Lego Alien Conquest Range

by Legofun

Add Lego and space together and you have a great idea for playtime and that’s exactly what Lego have done with their Alien Conquest range.

Everywhere I look at the moment the major department stores and toy stores alike seem to be promoting the Lego Alien Conquest sets in their push to get people buying their Christmas toy gifts. The distinctive ‘alien green’ boxes and pictures of the Tripod invader especially seem to be screaming out the words ‘buy me’ directed straight at me!

I must admit I’m not really into the whole space play side of Lego, but I know a little boy who is so let’s look at what is undoubtedly going to be on the top of his ‘Dear Santa’ list this year.

Lego Alien Conquest Sets

Lego is obviously expecting this range of sets to ‘take off’ in a big way as they have their own range of games on the Lego site already.   There’s seven different Alien sets available to purchase at the time of writing and you can find more details about them all below.

Earth Defense HQ

Lego Alien Conquest # 7066

The Aliens are attempting to invade earth and your job at Earth Defense HQ is to stop that from happening.   This set includes all the tools you’ll need to defend the Earth, intercept the aliens and even keep them captive while you analyse them to look for clues as to why they’re attacking and how we can stop them.    It almost sounds like a blockbuster movie, but instead it can all happen in your home with this fun Lego set.

Lego Alien Conquest includes – mobile launch station and mini UFO, interceptor shuttle, laboratory trailer and 6 minifigures among other things.

The 6 minifigures included in this set are – alien trooper, alien pirate, pilot, 2 alien defence unit soldiers, toxic clean up scientist.

The mobile launch station (which is basically a large truck with 10 wheels) actually separates into an interceptor shuttle and rotating launcher.   

There is a turn table at the back where you can attach a jet plane while inside is a laboratory trailer where the toxic clean up scientist can analyse the Alien Clinger – what more could you want in a Lego set?

Alien Mothership

Lego Alien Conquest #7065

This 416 piece Lego set is of (as the name suggests) an Alien Mothership which has appeared to have landed not just on Earth, but in your own home!   What can you do now?   Well let’s have a look and see if we can figure out exactly what these Aliens want.

Before looking at the actual mothership build itself, let’s look at the minifigures that come with this Lego set. 

Officially there are two Lego minifigures in this Alien Conquest set and they are as follows.   Firstly there is an Alien Commander who appears to be flying the mothership all by himself (well nearly….) and a reporter who is right there up close and personal to bring you the latest news on this alien visit.  

There is one more ‘creature’ in the set although it’s not a minifigure per se it’s what is called an Alien Clinger and it fits onto the heads of Lego minifigure in what we can only assume is an attempt to take over the minifigure, but time alone will tell us if that is the case or not.

The actual Lego alien mothership has an outer-ring attached as you can see from the picture.   This is made up using Lego train tracks which is pretty cool and it can be spun around which then activates the sound brick which is awesome!

The mothership also has a giant claw which it can lower down to capture aliens, or Lego minifigures like the reporter for the Brick Times featured in this set.

UFO Abduction

Lego Alien Conquest #7052

The Lego Space UFO Abduction set from the Lego Alien Conquest range has 211 pieces in it and contains three minifigures.

The three Lego minifigures in this Alien Conquest set are an Alien Pilot, an Alien Defence Unit Soldier and a pitchfork wielding farmer.  

The completed model actually looks like the classic idea of a flying saucer and is bound to provide hours of play, especially if combined with some of the other Alien Conquest sets.

Jet-Copter Encounter

Lego Alien Conquest # 7067

The Jet-Copter Encounter set contains 375 pieces and 3 minifigures and looks like a whole lot of fun as Lego says in it's product description - As the "Alien Defence Unit jet copter locks onto the UFO, the alien craft suddenly splits into 2 small crafts!"   Now that just sounds like the start of an amazing sci fi adventure right there!

The three minifigures in this set are two alien pilots and one Alien Defence Unit pilot as we take the excitement of the potential alien invasion to the skies.   The actual jet copter is really quite stable which means that you don’t have to worry about it breaking as it races through the sky in hot pursuit of the aliens.

Lego have gone out of their way to ensure that these Alien Conquest sets are high on the playability factor which is why CNN called these sets one of the hottest toys for 2011.

Tripod Invader

Lego Alien Conquest Set # 7051
LEGO Space Tripod Invader 7051

Stomping through the city streets, the Alien Invader spots a human running for cover. As it detaches from its legs and swoops down after him in the saucer, will the terrified ...

$172.55  $169.45

Alien Defender

Lego Alien Conquest Set 7050
LEGO: Alien Conquest: Alien Defender

Only $25.96

Alien Striker

Lego Alien Conquest - 7049
LEGO Space Alien Striker 7049

bStop the alien invader!/bThe alien defense unit soldier is on the look out for an alien invader speeding around the city. Stop the outer space bully from capturing anything ...

Only $8.99
Updated: 05/22/2014, Legofun
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