Hagrid’s Hut Lego Set 4738

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Enter the world of Harry Potter Lego with the fantastic Hagrid’s Hut set, a Lego set that is sure to delight any Wizard wannabe Lego fans.

Harry Potter Lego – Hagrid’s Hut

All of the Harry Potter Lego sets allow you to enter into a world of magic and adventure and with the Hagrid’s Hut set you’ll find that the world of wonder is waiting for you to play with once you’ve built the set.

Let’s face it whenever Harry, Hermoine and Ron venture across the school grounds to Hagrid’s Hut they never know what they’re going to find and with this set you can re-create some of the storylines from the books and/or movies or even create your own.

Hagrid’s Hut Lego Set 4738
Hagrid’s Hut Lego Set 4738

When I looked at the box after a request from my goddaughter for Harry Potter Lego I didn’t think it looked very enticing, but I forgot something my Nana once told me – ‘the devil’s in the details.’   In this case it’s the magic that’s in the details and it turns this Lego set into a must have Harry Potter toy.

Hagrid’s Hut – The Characters

Harry Potter Lego Minifigures #4738

This Lego set contains 6 minifigures and they are –

  • Hagrid
  • Harry Potter
  • Hermoine Granger
  • Ron Weasley
  • Norbitt
  • Aragog

Along with the ‘official’ 6 minifigures this set (the third reincarnation of Hagrid’s Hut in Harry Potter Lego sets) also features a rat – eek!, two owls and three spiders.

In the world of Harry Potter Hagrid is a half giant who is the gameskeeper for Hogwarts and because of his DNA he towers above everyone.   Hagrid’s minifigure is also made to tower above the other minifigures which is a great touch for this set.

This is the only Harry Potter set that has all three of the friends in one set which is a very good reason by itself for buying it!   Harry, Hermoine and Ron minifigures are all dressed in their school uniforms which in this version consists of dark pants and the torso combines the Gryffindor house badge with a colored stripe along the bottom and of course their house ties.

All three of these characters have double sided heads with their usual happy expressions on one side.   Harry and Hermoine’s characters are both wearing stern/angry  expressions on their other side while Ron’s minifigure is unique to this particular set as shows a scared look on his face (he hates spiders!).   The three friends all come with a brown wand.

Norbett for those of you who can’t remember was a Norwegian Ridgeback Dragon that Hagrid hatched and cared for until he got too big and dangerous to stay with him.   He is usually found keeping warm in the cauldron over Hagrid’s fire, but you can move him anywhere you like when playing.

Aragog was a giant spider with a fondness for human flesh and was also hatched out of an egg by Hagrid and stayed with him until he had to be sent into the Forbidden Forest where Hagrid brought him a wife and the couple started a large colony.

When it comes to building this Lego set it could almost be considered two different sets, the hut and Aragog!   Aragog is very impressive when completely built and his legs are all fully adjustable.   He’s actually created from swords, hinges and slopes and is a very sturdy creature when built who is also able to move at right angles – a big, big hit!

Step Inside Hagrid’s Hut

From the outside Hagrid’s Hut doesn’t look very impressive, although if you’re a fan of the movies then it’s instantly recognisable.   The hut opens up into two halves for playability and it’s when it’s open you start to appreciate all of the intricate little details that make it so cool.

Size wise the hut measures 6” x6”, this set is also the first in the Harry Potter Lego range to include a light up brick.   The light up brick is placed where the fireplace  is and is very important in this set as it’s rather a dark set without the light from the fire to see by.

Hagrid's Hut Lego Set (4738)
Hagrid's Hut Lego Set (4738)

Over the fire is hanging a cauldron and the rest of the hut contains everything you’d expect Hagrid’s Hut to have – table and chairs, broom, pots and pans, even a chicken drumstick and fish for dinner!   The lattice windows don’t allow a lot of light in which gives it a cosy feel.

Harry Potter Lego Set #4738
Harry Potter Lego Set #4738

Outside the hut you can see pumpkins which can also be used as Jack ‘O’ Lanterns for Halloween as they all contain faces and I think this is a fun part of the hut.  

The light up brick for the fireplace is controlled from the outside which is good as it’s easy to access whether the hut is open or shut.

Would you like to see the build come together?

See It Coming Together

Harry Potter Lego Set 4738

Do You Have Hagrid’s Hut Yet?

Instructions for Hagrid’s Hut Set #4738

Hagrid's Hut Lego Instructions
Full instructions for building the Harry Potter, Hagrid's Hut Lego set #4738 for when those pesky instructions go missing!

More Harry Potter Sets

There are so many different Harry Potter sets available that you can recreate your own world of magic and adventure with Lego bricks whenever you like, what are you waiting for?   Check out the Harry Potter Lego sets available now!

Harry Potter Legos is a very popular Lego theme. The success of the story of the wizard has translated really well to Lego sets as you'll see here.
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