box?", "Which doll was sewn on International Artist Day?" and "Which doll loves snow fights?"  You can separate the kids into teams or groups for the game.   Ask each team/group a question, if they get it correct they get a point.  If they miss it, the question goes to the next team/group.

Lalaloopsy Dress Up:
On your party invitations, you could include a doll for each guest to come dressed as.    A few examples:  Spot Splatter Splash could come dressed in a smock, Prairie Dusty Trails could wear a cowboy hat and Peanut Big Top could wear a clown wig and nose.  As the guests arrive, everyone can try to guess who they are dressed as.  Another idea would be to gather the dress up items from around your house and the guests can pull a name out of a hat to find out which doll they will be dressing up as.  During the party, you could even put on a little Lalaloopsy fashion show.

Lalaloopsy Treasure Hunt:
Use Lalaloopsy items for your treasure hunt.  Some examples include a bag of cookies for Crumbs Sugar Cookie, pirate eye patch for Patch Treasurechest, paintbrushes for Spot Splatter Splash, etc.  Hide these items around your house or outside and create riddles for the kids to find them.  Separate the kids into groups and send them off on the Lalaloopsy Treasure Hunt!

Lalaloopsy image courtesy of A Forest Frolic

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