Lego City Recycling Truck #4206

by Legofun

The Lego City Recycling Truck is one of the sets released in the 2012 Lego City range and is the first recycling truck to be released in this theme which is awesome.

As all school children know these days there’s a whole new 3 ‘R’s that they have to learn – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle so it’s great that Lego City residents can now recycle for themselves.

The Lego City RecyclingTruck set is a great addition to Lego City and goes really well with the Lego City Garbage Truck #4432 that I reviewed on the Lego City 2012 sets page (see the link at the bottom of the page).

Lego City Recycling Truck

Keeping Lego City Clean!
Lego Set #4206
Lego Set #4206
Amazon - see below for link

Lego City Set #4206 – Minifigures

This Lego set includes 3 minifigures which I’m going to look at first, they are 2 male workers and a lady who’s recycling.

The male minifigs are the CTY293 and CTY294 figures who are both making their first appearance in this set.  

CTY293 is wearing an orange zipper with safety stipes, dark tan pants and a blue baseball cap.

CTY294 is wearing orange overalls with safety stripes, a blue shirt, groovy silver sunglasses and a red baseball cap.

The lady who’s recycling is another minifig that’s making her debut with this set and is CTY292.   She has a dark brown braid and is wearing a red cropped sweater with a bow with grey pants.

Lego City Recycling Truck Set

The Three Components

This Lego set has 297 pieces and after the minifigures it consists of three main components – a forklift, a recycle center and a recycle truck.


The forklift is essential for lifting the recycling bins onto the truck and the forks really do lift up which is awesome!


Lego Recycling Truck Set
Lego Recycling Truck Set
Amazon - see below for link

The recycling center is basically three different bins with the recycle label on them so that Lego City residents can put their recycling into the appropriate bin ie paper, glass etc – the woman actually has a bottle to recycle which is kind of nice.   Another reviewer commented that it’s from the Pirates of the Caribbean sets but without the image of a ship on it for people who like both Pirates and Lego City sets.


The truck is the main piece in the set and measures over 6” (17 cm) long when completed.   It’s a flatbed truck with a cabin and the bins can be fitted onto the truck when you need to take them away.

See the Lego City Recycling Set Come Together

Building Lego #4206

The Lego City Recycling Truck set also contains a few accessories like a new wheelbarrow, totally different to previous wheelbarrows that Lego have produced and it looks pretty cool (I do love the red color!), along with the wheelbarrow there’s a brush and shovel.  

Basically this set is a great idea for any Lego City, but it also offers another educational aspect where you can talk to your child about recycling as well which I think is a great excuse for buying this set!

Buy The Lego City Recycling Truck Set

LEGO City Set #4206 Recycling Truck
Only $26.00

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Updated: 02/21/2012, Legofun
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