LEGO Birthday Party Favors for Girls

by SusanM

Finding LEGO birthday party favors for girls takes a little creativity

Girls love LEGO too. But many aren't interested in the usual LEGO party favor packs with Star Wars or other similar themes.

Luckily there are some LEGO party favors about that will appeal to girls who aren't LEGO fanatics. The trick is to look for LEGO themed party favors that are brightly colored or cute - just like the ones I'm going to show you here...

Cluck, cluck, cluck

These LEGO chickens are a cute choice for a LEGO party favor bag. They have a really sweet look about them - and come in a pack with a white and brown chicken. 

It would work best I think to pop a whole unopened bag with the 2 chickens in each party bag. But these LEGO sets are nice and cheap so it's not hard to do. 

Small LEGO sets like this can be added to standard LEGO sets girls may have at home. This means favors like this will be played with long after the party is over. 

Popular Choice: LEGO Horse

Girls usually love horses - and this LEGO horse is a cute one.

This horse can also be added to a standard LEGO set girls may have at home. If you put more than one set in each party bag, maybe 2 horses or the chicken and horse sets, girls can have fun with them even without a bigger LEGO set. 

I thought this was also perfect for a LEGO birthday party favor for girls because it's a great price. Less than I expected. It's always good to find something that will be popular that isn't too hard on your party budget.

Monkey Business

Monkeys are also a fun choice - so this LEGO chimpanzee is a good toy to add to your party favor bags. Again it should work well with standard LEGO sets they may have at home. Monkeys, like horses, also encourage pretend play even without other LEGO pieces.

These little LEGO toys meet all the criteria for a good quality party favor for girls. They're cute. They're something they probably won't have already. They're something they can play with at home. They're also a good price for your party budget. 

LEGO Brick Erasers

These LEGO Brick Erasers are an especially good choice for school age girls.

Girls usually like novelty stationary items like pencils and erasers. These are brightly colored and have a novelty design so they're fun to take to school. This means girls should love finding them in their party favor bag. 

If you're trying to keep your party budget down you could open the package and put one eraser in each bag. But I think popping the whole packet into the bag would work better. That way girls get the full effect of the 4 brightly colored erasers and have the fun of opening the pack.

LEGO Friends Books

You can find early reader books for different age levels with LEGO Friends stories. 

These books are great because you can use them as a LEGO themed favor. They can help encourage a love of reading. They're not expensive - so they're easy to use as a party favor. The stories are also written for girls. 

This makes these books a fabulous idea that is often overlooked when decisions about which party favors to use are being made.

LEGO Party Favor Treats

Candy LEGO Blocks

I thought these were a fabulous idea when I saw them. Rather than adding everyday candy to your birthday party favor bag you can keep to your LEGO theme with these candy blocks. 

These candy LEGO pieces are so cute and I doubt your party guests will have seen them before. So they should be thrilled to find them in their favor bag. The pastel colors are also a nice balance with the deeper colors in the other LEGO party favors.

Party favors like this are also good because both boys and girls will like them. That makes it easier to collect favors. 

LEGO Block Chocolate

I couldn't find chocolate in LEGO shapes but you can make your own. I haven't made chocolates before but have had friends make them. They didn't seem to think it was hard to do. 

By using a LEGO shaped chocolate mold you can make lots of LEGO shaped chocolates in both white and milk chocolate. 

Just make sure you buy enough of these chocolate molds so you can create your chocolates fast and easily. 

LEGO Themed Biscuits

I couldn't find any LEGO block cookie cutters. But I did find these LEGO people cookie cutters.

If you want to make them more girly think about using icing colors and decorations girls will like. 

If you'd rather stick with the LEGO block shape grab some rectangular shaped cookie cutters in different sizes. Then you just need to decorate them once they're baked so they look like LEGO blocks. A great way to be creative when making up your LEGO birthday party favors for girls.

More Party Favor Ideas

Great ideas for arts and crafts birthday party favors for girls
Updated: 12/27/2013, SusanM
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