Learning the Alphabet Games for Preschoolers

by SusanM

Fun games to help your preschool child learn the alphabet while they play

Many people think giving a preschooler flash cards and other similar activities are the best for learning. But children think differently to adults and older children. They don't learn best through activities like flashcards.

Your preschooler learns best through playful games because it helps them understand not just remember. Understanding is one thing that makes a difference between whether your child will be successful at reading or not. This means learning the alphabet games for preschoolers are the way to go.

ABC Board Games

About the same time children start to learn to read they also start playing board games. Board games are fun for kids. But they are a novelty for children in preschool and the first grades of school.

Board games feel grown up to a young child. They are the games they have seen their older siblings or even adults play. This makes board games something special for children in the first school grades. You can use this interest in board games to help your child learn their alphabet. A board game will grab their interest. It will be fun to play. This will help them learn better. 

So think about having a family game night a few times a week (or even on the weekend if you are a busy family). Include a few games they love but make sure one of them is an alphabet game.

Fun Alphabet Board Games

Super Why ABC Letter Game

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Dr Seuss Super Stretchy ABCs

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Alphabet Card Games

Most kids love board games but some children like card games better. Or they like them as a change from board games from time to time. 

Card games can often be faster moving than a board game. This action can interest kids more than classic board game play.

Luckily both board and card games are good way to help your child learn their letters. This is because they are both playful and fun. 

So if you think your preschooler won't be a fan of a board game about the alphabet. Or if they need a change of pace from board games - think about getting some alphabet card games.

Popular Alphabet Card Games

Alphabet Zoop
Alphabet Go Fish
Peaceable Kingdom


Bingo is a classic game - and you can find an easy ABC bingo game for your child. This gives another option to board and card games. Extra options can be helpful to get your child to do a lot of alphabet practice without them saying they're bored. The more options and activities you can give them the greater the chance you'll get them playing with letters - and learning the alphabet. 

The Super WHY Bingo Game is for preschoolers who are being introduced to their letters and reading easy 3 letter words. So this game is good for moving beyond just recognizing letters to finding out how letters make words. This means it's good for moving from letter recognition to reading.

Super WHY Bingo Game
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Alphabet Puzzles

Alphabet puzzles are one sort of game you might overlook. But alphabet puzzles are a good way to help your child think about the alphabet as a whole rather than as single letters. To put this in another way alphabet puzzles help your child think about the alphabet in a bigger context,

If the puzzle does not link the letters up in order - A, B, C and so on, you can still do this as part of the puzzle play. Your child (with your help at first) can put the alphabet puzzle together. The completed pieces can then be put into alphabetical order as a second and final part of the play. Or you could make a game of finding the pieces in alphabetical order and putting them together. This way you are including context as part of the puzzle solving activity. 

Last but not least, alphabet puzzles are good for helping your preschooler find out how big and small letters look different but are the same. (All the alphabet puzzles I've shown here have both big and small letters.)

Preschoolers don't just learn by looking they also learn by feeling. Making letters out of Play Doh is a creative way children can feel the alphabet. This helps them understand the shapes better, remember them and recognize them in books. 

Other ideas for helping your preschooler learn though feeling is to cut out each letter of the alphabet in textured material like corrugated paper or felt. You can let them feel the difference between each letter. You can get your child to close their eyes and guess what letter you have given them just by feeling. A harder game would be for your child to put a few of these "feeling" letters in alphabetical order with their eyes shut.

You can also make alphabet cookies as part of this activity. But this is only helpful if your child makes the letter shapes out of the dough. If they are just eating cookies you have made or bought it won't be as helpful. This is because feeling and crafting the dough or Play Doh is whole child learning.

Final Thoughts

Preschoolers are still in the early stages of playing games. This means they need an adult or older child to play alphabet games with them. An adult or older child can support your preschooler's learning, help them understand the rules of games and help them find out about the alphabet. This works much better than having a preschool child try to play these by themselves or with other preschoolers. 

But the most important thing about learning the alphabet games for preschoolers is to remember to have fun with both the games and learning. Because children learn best through fun play.

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